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Health and care system from April 2013


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This diagram gives an overview of the new health and care system from April 2013. It updates the version published in June 2012.

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Health and care system from April 2013

  1. 1. ENT OF HEAThe health & care system D EPARTM LTH Carefrom April 2013 Quality Commission Human Healthwatch NHS Fertilisation England Litigation & Embryology Human Authority Authority Tissue Authority Local Healthwatch NHS Blood & Transplant Health Online/phone Research NHS Community services National Authority Commissioning groups Institute for Board OT Clinical GP Health Research Commissioning NIHR Clinical surgeries HER Groups Research Networks OMMU Ambulances &C PLE NIT G O I E Monitor PE OVERNMENT DEPART S Care homes PARLIAMENT Hospitals NHS Trust Development Health & Social Authority Care Information Centre Personal helpers Health centres NHS Business Services Authority Home Pharmacies Local Education ME & Training KEY CE Boards Health S VI NT Dentists Education Public Health ER Local Opticians E S DS England Providing care AR S England Government &C AR LOCAL HEA LTH BO EI N G Commissioning care HEALTH & W E LLB Professional Improving public health National Institute regulators S for Health & IO N Empowering people and LOCAL ORGANISAT Care Excellence local communities Medicines & Healthcare Products S Supporting the health and Regulatory Agency ON ISATI NATIONAL ORGAN care system G Education and training RDIN E GUA REGULATION & SAF Safeguarding patients’ SECRETARY OF STATE interests