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Women are more prone to osteoporosis


Published on Osteoporosis is more usually encountered by postmenopausal women due to its direct linkage to the cessation of ovarian function. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already received numerous grievances about the devices, even before the DePuy hip recall in 2010,. Recently, FDA is being charged with unlawful termination by medical device whistle-blowers, as reported by the New York Times.

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Women are more prone to osteoporosis

  1. 1. As Published on the DePuy Hip Recall Website
  2. 2. Osteoporosis is more usually encountered by postmenopausal women due to itsdirect linkage to the cessation of ovarianfunction. The Food and DrugAdministration (FDA) already receivednumerous grievances about the devices,even before the DePuy hip recall in 2010,.Recently, FDA is being charged withunlawful termination by medical devicewhistle-blowers, as reported by the NewYork Times.However, researcher Bahram Arjmandiexplained that around the age of 65, menwill also start experiencing bone tissueloss, as testosterone productiondecreases dramatically.
  3. 3. "In the first five to seven postmenopausal years, women are at risk of losingbone at a rate of 3 to 5 percent per year," he said.Based on the present figures, about 8 million women and 2 million men haveosteoporosis in the United Stated alone.Below are some other causes of osteoporosis:Current cigarette smokingLow body weightFrailtyHyperparathyroidismAlcoholismSevere liver diseaseKidney failureLack of calcium in the diet
  4. 4. Prior fracture as an adult (in the absence of severe trauma)Long term use of certain drugs, like, prednisone, heparin, and somebut not all anti-seizure drugsMedical conditions that impair gastrointestinal absorptionInsufficient weight-bearing exercise such as walking, dancing, orlifting weightsIntense exercise (such as marathon running), which reducesestrogen levelsLong periods of bed rest during serious illness, which speeds up theloss of calcium from bonesEating disorders or too much dieting, which reduce estrogen levels.
  5. 5. Among the vegan recipes countering osteoporosis, dried plums are the mosteffective in elevating bone mineral density and promoting overall bone health.This study is conducted by researchers from Florida State University. It waspublished in the British Journal of Nutrition.A”simple proactive solution to help prevent fractures and osteoporosis” is howthe researchers described the regular consumption of dried plums.The study further revealed that dried plums have the ability to suppress theaccelerated bone resorption process in older individuals, which ends upexceeding the bodys capacity to produce new bone tissue.
  6. 6. Furthermore, the research claimed that postmenopausal women whoregularly eat dried plums have a considerably lower risk of developingosteoporosis or fractures compared to other women of the same age.Different research studies recommends food which are rich in calcium,vitamin K and D such as cheese cod liver oil, dried figs, milk, spinach,broccoli, romaine lettuce and other green, leafy vegetables.Defective device may worsen an existing hip problem. Additionally, themalfunctioning hip devices may create an accumulation of toxic metal into thepatient’s bloodstream. The body tissues may possibly developpseudotumors.With claims for compensation piling up globally, DePuy should pay attentionto these the DePuy hip replacement problems experienced by its patients.The DePuy hip recall should be a wake-up call to other manufacturers tocheck on their medical products, legal observers say.