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Listening skill


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Listening skill

  1. 1. Devi Purnama Ningrum 031109206 7-B
  2. 2. “is to get the learners four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in the new language”
  3. 3. •Listening•Reading•Speaking•Writing
  4. 4. Listening is the ability to accuratelyreceive messages in thecommunication process.
  5. 5. •Before ListeningPrepare your learners by introducing the topic andfinding out what they already know about it.(Brainstorming)•During ListeningBe specific about what students need to listen for.•After ListeningFinish with an activity to extend the topic and helpstudents remember new vocabulary. This could be adiscussion group, craft project, writing task, game,etc.
  6. 6. •Appreciative listening•Empathetic listening•Comprehensive listening•Critical listening
  7. 7. DO’sBe mentally prepared to listenEvaluate the speech not the speakerBe unbiased to the speaker by depersonalizing your feelingsFight distractions by closing off sound sourcesBe open mindedAsk questions to clarify and not to overshadow intelligenceParaphrase from time to timeSend appropriate non-verbal signals time to time
  8. 8. Don’tsNot to pay undue emphasis on vocabulary as you can use thecontext to understand the meaningNot to pay too much attention to the accessories and clothingof the speakerNot to prepare your responses while the speaker is speakingAvoid preconceptions and prejudicesNot to get distracted by outside influencesNot to interrupt too oftenNot to show boredom