Small shops and freelancers


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Small shops and freelancers

  1. 1. Presented by: Andy Walters - Sailboat Media, LLC Steve Kessler - Denver DataMan, LLC
  2. 2. or Drupal Camp Colorado site
  3. 3. Who are we and why should you listen to us? Meet Steve Kessler Owner and Lead Consultant of Denver DataMan @denverdataman Meet Andy Walters President and developer at Sailboat Media, LLC @andywalters
  4. 4. Will Drupal work for me? What is Drupal? Why open source? What do you need your site to do? Why Drupal?
  5. 5. What is Drupal?
  6. 6. Why Open Source?
  7. 7. What do you need your site to do?
  8. 8. Why Drupal? For the client For the end-user For the freelancer or small shop
  9. 9. Why small shops and freelancers? Pricing Timelines Niches Customer Service
  10. 10. Pricing Hourly Advantage: Straightforward for developer Disadvantage: Difficult for clients to budget Flat Advantage: Straightforward for client Disadvantage: Difficult for developer to budget time
  11. 11. Pricing Velocity Advantage: Developer gets money regardless Disadvantage: Client has little guarantee Retainer Advantage: Developer gets money regardless Disadvantage: Client can pay too much
  12. 12. Timelines SS/F can be available faster Clients: be realistic, but take advantage! SS/F’s: learn to estimate your time correctly, or find someone who can.
  13. 13. Niches Niches can affect pricing and quality Example: DDM’s Niche Developers: Find a niche Clients: Find someone in a niche, if possible Gotcha: make sure you hire a Drupal shop, not just a php shop
  14. 14. Relational Clients: Make sure you’re not going to be a number. SS/F: Treat your clients like they’re not a number!
  15. 15. How to find a small shop Drupal Association members Google Referrals LinkedIn & Twitter (other social media) Craigslist eLance, etc.
  16. 16. How to market as a small shop? Make your profiles Link your profiles to your website Become a member of the Drupal Association (its cheaper now with the Euro falling) Optimize for Google Make clients happy so you get referrals Use social media - think Geek vs. marketing Contribute
  17. 17. Qualifying questions to ask SS/F’s What referrals or references can you provide me? What experience does your company have doing Drupal sites like the one I want? Can you speak English and Geek? Ask about their development process (more to come). What regular communication practices do you have with clients?
  18. 18. Requirements Get to know your users story. What do they want the site to do? Why do they want the site to do it? Can you achieve ROI with this use case?
  19. 19. Proposal and clarifications Tell them what you are going to do. Let them know its iterative as you better understand their project. Meet in person!
  20. 20. SOW Clarity! English and Geek. Remember it’s a contract!
  21. 21. Site Plan Tell your client what you are going to do Specific details like fields, roles, etc. Wireframes Mockups Workflows Menu/page structures For DDM this overrides the SOW
  22. 22. Implementation Development. Design. Iterations in the implementation.
  23. 23. Site review and testing Make sure the client knows what there getting. Be approachable. Be reasonable but not a push over for changes. Stand your ground.
  24. 24. Training Manuals. English and Geek. Teach each type of user.
  25. 25. Maintenance Year 1 Out years
  26. 26. How to be a rock star client You get for what you pay for. Drupal is free like kittens are free. Beware of unreasonable project timelines. Beware of scope creep. Communicate clearly -- SS/F's aren't psychic!
  27. 27. How to be a rock star SS/F Have a process, and sell your process. Be able to say “no”. Learn your limits—bandwidth, client communication, etc. Beware of scope creep. Communicate clearly -- clients aren't psychic!