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Snap to Buy PLUS


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Snap to Buy launch using SnapTags and integration of a simple payment solution for one click purchasing.

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Snap to Buy PLUS

  1. 1. “Half of U.S. shoppers will shop regularly on mobiledevices within the next 5 years. Now is the time forretailers and brands to ensure that they meet the needsof the new mobile consumer, and are ready to competein this new marketplace.”—Mashable, 8.17.11
  2. 2. TWO WAYS TO BUY Snap Send Receive BuySnap & Send to 27205 Any camera phone Open Hover Buy ShareSCAN viaSNAPTAG READER orGLAMOUR mobile appiPhone & Android
  3. 3. BYSharing activates social shoppingexperiences for friends
  4. 4. BY One Click Mobile Check Out• First time buyer submits credit cardinfo• Single snap and security code forsubsequent purchases• Serves smart and feature phones witha secure mobile payment solution
  5. 5. BY Mobile Taxi ‘Boutiques’• NYC Taxi toppers are now retail signagefor shopping opportunities inside the cab• Inside TV screens play programming fromGlamour on make up and beauty trends• Additional print ads offer consumers theopportunity to purchase beauty products