Deploy con 2012 Mike Hoskins Keynote


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Slides for the keynote given by Mike Hoskins, CTO of Pervasive Software at DeployCon 2012

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Deploy con 2012 Mike Hoskins Keynote

  1. 1. The Waking Giant: The Coming Era of Enterprise-Ready PaaS Mike Hoskins, CTO Pervasive © 2012 by Pervasive Software
  2. 2. Pervasive Software OverviewGlobal Software Company • Tens of thousands of users across the globe • Operations in Americas, EMEA, Asia • ~260 employeesStrong Financials • $50 million revenue (trailing 12-month) • 45 consecutive quarters of profitability • $42 million in the bank • 24 consecutive quarters of active share buyback • NASDAQ:PVSW since 1997Leader in Data Innovation • 25% of top-line revenue re-invested in R&D • Software to manage, integrate and analyze data, in the cloud or on-premises, throughout the entire data lifecycle • In-house startups focused on cloud and Big Data
  3. 3. Agenda• History of the Cloud Stack• Enterprise PaaS – what will it look like? – Not traditional middleware – Mixed vendor environment – Catalog of services – Hierarchy of granularity – Data-centric• What will it mean to App developers? – Disruptive to traditional models – Composition driven – New delivery models• What will it mean to Users?3
  4. 4. History of the Cloud © 2012 by Pervasive Software
  5. 5. History of Cloud Stack 1998 2006 2009 SaaS SaaS SaaS/ + PaaS PaaS PaaS + IaaS IaaS (AWS) IaaS Azure 2010 SaaS/Mobile PaaS Pervasive iPaaS IaaS 5
  6. 6. History of Cloud Stack 1998 2006 2009 SaaS SaaS SaaS/ + PaaS PaaS PaaS + IaaS IaaS (AWS) IaaS Azure 2010 2015 SaaS/Mobile AppDev PaaS PaaS Pervasive iPaaS IaaS IaaS 7
  7. 7. Enterprise PaaS: What Will It Look Like? © 2012 by Pervasive Software
  8. 8. Not Traditional Middleware• Not just ported MOM/ESB• Not Client/Server, not LAMP• A world of elastic services: AppDev – Atomic PaaS – Composite IaaS9
  9. 9. Mixed Vendor Environment• Less monolithic vendor “stacks”• Best of breed prospers AppDev• Diminishing barriers to entry. PaaS Rapid evolution IaaS• Power shifts to App Developer10
  10. 10. Catalog of Services• A Service Store• Discovery outflanks development AppDev• Community activity plays PaaS important role IaaS• Natural Aggregations emerge11
  11. 11. Hierarchies of Granularity• From rich and complex “families” of Services, to simple stand-alone Services AppDev• Single function prospers PaaS• Specialization becomes economic IaaS12
  12. 12. Data-Centric• The Software era is coming to a close. We are entering the era of data. DaaS: Data AppDev as a Service emerges PaaS• RESTful interactions• The rise of Analytic Apps IaaS13
  13. 13. What Will It Mean to App Developers? © 2012 by Pervasive Software
  14. 14. Disruptive to Traditional App Development• Lightweight, fast, agile is rewarded• App developer assumes center stage• Front-end of stack (user experience) trumps back-end of stack• SaaS and Mobile continue to dominate15
  15. 15. Composition Driven• Apps are less “written” and more “assembled”• Finding functionality becomes less expensive than writing it from scratch• Like fractals, ever higher order data-centric Apps can be composed16
  16. 16. New Software Delivery Models• Subscription moves from time- based to data/usage based (aka: Data Metering)• Easy experimentation and adoption.• Consumption model changes17
  17. 17. What Will It Mean to Users? © 2012 by Pervasive Software
  18. 18. Long-term Impact• PaaS constantly evolving, highly market driven• Blurring of IaaS/PaaS• Power pendulum continues to swing to Apps/Users• PaaS supports and aligns with SaaS and Mobile future• End of Enterprise Apps?19
  19. 19. Thank You! © 2012 by Pervasive Software