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Epimorphics - exhibition slide show


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Slide show used for the Epimorphics stand at Semantic Technologies Business Conference in London.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Epimorphics - exhibition slide show

  1. 1. Epimorphics Publish Model Develop processes and infrastructureOrganise your data, understand to transform and validate your data and capture its structure, for publication. Integrate updates and ensure it can be into your existing work-flows reused and linked. Exploit Develop applications to enable your customers and staff to use your data, in combination with other linked data.
  2. 2. Epimorphics vendor independence everything has a URI apps can access connect data across silosthe data they want through live APIs flexible, schemaless, make it meaningful open world and reusable
  3. 3. model services Linked data  Model development modelling workshops  Model review
  4. 4. model case studies  Org  ECO  Payments  Data cube  Reference time  BBC Sports
  5. 5. publish tools linked data publishing platform
  6. 6. publish tools
  7. 7. publish case study Environment Agency – bathing water quality
  8. 8. exploit case study
  9. 9. exploit case study
  10. 10. tools training  Publishing linked data  Linked data modelling  SPARQL  The Linked Data API