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Chuxiong Normal University: Physics Workshop (2)


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An overview of 8 active learning strategies, each of which has some demonstrations to go along with them.

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Chuxiong Normal University: Physics Workshop (2)

  1. 1. “ Learning to think like a Physicist” 学会像物理学家一样思考 Workshop @ Chuxiong Normal University Derek Chirnside - University of Canterbury 德理克 秦赛德 新西兰坎特伯雷大学 With acknowledgments to the work of Ed Redish, Lillian McDermott, Ronald Gatreau, William Leonard, William Gerace, Robert Dufresne, Jose Mestre, Patrica Heller, Keith Heller and others . . .
  2. 2. In Physics (or science), how many ways do we use arrows ? 在物理学或自然科学中我们有多少种使用箭头记号的方法?
  3. 3. Active Learning: More than just listening – students getting actively involved 主动学习:学生不仅仅只是听讲,而是积极参与
  4. 4. Algebra is not enough 代数还不够
  5. 5. This strategy involves setting up a situation and then giving each student time to make a prediction. 这一策略涉及设定情景,然后给学生时间预测 *Sometimes overnight would be appropriate. 思考的时间最好是上课前一天晚上 *Do not rush this activity. 不要匆忙 *Allow time to discuss and consider any issues that come up. 留出时间讨论,以及考虑出现的问题 1. Predict - Observe - Explain 预测-观察-解释
  6. 6. The Blown Bulb - 熔断 的灯泡 Given this circuit, what would you expect to observe if bulb B blows? 如上所示的电路图中,如果灯泡 B 熔断,将会出现什么情况? Justify your answer. 论证你的答案
  7. 9. Return to Multiple Representations
  8. 10. 2. Collaborative small groups 小组合作学习 The importance of roles 角色的重要性
  9. 11. 2. Collaborative small groups 小组合作学习 What is the benefit of small group work?
  10. 12. 3. Think – Pair – Share 独立思考-结对合作-相互交流 Strategy 策略
  11. 13. A problem . . . The moon goes round the earth in an orbit of about 385,000 km radius in about 23.3 days. Find the moon’s acceleration towards the earth? (What physics topic is this?) (How could you help students with this problem?)
  12. 14. Reflection . . . The moon goes round the earth in an orbit of about 385,000 km radius in about 23.3 days. Find the moon’s acceleration towards the earth? What things did you do to solve this problem? How did you approach the problem?
  13. 15. 4. Have a problem solving strategy 一种解决问题的策略 Experts vs novices (beginners) 行家与新手(初学者) Experts think and work differently to novices (beginners)
  14. 16. 5. A special kind of problem . . . The Building Jump The Chuxiong Police Department has hired you as a consultant in a robbery investigation. A thief allegedly robbed a bank. To escape the security guards, the thief took the elevator to the roof of the Bank. Then, in order to not be caught with the evidence, she allegedly threw the money bag to a waiting accomplice on the roof of Dicos, on the other side of the road. The defence attorney says that to reach the roof of Dicos, the defendant would have had to throw the money bag with a minimum horizontal velocity of 10 m/s. But in a test, she could throw the bag with a maximum velocity of no more than 5 m/s. How will you advise the prosecuting attorney? You determine that the Bank is 250 m high and the Road is 20 m wide.Etc etc . . . What is different about this problem compared to “normal” physics problems?
  15. 17. 6. Concepts First: 先讲概念 [Formulas later on] 后推公式
  16. 18. Research: Eric Mazur (Harvard University)
  17. 19. The questions: Q1 Conceptual Q5 Traditional Which do you think is harder, Question 1 or Question 5? Why?
  18. 20. The questions: Q1 Conceptual Q5 Traditional The results
  19. 21. 7. Use multiple representations 运用多种表示法 Eg bulb example
  20. 22. Examples: Diagrams 图表 Numbers 数字 Before and after 先后 What else?
  21. 23. 1. List some of the main physics concepts. 2. Arrange them on a page. 3. Connect related concepts with a line. 1 、先罗列一些主要的物理学概念 2 、把这些概念排列在一张纸上 3 、用线条把相关的概念连在一起 8. Concept Maps 概念地图
  22. 24. That’s it!! 8 Strategies for Active Learning
  23. 25. You must decide for yourself what you take away and implement. 自己判断获取什么以及该如何用 You have your own special context. 你们的情况不同
  24. 26. I hope you take away some useful ideas to reflect on, to help you in your teaching – and help your students for the good of Physics Education 希望大家获得一些可供思考的想法,可供教学实践借鉴的观念,以及为搞好物理教育如何为学生提供帮助的方法
  25. 27. With special thanks to: 特别感谢 <ul><li>David Wang (CNU - for some research help and translation, and encouragement) 王永学,楚雄师院 </li></ul><ul><li>Prof Guo Yuying (Beijing Normal University – translation help) 郭育英,北京师范大学 </li></ul><ul><li>My family (for letting me come here) </li></ul><ul><li>以及支持我来楚雄的家人 </li></ul>