Improving hospital food project - rewarding excellence


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A presentation by Jane Crossley outlining some fundamental principles for hospital food and drink at the Department of Health Improving Hospital Food event.

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Improving hospital food project - rewarding excellence

  1. 1. Improving Hospital Food Project Rewarding Excellence Jane Crossley Policy Manager Patient Environment Department of Health
  2. 2. ImprovingHospitalFoodProject 2 Fundamental Principles for Hospital Food and Drink 1. Nutritious and appetising hospital food and drink is an essential part of the personal package of care and hospitals should take all reasonable steps to ensure that patients have a healthy food experience 2. All patients should be able to choose from a reasonably varied menu that meets their social and religious needs whilst complementing their clinical care requirements 3. All patients should have access at all times to fresh drinking water, unless this is contraindicated by their clinical condition 4. Access to food and drink outside planned mealtimes should be available where appropriate 5. Hospitals should promote a healthy diet to their staff and visitors. 6. The criteria set out in the Government Buying Standards for Food and Catering services should be adopted as standard where practical and supported by procurement practices 7. Hospitals should regularly evaluate their food services and act on feedback from patients, demonstrating improvement and aiming to achieve and maintain excellence 8. Commissioners of NHS-funded care should seek and reward excellence in hospital food when contracting services
  3. 3. ImprovingHospitalFoodProject 3 Rewarding Excellence through Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) Two exemplar CQUINS: 1. Improving the Patient Environment, Patient-led assessments of the care environment Improvement in any or all of the domains measured by PLACE - Food, Cleanliness, Privacy & Dignity and Facilities Management 2. Improving the Patient Environment – Improving Hospital Food by delivering Government Buying Standards for Food & Catering To increase the number of NHS organisations that meet the requirements of the Government Buying Standards for Food & Catering (GBSF)