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Asking Good Questions: A Hands-On Clicker Workshop


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Opening presentation for a workshop on writing clicker questions at St. Olaf College, March 6, 2012

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Asking Good Questions: A Hands-On Clicker Workshop

  1. 1. Asking Good Questions A Hands-On Clicker WorkshopDerek BruffCenter for TeachingVanderbilt
  2. 2. Use YourRhetoricalQuestions.
  3. 3. Ask Evaluative Questions.
  4. 4. Align Questionswith Objectives.
  5. 5. Base Answer Choices on Misconceptions.
  6. 6. Predict How YourStudents Will Answer.
  7. 7. Revise YourQuestionsOver Time.
  8. 8. Be Flexible.
  9. 9. Prompts for Writing Questions• Where does this question fit in my class period – what must I tell the students before they can answer this?• Is this question likely to promote discussion among students? Why?• Is this question likely to provide useful information about student learning? Why?• What cognitive skills will students need to answer this question?
  10. 10. Flickr Credits• “Questions,” Oberazzi• “The ‘Library,’” Quinn Dombrowski• “Bronze Age Balance,” Dan Diffendale• “Darts,” Bogdan Suditu• “/doh,” hobvias sudoneighm• “Binoculars,” Vestman• “Spiral Staircase,” ZeroOne• “竹は風でたわむ,” zumito