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  • Lets begin with the student hiring process. First, the supervisor must complete a work authorization request. This form can be obtained in the Career Services Office and must be returned to the Career Services office when completed. Next, the student needs to complete essential paperwork for hire with the Career Services Assistant.Last, when the student’s paperwork is complete the Director of Career Services will sign off on the Work Authorization form and mail it back to the supervisor.Congratulations! Receipt of the signed Work Authorization indicates your student is now eligible to begin working. Please remember to provide this student a timecard for completion to be paid.
  • The Staff OnboardingProcess begins with a the supervisor, or chair of the committee, completing a Request to Offer form. This form is conveniently located on the Employee Services web page under hiring forms. The Request to Offer is reviewed by the Director of Human Resources and then forwarded with salary recommendation to the Cabinet. Upon approval from the cabinet an offer may be made.Following acceptance of an offer, the new employee must complete the essential hiring forms. Please note the background check and viewing of the fraud video are mandatory for non-student employees. The employee is then entered to PeopleSoft after completion of their paperwork and is now effectively considered to be hired. An ID number is generated and communicated to various locations on campus to begin their processes of preparing for the new employee’s arrival. Among the departments receiving communication of the employee’s hire are the Student Center so the employee may get their ID, Networking Services and IT so the employee may have an email account generated, receive a computer, and receive a phone number, and facilities services to prepare for keys, parking passes and space or office accommodations.In the Employee Services office we prefer to complete all the new employee’s paperwork before they begin to ensure a smooth first date of employment. Paperwork can be completed as late as the first date of employment; however, failure to comply with this process may result in a delayed hire date.
  • The first set of forms in the essential paperwork are the VCSU Hiring Forms. This includes the Payroll Hire Form which supplies information for entering to PeopleSoft, and the Direct Deposit Form. Employees must also read through the Code of Conduct and Fraud Policies and sign-off in acknowledgement of their agreement to comply with the policies. A designated medical provider form, or DMP, is the final form in this list for students.Non-student employees are required to also read through a description of annual policies and acknowledge their agreement to comply, and disclose any employment of relatives or conflict of business interest. A fraud video must be watched in addition to reading of the fraud policy.
  • In addition to VCSU Hiring Forms, employeesmust complete two federal forms. The first of these federal forms is called the I-9. The I-9 proves two things: (1) The person is eligible to work in the US, and (2) it proves the person’s identity. This form requires webe presented documents from list A OR B&C, shown in the lists on the slide in front of you. Original documents are required by federal law unless noted in the list, and copies are not permitted. List A documents prove both identity and eligibility to work in the US all in one document. If a list A document cannot be provided, documents from list B AND C are required. One from each B &C is required because list B documents prove identity, and list C documents prove the right to work in the US.
  • The second federal form that must be completed is the W-4. For tax purposes, we require an original social security card to be viewed when completing the form to confirm the correct social security number and correct spelling of the name. It is important these are correct for tax purposes.
  • VCSU policy requires that background are completed for students with unsupervised access to students or children, or for students with unsupervised access to keys permitting this access. They are also required for all non-student employees.If applicable to the position, background checks must be completed before the employee is hired in PeopleSoft.
  • International student employees require additional documents in order to prove employment eligibility. A few of these forms are listed on this slide which include a Passport from their home country, a Visa permitting their travel to the US, an I-94 stapled inside of their foreign passport which demonstrates they entered the country legally through an access point, an I-20 signed by the student which tells us the duration of status the Visa is applicable (which is usually four years for students to get through college), and a Social Security Card which is obtained by the student through a trip with Career Services to the Social Security Administration Office in Jamestown. International employees are different depending upon the Visa type. Advisement will be provided by the Employee Services Office.
  • If you have any questions please contact the Employee or Career Service Offices. We are are happy to assist you in ensuring a smooth hiring process.
  • Hiring Onboarding Compliance Vcsu

    1. 1. Hiring/Onboarding ComplianceHiring/Onboardingfor Supervisors Training in ComplianceMeetings with Supervisors
    2. 2. Student OnboardingProcess for Onboarding
    3. 3. Student Onboarding Process VCSU Hiring Forms I-9 Supervisor Completes Work Authorization Work Authorization W-4 Signed by Career Request to Career Background Check* Services Services International Paperwork* HIR E*Complete only if Applicable
    4. 4. Staff OnboardingProcess for Onboarding
    5. 5. Staff Onboarding Process VCSU Hiring Forms I-9Supervisor Request to W-4 Entered toOffer is approved by PeopleSoft.Cabinet. Background Check Fraud Video HIR E
    6. 6. Forms Legal Compliance
    7. 7. VCSU Hiring Forms• Required for PeopleSoft – Payroll Hire Form – Payroll Direct Deposit• Required by Policy – Code of Conduct – Reporting & Investigating Fraud – Designated Medical Provider• Non-Student Employees Only – Annual Notification of Policies – Employment of Relatives – Conflict of Business Interest – Fraud Video
    8. 8.  I-9 Required by Federal Law Since November 6, 1986  All new hires must complete  Establishes the person’s identity and right to work in the US LIST A LIST B LIST C1. U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card 1. Drivers license or ID card issued 1. Social Security Account Number2. Permanent Resident Card or Alien by a State or outlying possession card other than one that specifies Registration Receipt Card (Form I- of the United States provided it on the face that the issuance of 551) contains a photograph or the card does not authorize3. Foreign passport that contains a information such as name, date employment in the United States temporary I-551 stamp or temporary of birth, gender, height, eye 2. Certification of Birth Abroad I-551 printed notation on a machine- color, and address issued by the Department of readable immigrant visa 2. ID card issued by federal, state State (Form FS-545)4. Employment Authorization or local government agencies or entities, provided it contains a 3. Certification of Report of Birth Document that contains a issued by the Department of photograph (Form I-766) photograph or information such as name, date of birth, gender, State (Form DS-1350)5. In the case of a nonimmigrant alien height, eye color, and address 4. Original or certified copy of birth authorized to work for a specific 3. School ID card with a photograph certificate issued by a State, employer incident to status, a foreign 4. Voters registration card county, municipal authority, or passport with Form I-94 or Form I- 94A bearing the same name as the 5. U.S. Military card or draft record territory of the United States passport and containing an bearing an official seal 6. Military dependents ID card endorsement of the aliens 5. Native American tribal document 7. U.S. Coast Guard Merchant nonimmigrant status, as long as the Mariner Card 6. U.S. Citizen ID Card (Form I- period of endorsement has not yet 197) expired and the proposed 8. Native American tribal document 9. Drivers license issued by a 7. Identification Card for Use of employment is not in conflict with Canadian government authority Resident Citizen in the United any restrictions or limitations States (Form I-179) identified on the form 8. Employment authorization6. Passport from the Federated States For persons under age 18 who are of Micronesia (FSM) or the Republic unable to present a document listed document issued by the of the Marshall Islands (RMI) with above: Department of Homeland Form I-94 or Form I-94A indicating Security 1. School record or report card nonimmigrant admission under the 2. Clinic, doctor, or hospital record Compact of Free Association Between the United States and the 3. Day-care or nursery school record
    9. 9. W-4- Required to see Social Security Card because for tax purposes it mustbe correct • Verifies Name (First, Middle, Last), Spelling, Social Security Number • Errors caught by this verification are frequent- Errors are costly and timely for these errorsFederal Law VCSU Procedure• Verify Social Security Card for • Verify before employment information. begins.
    10. 10. Background Check- Required for students with unsupervised access to students or children, or for students with unsupervised access to keys permitting this access. They are also required for all non-student employees.- Background Check Options (Paid by University):  Lived in state for past seven (7) years: o ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) - $15.00  Not lived in state for past seven (7) years: o CastleBranch - $65.00SBHE Policy VCSU Procedure• Selected position as outlined in • All employees (Temp & 602.3 NDUS Procedure Regular) before hire • All students as acknowledged above before hire
    11. 11. International Paperwork• We work with students to provide a variety of documents in addition to completing the previous forms. – Passport – Visa – I-94 • Legal entry to country – I-20 • Dates permitted in country per Registrar – Social Security Card • Drive to Jamestown with Career Services to obtain for work purposes
    12. 12. Questions? ?