Board position job description


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Board position job description

  1. 1. Rossview Middle School PTO Nominations & Elections for school years 2013-2015 PTO Board Positions description “Hawk Parents + Teachers = Success!” As the school year is coming to an end, we at Rossview Middle School PTO are preparing for your child/studentsjourney to Middle School. The PTO is a great way to be involved with the school and to know firsthand the manyhappenings, challenges and changes faced by administration, teaching staff and our students. We are looking forward toseeing them at “Jump Start” and you at 6th grade parent orientation! We currently have 6 PTO board positions open for school years (2013-2015). If you choose to be a board member,you get to be an active member with voting rights that affects many aspects of your child’s educational experience atRossview Middle. All positions will be for a 2 year period. Training and support are provided  Middle School is a different atmosphere then Elementary School. Please consider yourself or someone you knowfor a PTO Office in 2013-2014. See our Facebook page for detailed descriptions of elected PTO offices or contact PTO President.Join us – Make a difference, be involved, it’s rewarding, it’s important, it’s even fun! If you have any questions, pleasecontact PTO President, Deon Lucke, at 931-217-339 or or We would like to welcome you to our next board meeting on March 1, 2013. PTO nominees meet andgreet/interview will be held shortly after this. We will contact you to schedule a convenient time at Rossview MiddleConference room.**Please return this form to Rossview Middle front office by March 15, 2013.Sincerely, Christina Harris-Principal & Deon Lucke-PTO PresidentPTO President The President will serve as the primary contact between the Principal and PTO. The President shallpreside at all meetings of the organization and of the executive committee, shall appoint the committees andcommittee chairmen, and shall perform all other duties pertaining to the office. Coordinate and monitor the workof officers and committees of the PTO in order that the objectives may be accomplished. Serve as an ex-officiomember of all committees except the nominating committee. Work with past PTO President for training andintegrating your ideas. 1. Preside at all meetings. 2. Attend the CCMSS annual meeting for School Support Organizations, as required by CMCSS. 3. Supervise the general functioning of the PTO 4. Call meetings of the Board as conditions warrants; usually monthly. 5. Preside over the Annual Membership meeting 6. Have authority to sign checks for disbursements upon review of adequate supporting documentation. 7. Ensure the Bylaws and Goals of the PTO are submitted annually, as require by CMCSS. 8. Perform other executive functions as may be required. 9. Shall turn over all PTO assets, accounts, records, etc to successors as directed by the Board and Bylaws.
  2. 2. PTO Vice President The Vice-President shall take charge and perform all of the responsibilities of the president in his/herabsence. He/she shall also work in any capacity delegated by the president and executive committee for thefulfillment of all school related activities, fundraisers, etc. 1. Perform other executive functions as may be required. 2. Shall turn over all PTO assets, accounts, records, etc to successor as directed by the Board and Bylaws. 3. Support the Chick Fil A family spirit night by coordinating teacher signup sheet on a monthly basis and collection of t-shirt orders/monies. 4. Have authority to sign checks for disbursements upon review of adequate supporting documentation. 5. Responsible for updating the marquee on a weekly basis or as needed. 6. Assist with Concessions Sales 7. Attend monthly board meetings.PTO PR Coordinator Coordinator shall take over current communication already in place for the school and community widecommunications from the PTO via the website and school technology contact, Mr McGhee via email. 1. This may include Facebook updates on a weekly basis and communication with the volunteer coordinator. 2. Ensure accurate and timely communication between all PTO members, parents, school staff, teachers. 3. Responsible for the production and distribution of the Rossview Middle PTO newsletter each month, format already in place. 4. Responsible for the design, development, and content of the PTO portion of the Rossview Middle School website. Format already in use. 5. Perform such duties as may be delegated to the Public Relations Coordinator. 6. Attend monthly board meetings.PTO Membership Coordinator 1. Shall be responsible for encouraging and maximizing the PTO membership. 2. Work with Volunteer Coordinator identifying volunteer requests and assignments. 3. He/She will be responsible for the Rossview Middle School PTO membership compilation and annual membership directory. 4. Attend monthly board meetings. 5. Perform such other duties as may be delegatedVolunteer Coordinator 1. Communicate with Parent volunteers about upcoming events via email within a timely manner. All information is given at the monthly board meetings and prepared for you by the board, PTO President. 2. Utilize the database of volunteer information currently in use, Parent Express Email. Information is not to be shared our used for any personal gain. 3. Adhere to the privacy regulations of personal information. 4. Recognize, recruit, train and orient volunteers if needed. 5. Attend monthly board meetings 6. Work with principals, teachers, and school staff on effectively using and supervising volunteers.If you or anyone you know is interested in any of these positions please complete the form below and return toyour child’s teacher in an envelope to the attention of the “Middle School Hawks PTO” or contact Deon Lucke,PTO President at or 931-217-3394NAME: _________________________________________________________________E-MAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________
  3. 3. PHONE #: _____________________________________________________________STUDENTS NAME: __________________________________________________Grade:_____________________________POSITION YOU ARE INTERESTED IN: ____________________________