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Honoring Those in Spiritual and Economic Authority


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In this presentation, Derek Brown examines what it looks like for us as Godly men to honor both our spiritual authorities (pastors) and our economic authorities (employers) with respect to the Gospel.

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Honoring Those in Spiritual and Economic Authority

  1. 1. The Vision of Hillside Men To Look Like Jesus and To Lead Other Men to Look Like Jesus
  2. 2. RECAP
  3. 3. Disciples Make Disciples
  4. 4. 1 TIMOTHY 5:17-6:2
  5. 5. The Church as a People of Honor
  6. 6. Honor widows… 1 TIMOTHY 5:3 Honor elders… 1 TIMOTHY 5:17 Honor masters… 1 TIMOTHY 6:1
  7. 7. Hillside is a church within a culture that worships work.
  8. 8. Part of what will define us is how we treat those who lead.
  9. 9. Elders are those who labor.
  10. 10. One who works should benefit from his/her work.
  11. 11. Double honor?
  12. 12. Financial provision. Proper respect.
  13. 13. One of the worst things you can do to a leader is undermine his or her authority.
  14. 14. This church is not about you.
  15. 15. As long as Hillside is about our comfort, we will gain very little for the Kingdom of God until we die off.
  16. 16. Part of what it means to give elders double honor is to buy into the vision that Christ has given them.
  17. 17. And protecting them against false accusations.
  18. 18. But those who are found to be guilty of persistent sin are to be rebuked and judged harshly.
  19. 19. Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands.
  20. 20. Some sins happen later.
  21. 21. The Gospel in the Workplace
  22. 22. Ephesians 6:5-9
  23. 23. We are employees of God.
  24. 24. We are slaves of God.
  25. 25. Our Leader came and sacrificed for us.
  26. 26. Godly men honor those who lead them.