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"Discovering Each Other" - Trip to palermo


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"Discovering Each Other" - Trip to palermo

  2. 2. At 22:00h at night, the teachers and students met in the school. Then we went to Madrid by car. The trip lasted five hours. When we arrived at the airport at 3:00h, we had to wait until the plane took off (at 6:25h) TUESDAY, 7TH MAY 2013 (TRIP OF THE SPANISH STUDENTS)
  3. 3. WEDNESDAY, 8TH MAY 2013 At 9:00h, we arrived at Palermo airport. Then we took a bus to go to Politeama square in the city centre where everyone was waiting for us. They welcomed us very warmly. After that, we walked to the hotel with the teachers. They stayed there and we went to the school to see it. Later we went to a shopping centre to see a view of Palermo from the top of it. We had lunch with our Italian friends. That afternoon we had free time and we were discovering different places in Palermo. At night, we watched a football match.
  4. 4. THURSDAY, 9TH MAY 2013 We had a presentation in the Regina Margherita’s school and after that, we ate italian food. After lunch there was an exhibition of our work; we presented the urban development of our cities or countries with maps and photos. Later, we went to Mondello’s beach by bus. Then we returned to our homes.
  5. 5. FRIDAY, 10TH MAY 2013 We visited the ancient Greek city of Selinunte and we went to Belice River Naturalistic Reserve. Then we had lunch and after that, we went to the beach one more time.
  6. 6. SATURDAY, 11TH MAY 2013 On Saturday we visited Massimo theatre. It was very big. Inside there was a room with a lot of paintings and opera dresses. Then we went to a typical food market called Capo Market. There were a lot of types meat and fish and spices. In the afternoon we went to see the school orchestra in a church. The music was fantastic. After that, we had free time.
  7. 7. SUNDAY, 12TH MAY 2013 We took the city bus to go to Monreale cathedral. It had a lot of paintings and decoration. Later we ate together in a restaurant called “Giardino degli aranci”. The food was delicious. Then we took the bus again and we went to meet the young people of the “Addiopizzo” anti-mafia association. They explainded to us the things that they have to do and they sang songs.
  8. 8. MONDAY, 13TH MAY 2013 We took the bus at 5.30pm to go the airport. The aeroplane took off at 8.30 pm and we arrived at Bergamo airport at 10pm. There we visited the cathedral, we had a tour of the city and we ate. After lunch we went to the airport, and we arrived in Santander at 7pm.