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Mba oct16 copy


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Symposium to Surrey University MBA Freshers 16th October

Published in: Business
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Mba oct16 copy

  1. 1. Thursday October 16th 2015 Symposium to! Surrey University Business School! MBA Class of 2014 Derek Arden FCIB, FCImgt, FPSA International Speaker, Negotiator and Author
  2. 2. Life is one MASSIVE Negotiation ! 6 Negotiation is in every business issue
  3. 3. Presenting and Pitching Negotiation Subjects MBA Surrey! Quick wins Influencing Self-Management Leadership
  4. 4. Objectives! Outcome! Agenda Presenting and Pitching What?! Why?! How? Summary! Action! Afters Intro! First 30 seconds! You / me ratio Power of three! Content! Visuals! Props! Exercises! Energy
  5. 5. Confidence Preparation Positioning Negotiation Bargaining Variables Tactics Gambits Manoeuvres Questioning Listening Read people / situations
  6. 6. Confidence Energy Enthusiasm Attitude Self-Management State Mood Emails Telephone Face to face 80/20 Mindmapping Ae - Vi - Ki Speed-reading
  7. 7. Words / Language Influencing Liking Commitment Scarcity Authority Reciprocity Social proof
  8. 8. Employ the right people Hire on attitude Delegate to people you trust Watch ever ything Leadership Hands on Regular meetings 1-1 5 minute stand up meetings Mission Vision Core values Clear goals Targets Lead by example Walk your own talk Take people with you buy in