Another court charges filed due to metal on-metal hip replacement


Published on Another defect found on a metal-on-metal hip replacement eventually leads to litigation against a manufacturer. Last December 16, 2011, complainants filed a lawsuit with the US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) consolidating cases against Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

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Another court charges filed due to metal on-metal hip replacement

  1. 1. As Published on the DePuy Lawsuit Website
  2. 2. Another defect found on a metal-on-metal hipreplacement eventually leads to litigation against amanufacturer. Last December16, 2011, complainants filed a lawsuit with the USJudicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (MDL)consolidating cases against Wright MedicalTechnology, Inc.The New York Times published an article earlier onthe dangers of metal-on-metal hip replacements.The article entitled “Remedy Is Elusive as MetallicHips Fail at Fast Rate,” presents how the hipoperation injures the tissue in the hip area.
  3. 3. According to medical experts, in a fewyears, recipients may suffer from tissuedamage, bone loss, implant failure, metallosisand other hip replacement problems.According to a medical professional whocommented on the Times, “As surgeons heresliced through tissue surrounding a failedartificial hip in a 53-year-old man, theydiscovered what looked like a biological deadzone. There were matted strands of tissuestained gray and black; a large strip of musclenear the hip no longer contracted.”
  4. 4. DePuy Bound to Address Problems of Hip Replacements Legal experts report that numerous patients have filed lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson. They were among those affected by the failures and defects (e.g. fractures, displacements, loosening) of DePuy devices. Below are some symptoms of a defective hip device:· Pain when rising from a seated position· Pain on the thigh or groin area· Pain bearing weight· Pain on the hip area· Pain while walking· Swelling
  5. 5. In worse cases, complete failure of hipdevices happen, resulting in more serioushealth problems. This take place when: · the unit is dislocated and misaligned; · the bone around the implant is fractured; and · the device is not attached to the bone correctly.
  6. 6. Additionally, the malfunctioning hip devices maycreate an accumulation of toxic metal into thepatient’s bloodstream. The body tissues maypossibly develop pseudotumors.A Study Reveals that Exercise Can Delay HipReplacement SurgeryReleased in April 2011, this study revealed thatexercise can actually delay and even prevent hipreplacement surgeries. The studys budget camefrom the Norwegian Foundation for Health andRehabilitation, the Norwegian RheumatismAssociation, and the South-Eastern NorwayRegional Health Authority.
  7. 7. "If you exercise early" in the course of thedisease, "maybe you can prevent surgerylong-term,” stated researcher Dr. LindaFernandes, a physiotherapist atDiakonhjemmet Hospital in Oslo.Hence, patients should immediately consult aphysician if they have any doubts andconcerns arise about the health conditionrelating to their hip surgery.
  8. 8. Similar to the earlier mentioned litigationagainst Wright Medical Technology, therehave been several DePuy lawsuit pursuedby the patients affected by metal-on-metal hip device. The affected patients ofDePuy Orthopedics Inc. should seek legaladvice regarding potential compensationfrom the company.