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Consumer engagement through social media quick lessons 4rm gt bank


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Consumer engagement through social media quick lessons 4rm gt bank

  2. 2. Ok, should I have said client, consumer or customer engagement?** Services are usually paid for by clients, customers are used for those who pay for goods and consumers for those who use the goods. They may not be the same person.
  3. 3. Whichever, there are sevenbasic things you will never findout from them (unless youask, of course!)
  4. 4. They won’t tell you They won’t offer advice on 2 who else likes to do business with you 3 how best you can keep them for life1 They won’t tell you what influences their buying decisions They won’t talk to a machine when they 5 are angry with you 6 (0700 - ANGER) They won’t tell you why they enjoy being your customer 4 They won’t tell you what else they wish 7 They won’t tell you how best to reach your business did them
  5. 5. But your customers are alreadytalking. Individuals are formingdigital communities andconversations are going onabout anything – includingbrands.The power to invoke a buyingdecision has not only movedfrom businesses to consumers;the customers have CHANGED.
  6. 6. Customers now look to theirpeers to make a buying decision.This has affected marketingchannels and methods andbusiness owners are gettingworried.Simple ad campaigns andincrease in bottom-line are nolonger simple equations
  7. 7. Since people are activelyforming online communities insocial media, it has offeredbusinesses a new way to reachtheir target audience - in apersonal way.Social media has been thegreatest revelation since theadvent of the internet.
  8. 8. ‘Social Media Engagement is thesummation of all forms of marketing,service, communications, branding,and relationship managementbetween an organization and itstarget audience through socialmedia platforms’*. * Paraphrased
  9. 9. People and brands can nowengage social media
  10. 10. As of today, GTBank is theleading brand in social mediaengagement in Nigeria, andthat is my opinion. Any otherideas?They were recently recognizedas the most customer focusedbank in Nigeria (Corporate andretail).* *(KPMG, Banking Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey, June 2010)
  11. 11. With service as a keyproposition, they havesucceeded in building bridgesusing a variety of meansincluding social media, inreaching their targetaudience.
  12. 12. They have… GTBank Fan page on GTBank Interactive website. Facebook – 94,453 fans
  13. 13. They have… GTBank 10 videos On twitter - 1,259 on followers
  14. 14. They are… Only bank listed One of the top Owners of one of the few among the top 10 spenders in Print multimedia magazines invisited Nigerian websites Advertising Nigeria - GTBank E - zine by Nigerians
  15. 15. The simplicity of social networksmakes it easy for anyone to join andcreate a profile. However, asuccessful social media engagementdepends on your strategy, devicesand tools employed.Online brands are differentiated bythe value they offer. This will dictatethe strength of the brand in reachingits target audience.
  16. 16. What are the critical points to notewhen you are about to engage yourcustomers through you social media?
  17. 17. Get Have a clear personal communication strategy Identify and deliver value Don’t think Push youroutside the box stuff out!
  18. 18. Don’t thinkoutside the box There is no box!
  19. 19. No use being a dinosaur in adigital age, social media is nomore a distraction for yourbusiness – others are alreadyriding on this digital wave.Incorporating social media is nomore a fad, it is an imperativefor success in a digital age.
  20. 20. If your business is busylooking for a way to BANsocial media, yourcompetitors are busyBANKING on it.
  21. 21. When engaging social media,you are neither going to controlthe conversation nor generatingideas for the usual shouting ofinterruption advertising, listen,then participate, no PARTICIPATE.Social media engagement is adialogue, not a monologue.
  22. 22. Have a clearcommunication Strategy.
  23. 23. Going online isn’t abouthaving a website, andgoing social media isn’tabout a Facebook fanpage.It takes more than that.
  24. 24. The evolving demand for digitalmarketing and social mediaengagement requires clearpolicies, guidelines andexperienced staff. Yourengagement may involveemployees in every aspect ofyour business operations –Human Resource, CustomerService, Branding andMarketing.
  25. 25. Profile your target audiencebefore allocating resources.Don’t be so busy spendingmoney on ads if youraudience is busy in traffic orwith their phones.Identify where they are andengage.
  26. 26. Prepare for crisisThose days people and organizations don’t carewhat others think about their brand as long asothers they only tell a few people.Not any more.Those people now can air their views and millionsof others are waiting to listen and comment.
  27. 27. Unlike before, they can nowform an organized armyagainst your brand.Having a crisis plan helps youbeat the unexpectedperadventure it happens.
  28. 28. Don’t commit socialmedia suicide by goingsocial without a crisisplan…ask Nestle!Check out mypresentation on “How todeal with online socialmedia attack on brands”.
  29. 29. Getpersonal
  30. 30. No other platform allows youreach your target audience in amore personal, interactive anddynamic way than socialmedia.Determine the identity,character, and personality ofyour brand and match it to thequalities of the individuals whowill represent it online.
  31. 31. Remember it is aboutGiving a face and action toyour brand.Determine the identity,character, and personality ofyour brand and match it to thequalities of the individualswho will represent it online.
  32. 32. This assignment for not anyjunior staff. That person will beresponsible for responding toall things that can affect brandperception across multiplescenarios…
  33. 33. Engage your customers in ameaningful way; share, link,communicate (takecustomer service awayfrom bored officers andauto responders). Whenyour expertise is sought,demonstrate intelligenceand authority.
  34. 34. In dealing with brand attacksand complaints, assess theperspective of the comments,complaints and commendationand respond intelligently inorder to establish meaningfulconnections.When responding don’t everforget you are representing abrand – Nescafe will neverforget that bitter lesson!
  35. 35. Ultimately don’t let your platformsbecome inactive, become a trueparticipant. Move beyondmarketing and sales.Give back, reciprocate, andrecognize notable contributionsfrom participants in yourcommunities.
  36. 36. Identify anddeliver value
  37. 37. Blend tech is a manufacturingcompany producing highquality blenders.In engaging social media topromote their business. theydecided to produce an in-house video. To show thestrength of their blenders
  38. 38. The “Will It Blend” campaignfeatured several videoswhere the blenders workedon everything from iPhone toiPads – it worked!With one of the videoshaving 134.6 million viewson YouTube – minussecondary viewers. It hasbecome a social media/viralvideo success.
  39. 39. Give them something worthyof value. GTBank went beyondhaving a website to deliverinternet banking to itssubscribers.eBanking services areresponsible for 84% ofGTBank’s website visitors
  40. 40. Don’t be consumed bymarketing possibilities, createcompetition, give freebies, keepadding value by becoming aresource to your communities.
  41. 41. If you are bold enough, relinquishownership of the brand and givecustomers the opportunity to ownthe brand.Nike -,Starbucks –
  42. 42. Push yourstuff out!
  43. 43. Content - push your stuff out!Go viral ( get others to tell yourstory – give them something to talkabout)Engage your customersVideo, adverts, photo mentions,designs, competitions… CONTENT IS KING
  44. 44. œIDENTIFY œ PREPARE œ ENGAGE œ MONITOR Coast on to web success!
  45. 45. every move counts
  46. 46. Credits:I love photography and get kicks out of gatheringdesigns and pictures. But I must credit the right ofthe owners.- GTBank: Website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube- GTBank Statistics – Alexa- KPMG, Banking Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey, June 2010-