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No decision about me without me


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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No decision about me without me

  1. 1. No decision Choice of provider for community services which could include:about mewithout me Musculoskeletal services Hearing services Diagnostic servicesWe want patients to be fullyinvolved in their own care, making Choice after Wheelchair services Podiatry services Psychological therapy Choice beforedecisions in partnership with diagnosis diagnosisdoctors and other clinical staff.For patients and service users,there should be ‘no decisionabout me without me’. Patientsand service users should have  Choice of treatment Choice of  An alternative provider if diagnostic testmore say and choice in decisions provider waiting longer than the GP practice choiceabout their care and treatment maximum waiting timein primary care, before diagnosis,  Choice in end of life carewhen referred to secondary care  Personal health budgetsand after a diagnosis is made. Choice at referralThese are the types of services Mywhere we would expect you to name is...have more choice. Choice of mental Choice in Choice of namedTo find out more go to: health services maternity services consultant-led You already have a choice of hospital for most non-urgent services as set out in the NHS Constitution