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As the importance of photos in social media continues to grow, at gazeMetrix, we are helping marketers locate and manage their brand in social photos. Our suite of products enable social marketers to:
1. Collect all brand photos in one place and run analytics on user demographics and behavior.
2. Identify photos containing your brand that are trending/going viral. Get email alerts on whenever your brand is featured on a photo. Brands use this for copyright infringement detection and for real-time viral marketing.
3. Create a stronger presence on Instagram. Using the community builder tool, increase your followers on instagram by 10% every month. Used by brands like Kingfisher to create a stronger community on instagram.
4. Create interactive photo campaigns. Let your fans post photos of your brand and display them on billboards, websites and facebook pages. Recently at Kingfisher Octoberfest festival, gazeMetrix powered the billboards at the venue to show awesome photos of fans who were enjoying the festival.
And much more.

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Gazemetrix Products & Services Overview

  1. 1. Products & Services Overview Locate and manage your brand in social photos
  2. 2. | The Rise Of Social Photos Social media is getting increasingly “Visual”
  3. 3. | The Rise Of Social Photos 20x more engagement than ‘text’
  4. 4. | The Rise Of Social Photos A giant network of Billboards millions of people posting | engaging | sharing
  5. 5. | Helping You Stay On Top Of Social Photos Revolution Locate and manage your brand in social photos
  6. 6. For the first time, we can be a “fly on the wall” as our brands are consumed in the marketplace. ! Finally, our brands can see.
  7. 7. As images become an increasingly popular form of social content, such analysis makes absolute sense
  8. 8. GazeMetrix is a ground-breaking technology that could change the way brands better understand who uses their product and how they use it.
  9. 9. | Products Photo Monitor Virality Monitor Community Builder Campaign Monitor Social App Connector Photo Insights
  10. 10. | Photo Monitor • Discover photos of your brand in social media • Filter based on “visual mention” or hashtags • Engage with individual photos/users • Digg deeper with analytics for demographics, data volume, influential users
  11. 11. | Virality Monitor • Get email alerts about viral photos before they go viral • Add monitors for topics of your choice such as funny, starbucks, usa • Get alerted when your product/logo appears in viral photos even if there’s no text/hashtag of your brand
  12. 12. | Community Builder • Build a community around existing loyal users of your brand • Automatically identify loyal users of your brand and engage with them • Built in recommendations for interacting with your users • Track as your community grows
  13. 13. | Campaign Monitor • Track/manage hashtag based photo campaigns across twitter/instagram • Curate the best user generated photos • Readymade page for publicly displaying all approved photos • Integrate approved photo feeds into your own website/fan pages
  14. 14. | Social App Connector • Integrate photo feeds into your own website or facebook fan pages • Easily customizable widgets with different visualization styles • Build custom displays by consuming photo feeds with our REST APIs
  15. 15. | Photo Insights • Analyze volume of user activity (photos, likes, comments) around your brand in social photos • Establish what’s ‘normal’ level of activity for your brand • Get alerts when activity levels are higher/ lower than the ‘normal’ range • Identify root cause of abnormal activity levels
  16. 16. Locate and manage your brand in social photos +1 (650) 691 8707