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Assessing Student Learning


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"Assessing Student Learning: Grading Effectively and Efficiently," Derek Bruff, Vanderbilt Center for Teaching, August 19, 2010

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Assessing Student Learning

  1. Assessment of Student Learning: Grading Effectively and Efficiently<br />Derek Bruff, Center for Teaching<br />
  2. Agenda<br />Some Ideas on Grading (11-11:40)<br />Individual Work (11:40-12:00)<br />Lunch & Small-Group Discussion (12:00-12:45)<br />Q&A (12:45-1:00)<br />
  3. Which of these best describes the discipline in which you teach?<br />Natural Sciences / Math / Engineering<br />Humanities / Fine Arts<br />Social Sciences<br />14 of 25<br />
  4. Think of a fall course in which you expect grading to be challenging. How many students will be in this course?<br />15 or fewer<br />16-30<br />31-60<br />61-120<br />121 or more<br />14 of 25<br />
  5. Now think of an assignment in that course that will be challenging to grade. What kind of assignment is it?<br />Test / Exam<br />Homework<br />Short Paper<br />Long Paper<br />Project<br />Presentation<br />Other<br />14 of 25<br />
  6. Why Grade?<br />
  7. Feedback to Students<br />
  8. Feedback to Instructors<br />
  9. Evaluation<br />
  10. Motivation<br />
  11. What Makes Grading Difficult?<br />
  12. Accuracy<br />
  13. Fairness<br />
  14. Time<br />
  15. Grumpy Students<br />
  16. A Focus on Numbers<br />
  17. Analytic Rubrics<br />Idea #1<br />
  18. Light Grading<br />Idea #2<br />
  19. Multiple-Choice Test Questions<br />Idea #3<br />
  20. Test Corrections<br />Idea #4<br />
  21. Which of these grading ideas would you like to try this semester?<br />Analytic Rubrics<br />Light Grading<br />Multiple-Choice Test Questions<br />Test Corrections<br />Something Else<br />14 of 25<br />
  22. Individual Work<br />More Examples of Rubrics: <br />
  23. Lunch & Small Group Discussion<br />
  24. Questions?<br />
  25. Upcoming CFT Workshops<br />Grading with Rigor<br />September 20th, 4:10-5:30<br />Panelists: Bonnie Dow (Communication Studies), Ken Schriver (Physics), Michelle Sulikowski (Chemistry)<br />Tools for Grading: Rubrics and Spreadsheets<br />September 29th, 12:15-1:00<br />
  26. Image Credits<br />Flickr<br />“steep grades – sharp curves” by Wolfgang Staudt<br />“Seminole 16AV maintain 7,000” by radianthorizon<br />“Macbook X-Ray” by Pipeapple<br />“Making the Grade” by jakevol2<br />“darts” by BogdanSuditu<br />“bronze age balance” by Dan Diffendale<br />“Take your time #2” by Francesco Lodolo<br />“Angry face” by teapics<br />“Numbers…” by Luis Argerich<br />“pen and paper” by LucasTheExperience<br />“Fourchettedans le Léman” by µµ<br />“Questions” by Oberazzi<br />Stock.Xchng Photo Credits<br />“Thumbs Up,” “Thumbs Down” by CraigPJ<br />