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Derek Gallimore Business Outsourcing - Philippines


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Exploring the journey towards outsourcing, and how Derek Gallimore can help you and your business on that journey too.

Derek Gallimore is the founder of Outsource Accelerator, an independent unbiased source of information education and advisory for the outsourcing industry. Over 95% of the site's invaluable content is completely free.

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Derek Gallimore Business Outsourcing - Philippines

  1. 1. My Outsourcing Journey Derek Gallimore
  2. 2. A little bit about me • Derek Gallimore was born in the UK, but raised in New Zealand, and lived in London, Sydney, Manila and throughout Europe. • Started my first business venture at the tender age of 17 • Moved into other forms of businesses including: • Property Development • Property Investment • Bricks & Mortar Commerce • Web & IT e-Commerce • Traveled extensively, and aligns to no one country or culture.
  3. 3. A little bit about me An Entrepreneur at Heart
  4. 4. Personal Highlights • Featured in Australian Property Investor Magazine
  5. 5. Personal Highlights • Featured in Sky Business News : Switzer
  6. 6. Personal Highlights • Featured in Sky Business News : Your Property Empire
  7. 7. Personal Highlights • Featured in Sun and Co. Article
  8. 8. Derek Gallimore in Various Business Articles
  9. 9. My Outsourcing Experience • Started in 2011 • At Peak had about 50-55 staff
  10. 10. The Philippines and Manila • Fell in Love with Manila and the Philippines • Have relocated since 2014
  11. 11. Current Business Venture Derek Gallimore is the Founder of:
  12. 12. Inside Outsourcing eBook Author of “Inside Outsourcing” eBook Derek Gallimore discusses the benefits of Outsourcing and why this is an excellent opportunity for business owners. Outsourcing gives you the opportunity to: • Slash Costs • Grow Revenues • Drive Innovation • Add New Products • Push into New Markets
  13. 13. Outsource Accelerator Podcast Derek Gallimore is the Host of
  14. 14. Articles and books of Derek Articles, books and media TV news shows featuring Derek Gallimore Derek Gallimore features on Sky News - Your Property Empire Derek Gallimore featured on TV on Switzer news show Books and author - Derek Gallimore Derek Gallimore - Inside Outsourcing - Amazon Inside Outsourcing - Rise of the Virtual Workforce and the End of Employment Traditions As We Know It. Ebook available on Amazon ebook/dp/B071L6J3SG/ Derek Gallimore Amazon author profile Derek Gallimore featured in Founders and under the Underdog book Launched on Publishizer Book author’s home page -Founder and Underdog book Articles about Derek Gallimore Australian Property Investor Magazine - Young Millionaires article The Guardian - International success on a shoestring Santander article - Growth brings new lease life Big Hospitality - Multi million investment for serviced apartment expansion expansion Derek Gallimore appearing in Management Today - A Day in the life... Santander outreach article - Derek Gallimore London Great Nomad - Derek Gallimore interview Sun and Co interview with Derek Gallimore - Digital Nomads
  15. 15. Podcasts and external media Derek Gallimore podcasts Outsource Accelerator Podcast - Exploring Business and Outsourcing Mastery gallimore/id1237176027 External media outlets Derek Gallimore on Quora Quora profile of Derek Popular Quora answers from Derek Popular questions on Manila - how dire is it in Manila? 1?srid=uSKDC On outsourcing work - what type of work will you consider to outsource? 1?srid=uSKDC On AI and human computer interface - what is a skilled function that an uneducated illiterate human can do that a computer can’t do using a computer interface a-computer-can%E2%80%99t-do-using-a-computer-interface/answer/Derek-Gallimore-1?srid=uSKDC On Outsourcing - What is the process of outsourcing an idea? 1?srid=uSKDC Derek Gallimore - Medium Derek Gallimore Medium profile Popular Medium article this-9f439e2beb2c YouTube channel Derek and Outsource Accelerator channel Others Reddit AMA Derek Gallimore - Ask Me Anything s_success/ Slideshare Derek Gallimore profile Popular slides XXXWEBSITEXXX
  16. 16. Companies and sites Derek Gallimore companies and sites Keeping Good Company Phone-based company, companionship and personal development for the isolated elderly Website Keeping Good Company website profile of Derek Keeping Good Company website author page - Derek Gallimore Outsource Accelerator Independent unbiased information and education for the outsourcing sector Website Outsource Accelerator website profile of Derek Outsource Accelerator website author page - Derek Gallimore XXXWWEBSITEXXX Chronohaus Subscription luxury watches Website Chronohaus website profile of Derek Chronohaus website author page of Derek Derek Gallimore’s own website An introduction to Derek Website Connaught Group Derek Gallimore Property development - London Website Connaught website profile of Derek
  17. 17. Social Media of Derek Gallimore Social media connections Facebook Derek Gallimore Facebook Chronohaus Facebook page Keeping Good Company Facebook page Outsource Accelerator Facebook page Linked In Derek Gallimore Linked In page Outsource Accelerator Linked In page beta/13303833/ Other social media Twitter e Angel List profile About me Gravatar Derek Gallimore Google Plus 37537493713191 Myspace ore