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An Introduction To Forever Living Products - A 4 Minute Presentation For BNI

A 4 minute presentation of:

Forever Living Products - the company
- Aloe Vera, its history and properties
- How Aloe Vera works
- The product range
- Ideal referrals

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An Introduction To Forever Living Products - A 4 Minute Presentation For BNI

  1. 1. FOREVER LIVINGFOREVER LIVING 4 Minute Presentation: Denyse Whillier Forever Living Products 4th July 2013
  2. 2. Today I’m going to give you a brief overview of: •Forever Living Products; •Aloe Vera, its history and properties; •How Aloe Vera works •The product range •My ideal referrals INTRODUCTIONINTRODUCTION
  3. 3. • In business since 1979 – market leaders • Aloe Vera has always been organically grown; • World’s largest bee keepers; • The company’s Environmental Management System is certified to the internation ISO 14000 standard; • Cruelty free and PETA approved; • Halal + Kosher approved; • Investors In People to Gold and Champions Level. THE COMPANYTHE COMPANY
  4. 4. Used extensively in herbal medicine in China, Japan, Russia, the United States, the Caribbean, across Africa, Latin America and India •China – ’the harmonic remedy’ •Japanese – Isha Izaru or ’No Need For A Doctor’ •Russia – ’the elixir of longevity’ •Hindus – ’the silent healer’ •Knights Templar – ’the elixir of Jerusalem’ ’THE PLANT OF IMMORTALITY’’THE PLANT OF IMMORTALITY’
  5. 5. "Four vegetables are indispensable for the well being of man: Wheat, the grape, the olive and aloe. The first nourishes him, the second raises his spirit, the third brings him harmony, and the fourth cures him.“ Christopher Columbus CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUSCHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS
  7. 7. • The 75 nutrients (vitamins, minerals and amino acids work synergistically (in combination) so that the sum is greater than the individual components; • Aloe Vera has 4 important qualities: – It provides essential micro nutrients so that the body’s tissues have a rich + ready supply of building materials so they can renew themselves. – It kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts. Depending on the concentration used, it can inhibit the growth + kill bacteria such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, salmonella as well as candida + Athletes Foot. – It reduces inflammation in conditions ranging from asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS through to stomach ulcers. – It’s an adaptogen i.e. it helps the body manage anything that causes stress HOW DOES ALOE VERA WORK?HOW DOES ALOE VERA WORK?
  8. 8. • Acts as a prebiotic, cleansing the tiny villi in the intestine of mucus + plaque, so that the intestine can absorb nutrients from our diet efficiently; • It acts as a buffering agent to normalise the stomach’s pH; • It can help specifically with disorders like indigestion, heart burn, IBS, diverticulitis + colitis. ALOE VERA & DIGESTIONALOE VERA & DIGESTION
  9. 9. Its immune system boosting properties mean that Aloe Vera will significantly alleviate the symptoms of: •Hay fever •Eczema •Psoriasis •Lupus And reduces the likelihood of getting cold + flu bugs ALOE VERA & THE IMMUNE SYSTEMALOE VERA & THE IMMUNE SYSTEM
  10. 10. • Reduce blood sugar levels; • Reduce cholesterol levels; • Decreased blood lipids (fats) in patients with abnormally high levels of these molecules in the blood e.g. some people with type 2 diabetes; • Decrease swelling and faster healing of wound injuries. (Leg wounds and ulcers are common complications of diabetes, and they typically take longer time to heal than in healthy non- diabetic individuals). • Boosts the immune system; • Increases energy levels. ALOE VERA & DIABETESALOE VERA & DIABETES
  11. 11. • Moisturising, particularly to dry skin; • Stimulates faster healing; • Smoothes epidermal cells so skin is less flaky; • Reduces blemishes including liver spots; • Effective in dealing with acne, eczema, psoriasis + other skin conditions; • Used in first aid to treat burns, bites, cuts + stings; • Reduces fine lines! ALOE VERA & THE SKINALOE VERA & THE SKIN
  12. 12. The product line includes 200 items: •Aloe Vera drinking gels •High quality nutritional supplements •Detox and weight management programmes •Sports + mobility •Skincare + beauty •Everyday personal grooming products •Make Up •Products for use on animals THE PRODUCT RANGETHE PRODUCT RANGE
  13. 13. • Personal trainers and sports coaches; • People looking to lose – or gain – weight; • People with chronic health conditions, including any kind of ~ITIS; • Mums, babies and tots; • People who want to use high quality, natural products as part of their beauty, skincare and personal grooming routines. IDEAL REFERRALSIDEAL REFERRALS
  14. 14. Trial a customer sample pack Book a Wellbeing Consultation W: E: THANK YOU!THANK YOU!