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Stop your agile transformation! Now! (English)


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Agile transformation is not an end in itself. The question of why and how we can often answer well for changes. The What for moves too much into the background. What do we actually do for a transformation and what do we have to pay attention to?

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Stop your agile transformation! Now! (English)

  1. 1. Stop your Agile Transformation! NOW!
  2. 2. We are… Daniel Dubbel DB Systel GmbH @derDoubleD Oliver Zilken REWE Digital @OZilken
  3. 3. And who are you? ● Who has to deal with an agile transformation? ● Who has already completed the agile transformation? ● Who knows a company that has already successfully completed an agile transformation (ie a change from classic to agile organization)?
  4. 4. Why?
  5. 5. Why we? “The Internet will not leave” - IT House is too slow DB Systel was not visible as a digital partner in the group
  6. 6. agile (adjective) showing great mobility Agility (noun) Agility means dealing with surprises and the ability to balance work in the system and at the system. (Musterbrecher: Dirk Osmetz and Stefan Kaduk) Short definition
  7. 7. Examples from agile transformations
  8. 8. Plan Do Check Act? ● Plan: Plan how we become an agile organization ● Do: execute a plan to become an agile organization ● Check: Are we an agile organization? ● Act: Adapt Transformation Plan ● Cycle: classic - 5 years (because change takes time?) ● Plan: Plan how we become an agile organization ● Do: execute a plan to become an agile organization ● Check: Are we an agile organization? ● Act: Adapt Transformation Plan
  9. 9. Disclaimer: The following steps of an agile transformation may work for YOU - or be totally ineffective.
  10. 10. Example 1: Get rid of hierarchies! Why? “Being a lean company” Check: Short ways?
  11. 11. Example 1: Get rid of hierarchies! What for? Shorten decision paths Check: Decision-making as short as reasonable / legally possible?
  12. 12. Example 2: Abolish silos! Why? Cross-functional teams are the key to agile work! Check: All silos completely dissolved?
  13. 13. Example 2: Abolish silos! What for? The fewer people working on a value stream, the more efficient. Check: Subsidiarity principle fully met, in all teams?
  14. 14. „Good paradigms often turn into agile paradogmas“ (Conny Dethloff)
  15. 15. What for?
  16. 16. Actually, it's about faster and better decisions. And to change things that really change something.
  17. 17. What for?
  18. 18. What for?
  19. 19. What for: Meaningful work
  20. 20. An agile transformation does not make a great company yet
  21. 21. ● Achieve goals through results ● So far: ensure consistency through alignment using structures, processes and tools
  22. 22. Adaptability through the shift from alignment to coherence.
  23. 23. What to do?
  24. 24. Courageously experimenting? Experiments are needed to find out what we need to change to achieve a goal. In addition, pure curiosity (eg in children) is sufficient as a motivation for experimenting. It does not even need a specific goal. Rather, it seems that, in many cases, blind experimentation is called "experiment" in order to give a pseudoscientific garment to one's own perplexity, precisely because the term is positively linked to science. (Heiko Müller @Ekynos)
  25. 25. Principles for transformation ● Deliver faster and better than the market ● Safety as a basic requirement ● Using impulses from the outside ● Change the necessary from within ● Include affected people (including customers) ● Thinking things well, actively and quickly changing things ● Continuously check and adjust in short cycles
  26. 26. Good news at the end ● It's not about an agile transformation ● Ask yourself: ○ What do we want to achieve? ○ Why do we want to achieve that? ○ What can be the first step? ○ Is it „good enough for now, safe enough to try“? ● What's wrong for one person may be right for the other ● Go on expeditions in a fearless and safe space
  27. 27. Stop your agile Transformation! Now! Go on expeditions in fearless space.