Advanced Law Enforcement Investigation Platform


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Advanced Investigative Case Management: How to Put More Insight, Intelligence and Collaboration into Effective Law Enforcement Investigations

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Advanced Law Enforcement Investigation Platform

  1. 1. Advanced InvestigativeCase Management:How to Put More Insight, Intelligenceand Collaboration into Effective LawEnforcement Investigations November, 2011
  2. 2. About us  We perfect analytical and investigative processes in subject matter areas such as fraud detection and identity theft, automated intelligence collection, incident management, document digitization and search, so that our customers can increase productivity and reduce costs  We specialize in workflow / collaboration, data management, and data analytics  We support innovation and best practice in Case Management  We make information manageable and actionable  To be fast and efficient we use our agile platform, WorkwareOne™, which runs in the Cloud, or appliance, or in a commodity computing cluster, or virtualized on a data center server (or any combination thereof)  We do not disrupt existing systems  We deliver the highest quality solutions at the most efficient cost in the least amount of time—we use Agile Methods on our Agile Platform to achieve these goals  We use our proven Engagement Model that is fact-based, rigidly- structured (in our approach), fast-paced, and problem statement driven  Our product is our capacity to think, to solve, and to quickly deliver great collaboration solutions on a resilient and adaptive platform © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 2
  3. 3. Common goals of law enforcement agencies  Guarantee investigation integrity and completeness  Ensure compliance with standard operating process  Utilize advanced investigation techniques, but make them easy to learn and use  Ease reporting burdens, leverage team knowledge  Maximize team efficiency, and do more with less  Measure and report performance  Maximize existing technology investments, yet dramatically lower IT costs © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 3
  4. 4. Common case requirements of law enforcement agencies Data Management / Data Integration Common Data Store with Enterprise- wide Search and Discovery Knowledge Management & Secure Collaboration Case Management, Workflow, Access Controls, & FOI ManagementRelative Strength Reports & Performance Metrics1. Case Processing / Workflow2. Resilient Data Store / Search3. Data / Knowledge Management © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 4
  5. 5. A foundation for advanced investigation support • Collaboration is actionable • Investigation outcomes verifiable • Results shareable Workflow & • Compliance and quality are ensured • Domain knowledge is captured Collaboration • Best practices become the norm• Entire data lifecycle is efficiency managed• Indexing, storage, search, retrieval, and retirement• All investigation artifacts become searchable• New and existing data are integrated • Case progress made visible • Clear performance dashboards • Associate people, objects, and events with ease Data Data • Reduce case complexity through visualization Management Analytics • Geo-spatial and link analysis © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 5
  6. 6. Brought together on a single secure platform  The case becomes the secure repository of trusted information Workflow &  Collaboration and Collaboration knowledge sharing throughout all processes  An out-of-the box solution  Advanced analytics Data Data Management Analytics  Application layer tailored for each agency  Custom solution at a COTS price “The first step in investigative process efficiency is getting everything on a single platform.” © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 6
  7. 7. With investigation case management functionality  Easy-to-use graphical web user interface Aggregate  Single repository for all case related information Case Information  Store, sort, and report on interrelated case data  Access historical cases  Security and access controls  Allow for multi-user access Analyze any device, any where (subject to access controls) Case  Match agency’s standard terminology and SOPs Artifacts  Document and track evidence  Manage interviews, case notes, artifacts  Visualize and share link analysis, geo-spatial mapping, and case timelines Produce Investigation  Tap all sources of agency knowledge and experience Results  Manage calendars and deadlines  Standard and ad-hoc report generation  FOI management and case compliance metrics © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 7
  8. 8. And out-of-the-box investigative casemanagement capabilities1. Log and report all source incidents, search historical records Incidents2. Create an investigation from an incent Reports3. Link any incident to any case(s) Complaints4. Make allegation information accessible and editable from within the investigation5. Assign cases to investigators, make collaboration effortless Investigation Initiation &6. Create secure electronic case repository Data7. Securely manage scanned supporting case notes and attach them to cases Collection8. Perform full text searches and retrieval of documents related to cases9. Visualize and display people, object and event association and linkages10. Chronologically display events associated with a case Investigation11. Support data interchange with MS Word, Access and Excel Data12. Track activities of investigators working a case Discovery & Analysis13. Track case milestones14. Track and summarize time charged by individual investigators to a case15. Track expenses associated with each case16. Track the referral of cases to other agencies Investigation17. Track recoveries associated with a case Report18. Track Freedom of Information (FOI) requests associated with a case Production &19. Track investigators progress in meeting performance objectives Performance Measurement20. Track District Attorney coordination © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 8
  9. 9. Using powerful analytics for best investigation outcomes People Objects Weapon Victim Document Witness Property Reportee Vehicle Suspect Business Arrestee Entity Link Geo-spatial Events Analysis Analysis Comprehensive analysis tools give case managers visibility across all information types to assess and act quickly • Unique content analytics to discover deeper case insight • Intelligence made actionable • Real-time dashboards to understand issues Case Performance Metrics before they become a problem © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 9
  10. 10. And a comprehensive case management approachAggregate Analyze Produce Comprehensive Aided Investigative Report Generation Data Management Discovery & Analysis Repository Reports of Wide Investigations Search & Retrieval • Historical case files Take • Agents notes Action • Witness statements • Forensic reports Geo-spatial Real-time • Evidence descriptions Mapping & Operational • Other case artifacts Analysis Performance Metrics Aggregate: Assemble all case material in a centralized, repository that is searchable across all cases and online agency data. Access and role controls enforce Guided Link compartmentalization, when required Analysis of Analyze: integrated, easy-to-use investigation tools for People, Administrative & search, geo-spatial and link analysis Objects & Management Produce: Automated investigative report generation Events Reporting with background QA and policy enforcement. Real- time operational performance metrics for case progress and expense tracking (including alerts, escalations, and action-response). FOI management and tracking © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 10
  11. 11. For proven and sustainable investigation advantage  Investigation integrity  Compliance with SOPs  Efficient techniques  Effective reporting  Measured performance  Maximized team efficiency  Lowered costs © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 11
  12. 12. Background Information 12
  13. 13. Case: a container of trusted information  A Case is a managed collection of information  A Case can be used to support an analytical process, study an individual or group, follow up on an incident or set of incidents, or accomplish many other analytical and operational activities  Cases contain both structured and unstructured data and can be conducted through both manual and automated processes  Forms, workflows, automated processes, and other aspects of a Case are controlled by the Case’s type  Each Case is an optimal mix of formal and ad hoc actions for each activity  Each Case artifact has its own access management controls. Read, write, and manage permissions can be set for both roles and individuals  A complete audit log is maintained for each Case Common Resilient Data and contains every change made to the Case data and access controls during its lifespan Repository © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 13
  14. 14. Collaborate through common resilient data repository  Securely manage, store and search ALL files, documents, case materials, media, and artifacts • The Common Resilient Data Repository can store, manage and make searchable almost any type of digital information • Simple process to get information into the Repository in an orderly and secure way  Comprehensive, Case-specific access controls • Completely definable, secure, and dynamic  Accessible anywhere, on any device (web, pad, phone) • All HTML5 / WebGL  Near unlimited scalability and built-in redundancy • Automatic redundancy of all data (Terabytes!)  Very low-cost hardware and software footprint • Commodity class hardware • No Microsoft®, Oracle™, etc. license fees • In step with Gov 2.0 initiatives © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 14
  15. 15. Agile investigative case management supportSystem Wide Features Manage large numbers and types of cases quickly and efficiently Record activities, identify case bottlenecks, manage resources Attach any type of document / artifact securely to case Add notes, comments, wiki-style collaboration Cross-case search & retrieval Real-time insights, follow ups and early corrective action Complex case life cycle management Audit trails, discovery, and redaction (when necessary) Closure & Initiation Processing Future Reference Initiation Rules & Alerts Document Authoring Life Cycle Management  Manual  Assignments & Reporting  Closure Discipline  System-  Notifications  Document Authoring  Prepare for Discovery Generated  Confirmations  External Reporting  Reference to Searchable  Reminders  Discovery / Redaction Tagging Knowledge Base  Escalations  Case Management Status  Retention Policies  SOP Compliance Reporting  FOI Management Approval & Review  Management Reporting & Operational Metrics © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 15
  16. 16. Easy to use web-based user interface Case & Repository-wide Case Collection Search Roles & Task Assignments Case Details Common Resilient Data Repository Reporting Statistics Access Controls Geo-Spatial © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 16
  17. 17. Scalable, fast, redundant data storage  The Common Resilient Data Repository is a highly modified Cassandra-based, distributed storage and retrieval system for managing structured data (forms and records) and unstructured data (notes, documents, email, transcriptions, images)  Designed to scale to a very large size across many commodity servers, with no single point of failure  Data storage is encrypted, secure and redundant with a very small footprint. Inherent continuity ops capability  Reliability, at this scale, is an expensive challenge for prior ▪ Data are distributed across the nodes in the cluster generation database technologies using consistent hashing based methods and on an order preserving hash function so that agency  In contrast, the Common Resilient Data Repository runs analysts can perform range scans over the data for on top of an infrastructure of potentially dozens of nodes analysis at some later point ▪ Cluster membership is maintained via a “Gossip” (optionally spread across different enterprise data centers) style membership algorithm. Failures of nodes within  Small and large components can fail without impact. The the cluster are monitored using an accrual style failure detector repository manages its persistent state in the face of these ▪ High availability is achieved using replication and possible failures ensuring reliability and scalability for the platform actively replicates data across data centers stakeholders who rely on this service, at a low cost ▪ The platform exhibits incremental scalability structure never before achieved properties which can be achieved as easily as dropping nodes and having them automatically  Design goals achieved – scalability, high performance, high bootstrapped with data availability and applicability with a simple data model that supports dynamic control over data layout and format © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 17
  18. 18. A custom solution at a COTS price  A complete package for managing Investigative Case Management collaboration, analysis and workflow  Flexibility of a custom solution at a commercial-off-the-shelf price  Change as required, when requirements change  Extendable through a simple contract at pre-defined rates, or support for agency technical staff to make changes and enhancements © Workware Systems Inc. 2011 Proprietary Information 18
  19. 19. Business Contact: Phone: (888) 291 9015 Email: info@workwaresystems.comCorporate Mailing Address: 815 1st Avenue, #375 Seattle, WA 98104