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Rocking Chair Testing


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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Rocking Chair Testing

  1. 1. Testing-Assuntaand MattSurface Area (Found using Autodesk Inventor)(1)Side: 427.022 in²Seat: 406.514 in²Support: 94.791 in²Back: 522.1706 in²Weight the chair At least 100 poundscan support: Chair is comfortable and well suited for a child.Comfort: The sides are closer together so the child’s hips may be squeezed tightly if they are too old to be using the chair.Possible Changes: Make the back piece interlock with the sides. We would move the center of gravity back. This would allow the chair to rock better, and be more stable when put together.Hazards: The chair may cause pinching due to the slight wiggling of pieces. No major danger is present.Aesthetic: The chair is bright colored and visually appealing for young children. The splatter effect on the back and seat allow the eye to follow the design and enjoy the various parts of the chair.Video Stills:
  2. 2. Finite Element Analysis