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Workware systems company presentation web aug 11

  1. 1. TMSoftware | Consulting | Analytics Company & Technology Preview August, 2011
  2. 2. Workware Systems Inc.  We perfect analytical and investigative processes in subject matter areas such as fraud detection and identity theft investigations, counterintelligence assessments, automated intelligence collection, incident management, document digitization and search, so that our customers can increase productivity and reduce costs  We specialize in workflow / collaboration, data management, and data analytics  We support innovation and best practice in Case Management  We make information manageable and actionable  To be fast and efficient we use our agile platform, WorkwareOne™, which runs in the Cloud, or appliance, or in a commodity computing cluster, or virtualized on a data center server (or any combination thereof)  We do not disrupt existing systems  We deliver the highest quality solutions at the most efficient cost in the least amount of time—we use Agile Methods on our Agile Platform to achieve these goals  We use our proven Engagement Model that is fact-based, rigidly- structured (in our approach), fast-paced, and problem statement driven  Our product is our capacity to think, to solve, and to quickly deliver great collaboration solutions on a resilient and adaptive platform © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 2
  3. 3. Agile Enterprise-wide SolutionsWorkware Systems delivers phase-deployed, one-of-a-kind,agile enterprise solutions anchored around Workflow /Collaboration, Data Management and Data Analytics Workflow / Workflow / Collaboration – we ensure internal collaboration and workflow are actionable, and we integrate these outcomes into Collaboration existing systems and processes, as well as new ones. We make the results of these functions accessible and shareable across the enterprise (any location, always on) allowing for human interpretation and learning Data Management – we deliver compelling capability allowing Data Data the enterprise to manage the entire data lifecycle including Analytics indexing, storage, search, retrieval, and retirement Management (as necessary) of new and existing data Data Analytics – we build customized solutions to conduct complex data analysis across different domains and stakeholders, and we build solutions that make large data sets useful and relevant  Task list assignment  Workflow management &We put into place management cost reporting so operationaltasking can be measured, tracked, reported and improved alerts  Management reportsWe develop these solutions with a high degree of client  Escalation & approvalsinvolvement and with the highest quality commitment on the part  Integrated documentof our team of subject matter experts management & search © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 3
  4. 4. An Advanced Web 2.0 Architecture  Language  Java  Considering Scala Dynamically Loaded  Clustering  Modified Cassandra  Persistence  Layer for sets & vectors  Object mapping layer with a Incorporated Technologies: Java persistence API & • Java Implementation with APIs • Cassandra non-SQL data store provides dynamic object capability scalable and redundant persistence • Vaadin / GWT provides HTML-5 based web and mobile user interfaces  Unstructured search • Proprietary components used for parsing and stemming of unstructured data  Analytics foundationDesign goals:  Access managementIncremental scalability  Data managementInherent redundancy  Workflow executionSchema resilience  WebGL / HTML 5-based UI © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 4
  5. 5. Power of Bite-Size Solutions Workware Systems utilizes an Search, Set & enterprise-wide Common Resilient Association Data Management strategy comprising Workflow of new data (incidents, reports, Common collected information) and Resilient Data incorporated legacy data (physical records, digital artifacts, existing systems) Meets all users’ requirements through continuous iteration and improvement Allows for enterprise-wide search and “For too long, we have witnessed association runaway projects that waste billions of Makes information actionable, dollars and are years behind schedule. processes repeatable, and results By the time these projects launch—if they launch at all—they are obsolete.” measurable – Vivek Kundra, Federal CIO CIO Council September 2010 © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 5
  6. 6. Capture Complex Nested Data & Processes  The real world can rarely be modeled with a simple set of forms and workflows  Skilled knowledge workers work with complex collections of information  Although there may be some useful simple workflow processes, often it is the interaction between elements of these collections and their consistency which are critically important  WorkwareOne’s simple, yet comprehensive, presentation of these complex collections of data and processes is the key to a successful solution  The data model processes must be able to quickly evolve as requirements evolve  Hard coding a comprehensive application is better than an overly simplistic solution based on folders of forms and linear workflows, but is expensive and slow to adapt when requirements change © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 6
  7. 7. Agile Methods + Agile Platform = Agile Solutions  Incident Management & Response  Agile Adaptive Case Management Solutions  Fraud & Identity Theft Investigation  Document Storage & Unstructured Search  Automated Real Time Data Collection & Reporting  Text Data Mining & Predictive AnalyticsSoftware | Consulting | Analytics  Regulatory Compliance Applications  Open Source Intelligence Collection © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 7
  8. 8. What We Offer as a Single Solution1. Adaptive Case Management System  A complete package for managing collaboration and workflow within the enterprise  Flexibility of a custom solution at a COTS price  Resilient to change, when enterprise requirements change2. Common Resilient Data Repository  Securely manage, store, and search ALL files, documents, case material within the enterprise  Easily integrate all data sources; internal and external  Comprehensive, Case-specific access controls “Whereas information  Accessible anywhere, on any device (web, pad, smart phone) enters the intelligence  Near unlimited scalability and built-in redundancy machine by source, it has  Very low-cost hardware and software footprint to leave it by subject; it is3. Advanced Data Collection & Collaboration Platform this changeover inside  Automatically collects and updates the repository with a variety of the machine that causes manual and automatically retrieved data as those data change all the difficulty.”  Manage the collection and case process in a single integrated system  Collaboration within enterprise teams to share, update same cases, – R.V. Jones, Assistant Director, Royal Air Force Intelligence Section during and synchronize collection changes World War II © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 8
  9. 9. Adaptive Case Management 9
  10. 10. What is a Case?• A Case is a managed collection of information• A Case can be used to support an investigative process, study an individual or group, follow up on an incident or set of incidents, or accomplish many other analytical and operational activities• Cases contain both structured and unstructured data and can be conducted through both manual and automated processes• Forms, workflows, automated processes, and other aspects of a Case are controlled by the Case’s type• Each Case is an optimal mix of formal and ad hoc actions for each activity• Each Case and artifact has its own access management controls. Read, write, and manage permissions can be set for both roles and individuals Common Resilient Data• A complete audit log is maintained for each Case and contains every change made to the Case Repository data and access controls during its lifespan © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 10
  11. 11. Structured / Unstructured Processes & DataUnstructured • We support innovation and the development of Structured best practices not a one-size-fits-all approach to Case Management • Consistent use of best practices leads to improved outcomes • Users don’t need process maps—structured and unstructured processes can be supported concomitantly in a Case • In most Cases, some step-specific data will need to be recorded (e.g. basic forms, memos, or forms with several fields) • Automated background process to independently assess compliance with internal / external rules and policies at key points in managing a Case • Warnings of non-compliance are issued, and when non-compliance is serious, the Case progress is blocked pending a remedy for the deficiency © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 11
  12. 12. Complex Case Processes• Cases can be simultaneously updated by users (including users in the field) or automated processes• Cases are dynamic entities• Non-users can receive Case data and can submit Case data, subject to set rules and processes• Cases can be associated with each other, branches created, and consolidated• Search across all Cases• Redaction for external reporting• Reports, dashboards, and Case cost accounting are integral to all stages of Case processing © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 12
  13. 13. Web-based User InterfaceCase & Repository-wide Case CollectionSearchRoles & Task Assignments Cost Accounting & Stats CalendaringReporting Statistics Common Resilient Data & Scheduling RepositoryGeo-Spatial Case Details Access Controls © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 13
  14. 14. Extensive Case Management SupportSystem Wide Features Manage large numbers and types of cases quickly and efficiently Record activities, identify case bottlenecks, manage resources Attach any type of document / artifact securely to case Add notes, comments, wiki-style collaboration Cross-case search & retrieval Real-time insights, follow ups and early corrective action Complex case life cycle management Audit trails, discovery, and redaction (when necessary) Closure & Initiation Processing Future ReferenceInitiation Rules & Alerts Document Authoring Life Cycle Management Manual  Assignments & Reporting  Closure Discipline System-  Notifications  Document Authoring  Prepare for Discovery Generated  Confirmations  External Reporting  Reference to Searchable  Reminders  Discovery / Redaction Tagging Knowledge Base  Escalations  Case Management Status  Retention Policies  Approval & Review Reporting  FOIA Management  Management Reporting & Operational Metrics © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 14
  15. 15. Case Product (Report) Production • Different Case types may have different (and customizable) “product” (output, reports, etc.) requirements • Web-based support for collaborative document authoring and report generation • Repetitive tasks are automated to maximize team efficiency • Content is managed, and watchdogs can be set for Case supervision • Compliance rules automatically checked • Document management and access controls are core functionality • Import data, search results, external data and artifacts (any digital format) into the production process • Secure reports in repository, and send electronically or print • Alerts, follow up, and audit trails supported for electronic transmission © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 15
  16. 16. Common Resilient Data Repository 16
  17. 17. Common Resilient Data Repository• Securely manage, store, and search ALL files, documents, case materials, media, and artifacts – The Common Resilient Data Repository can store, manage and make searchable almost any type of digital information – Simple process to get information into the repository in an orderly and secure way• Comprehensive, Case-specific access controls – Completely definable, secure, and dynamic• Accessible anywhere, on any device (web, pad, phone) – All HTML5 / WebGL• Near unlimited scalability and built-in redundancy – Automatic redundancy of all data (inc. Terabytes!)• Very low-cost hardware and software footprint – Commodity class hardware – No Microsoft®, Oracle™, etc. license fees – Web 2.0 technology base with large developer community © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 17
  18. 18. Search All Repository Data• The Common Resilient Data Repository is a fast, efficient, and highly scalable store of information and knowledge• Both structured (records, logs, forms) and unstructured (email, transcriptions, images, audio) Common Resilient Data ACCESS CONTROL LAYER information can be searched at Repository the same time• Data can be tagged, actioned, shared, and retired, as necessary• Very fast, secure and controlled access within a Case or before a Case is created• Access via web-pad, or other mobile device, anywhere subject to security protocols © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 18
  19. 19. Scalable, Fast, Redundant Data Storage • The Common Resilient Data Repository is a highly modified Apache Cassandra-based, distributed storage and retrieval system for managing structured (forms and records) and unstructured data (documents, email, transcriptions, images) • Designed to scale to a very large size across many commodity servers, with no single point of failure. • Data storage is secure and redundant with small footprint • Reliability, at this scale, is an expensive challenge for prior generation database technologies▪ Data are distributed across the nodes in the cluster • In contrast, the Common Resilient Data Repository runs on topusing consistent hashing based methods and on an of an infrastructure of potentially dozens of nodes (possiblyorder preserving hash function so that agency spread across different enterprise data centers)analysts can perform range scans over the data foranalysis at some later point • At this scale, small and large components can fail without▪ Cluster membership is maintained via a “Gossip”style membership algorithm. Failures of nodes within impact; the repository manages its persistent state in the facethe cluster are monitored using an accrual style of these possible failures ensuring reliability and scalability forfailure detector stakeholders who rely on this service, at a low cost structure▪ High availability is achieved using replication andthe platform actively replicates data across data never before achievedcenters▪ The platform exhibits incremental scalability • Design goals met – scalability, high performance, highproperties which can be achieved as easily as availability and applicability with a simple data model thatdropping nodes and having them automatically supports dynamic control over data layout and formatbootstrapped with data © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 19
  20. 20. Advanced Data Collection & Collaboration Platform 20
  21. 21. Platform Tools Ensure Fast Deployment  WorkwareOne pervasive functions:  Forms management and document authoring Define  Adaptive workflow and process managementFeedback, Improvement, Expansion or Policy Change earliest deployable  Secure document storage and serialization application  Search, association and retrieval  Reports and alerting  Case cost accounting and reporting  Legacy data integration  Lead to product deployment measured in weeks not months… Improve and expand, as required  Accelerate time to deployment  Manage changing priorities  Increase productivity  Ensure software quality  Improve alignment of IT objectives  Reduce risk, reduce cost (dramatically lower IT expenditures) © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 21
  22. 22. WorkwareOne Workflow Highlights WorkwareOne contains a comprehensive workflow engine that makes it easy to build extensible workflows WorkwareOne offers a large number of options for associating processing logic in the data acquisition, analysis, and user interface subsystems Workflows are dynamic and Reliable state transition management changeable when policies and Task management – allows a user to seethe tasks associated with several projects procedures change Audit logging Timers – to trigger escalation, notification, WorkwareOne adapts andand other processing evolves as the enterprise Dashboards and reports for monitoringactive flows and for measuring effectiveness environment changes and develops—on-the-fly in real time © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 22
  23. 23. WorkwareOne Analytics Foundation  Key design goal of WorkwareOne analytics is to sift actionable intelligence from an ever increasing flood of data and to prepare the data for subsequent efficient processing  Unstructured search is pervasive across the WorkwareOne counterintelligence platform and application environment  Advanced link analysis needs to go beyond simple “from-to” connections with time and strength attributes (e.g. email and telephone traffic fit this model well)  With large datasets, link analysis needs to derive implied links to add to the existing explicit links; i.e. 100s of types of links between entities rather than the very few explicit links in the raw data. This is core to supporting CI investigations  Full-text search, collaborative filtering, and graph proximity are all matrix operations and the persistence model for WorkwareOne’s analytics is vectors (We store sets which can be turned into vectors when appropriate which also makes it easy to store sparse vectors)  WorkwareOne has the capacity for millions of set members and simultaneous write/read from nodes in a cluster, without locking, and using Apache Cassandra for set storage  Since WorkwareOne has sets, it therefore has indexing and does not need a relational database for other persistence aspects of the platform © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 23
  24. 24. WorkwareOne Platform BenefitsHighly Flexible – Allows for ever-evolving requirements – Agile platform & agile methods permit incremental requirements fulfillment (not necessarily all at once). Deliver early, deliver often – Get quick operational deployments, evolve to meet new requirements – Act fast and adjust, on-the-fly, as necessaryHighly Scalable – Quickly add commodity class computing resources WorkwareOne Core Capability when needed (high performance, low cost)  Secure, shared repository – No downtime when expanding storage or  Workflow and automation based on Use Case  Dashboards and reports processing capabilities  Workflow specific forms, processes, metrics, and reports which can be incrementally added and extended, as requiredHighly Customizable  Collaboration to move work efficiently between users  Audit logs and hash reports to provide detailed history – Incrementally adapts, but fully functional for quick  Automated (“push”) reminders deployment on many diverse operational functions  Cross-referencing of information  Keyword searchHighly Distributed  Instance specific access controls  Searchable document repository – Capable of being distributed across locations, load  Integration with other systems to avoid redundant data entry  Automatic status and activity reporting balanced, redundant, and web-accessible  Automated collection of information from other sources © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 24
  25. 25. A Custom Solution at a COTS Price• A complete package for managing the Case Management investigation, collaboration and workflow in the team• Flexibility of a custom solution at a COTS price. Do more for less cost.• Change as required, when requirements change (included in package), subject to defined limitations• Extendable through a simple contract at pre-defined lower than market rates, or support for internal staff to make changes• No charges for system maintenance and platform upgrades for 12 months from date of installation © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 25
  26. 26. Sample Hardware Footprint• 5 X Low-cost, High performance Servers each with: – 16GB RAM – 1TB disk• Web Accessible• WorkwareOne & Custom Application S/W• Installation• Updates & Support (12 months)• Configuration options: – Rack – Desktop cluster – Virtualized in Data Center © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 26
  27. 27. ✉ info@workwaresystems.comContact: ☎ (888) 291-9015 ✆ +1 (206) 905 4628 InternationalMailing Address: 815 First Avenue, #375 Seattle, WA 98104Engineering Offices: 114 Alaskan Way South, 2nd Floor Seattle, WA 98104 Commercial-in-Confidence & Proprietary Information 27