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Dac universal-by-nitram-dental-(english)


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DAC Universal

The DAC UNIVERSAL according to EN13060 the DAC UNIVERSAL is classified as a Class S autoclave for hand pieces, turbines and solid instruments which fit in the basket
The DAC UNIVERSAL Autoclave contains an absolute pressure sensor(i.e. the autoclave will adjust itself to differences in the surrounding pressure.)

 Cleaning, Lubrication & Sterilization of non-wrapped instruments(6 handpieces and turbines in just 16 minutes)
 Sterilization of wrapped instruments
 The DAC UNIVERSAL has following PROGRAMS
 Standard program134 °C, 3 min. sterilization Total cycle time: approx. 16 min.
 Standard gentle program 121 °C, 15 min. sterilization Total cycle time: approx. 24 min.
 Wrapped program 134 °C, ca. 3 min. sterilization Total cycle time: approx. 22 min.
 THE DAC UNIVERSAL has the adaptor for the hand pieces like KAVO,W&H,SIRONA,FONA, BienAir, Midwest, Lares Apollo, NSK, Morita etc
 The DAC UNIVERSAL have separate LID for wrapped instruments
 The DAC UNIVERSAL have separate BASKET for solid instruments
 The DAC UNIVERSAL follows the international standard for washer-disinfectors ISO 15883 and sterilization process of the unit should conforms to the European standard for small steam sterilizersEN 13060
 The DAC UNIVERSAL uses Power consumption: 1,100W (at 230V AC) & have Water tank capacity: 2.0 L with Oil bottle capacity: 0.2 L

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Dac universal-by-nitram-dental-(english)

  1. 1. 1NITRAM DENTAL DAC Universal by Nitram Dental
  2. 2. NITRAM DENTAL2 3NITRAM DENTAL Simple. Safe. Superior.
  3. 3. Simple, Safe and Superior Nitram Dental is a pioneer in the field of dental hygiene. Our technology ensures the highest level of hygiene using a minimum of resources, providing your clinic with a solid return on investment.
  4. 4. NITRAM DENTAL6 7NITRAM DENTAL A word from our PRESIDENT Patients’ safety is our vision Dentists worldwide are met by ever stricter guidelines, recommendations and standards. At the same time, patients expect full pro- tection against cross-contamination. There- fore, it is important that the dental clinic is equipped to face these challenges in the best and most efficient way. It is absolutely crucial that patients do not leave their den- tist with harmful bacteria and viruses that have been transmitted during the visit at the dental clinic. We are on a mission At Nitram Dental, we are constantly looking for better ways to improve dental procedures in the fight against the spread of disease. We know that even the smallest gaps in hygiene can have enormous consequences.We are only satisfied with a perfect patient safety record. This is why we are proud to offer you and your clinic the world’s safest and most cost-effective solutions for preventing cross- contamination. This is our mission. You can see the results With the DAC Universal combination autoclave from Nitram Dental, you are ensured simpler, safer and more sensible hygiene procedures in your clinic. In addition to improving your business, this means that your staff can spend time on patients rather than on maintaining instruments. You can quickly see the results in both time and money saved. A simple solution to a difficult challenge This brochure gives you an insight into why compromises and half-measures are never sufficient for Nitram Dental. It gives an answer to why the prevention of cross-contamination is one of the greatest challenges in modern dental clinics. It also gives an explanation of how a single product ensures that patient safety and business profits can form a suc- cessful synthesis. Happy reading! Jan Ellegaard President, Nitram Dental Preventing cross-contamination Cross-contamination is the passing of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, virus) and other harmful substances from one person to another. In dental environments, cross-contamination can occur as a result of non-sterile equipment and products or due to improper hygiene procedures. Understanding and practicing basic and simple procedures for the prevention of cross- contamination, such as proper cleaning and decontamination followed by sterilization in safe and validated procedures, must be considered as today’s most important issue in all health care settings.
  5. 5. NITRAM DENTAL8 9NITRAM DENTAL Nitram Dental manufactures state-of-the-art hygiene and infection control products for den- tal clinics worldwide. We are based in Aarhus, Denmark, and manufacture the DAC Univer- sal combination autoclave, which is specially developed for the handling of handpieces and turbines. Nitram Dental is the hygiene division of Sirona Dental Systems. Pioneers within dental hygiene Since launching the DAC Universal in 2004, Nitram Dental has been a pioneer in the production of combination autoclaves for dental clinics worldwide. This puts us in the lead in the fight against cross-contamination in dental environments. Proven technology It is crucial for us to provide innovative solutions that will ensure optimum hygiene as well as giving dentists a solid return on in- vestment. Therefore, during the development of the DAC Universal, we have been in close dialogue with dentists and dental hygiene experts. Our technology has been thoroughly and successfully tested by dentists, dental insti- tutions and universities worldwide. In recent years we have delivered more than 15,000 combination autoclaves to the dental industry and before delivery, every single product has undergone thorough testing in our manufac- turing facilities. Nitram Dental An innovative nature Our solution DAC Universal by Nitram Dental is the world’s leading combination autoclave. In one process lasting just 12 minutes, the DAC Universal provides internal and external clean- ing, lubrication and sterilization of up to six handpieces and turbines. This ensures optimal hygiene and less manual work in the clinic.
  6. 6. NITRAM DENTAL10 11NITRAM DENTAL Good ideas and simple solutions are often the best responses to demanding tasks. This is why Nitram Dental aims to solve the challenges within hygiene standards and procedures with simple, safe and superior technology. It is common sense. Simple Simple operation and a clean, minimalist design make DAC Universal an indispensable tool in the modern dental clinic. With just a single press ofthe button,cleaning,lubrication and sterilization of handpieces and turbines occur completely automatically – no manual work is required. This is our definition of first- class hygiene with a minimal use of resources. To learn more about DAC Universal and the prevention of cross-contamination in dental environments, simply visit our web site Safe DAC Universal is your guarantee that your patients encounter the best possible hygiene and safety during treatment at your clinic. Cleaning and sterilization of the instruments conform to strict norms and standards. The cleaning process is performed according to the international standard for washer-disin- fectors ISO 15883 and its efficacy is tested by several leading dental institutions and univer- sities. The sterilization process conforms to the European standard for small steam steri- lizers EN 13060. For your patients, this means they have the best possible protection against cross- contamination. For you, it means a healthy and safe business. And for Nitram Dental, it means we are successful in living up to our mission by providing you with the world’s safest and most cost-effective solution for preventing cross- contamination. Superior We want to develop the world’s best autoclave, and we will always base our solutions on indus- try knowledge, dialogue and insight in the lat- est research in hygiene. Bearing these ambi- tions in mind, we have made the DAC Universal superior in its functionality, economy, safety and design. The 100 per cent automated processes eli- minate the risk of manual errors and make the DAC Universal superior to traditional hygiene procedures. DAC Universal Simple, safe and superior
  7. 7. NITRAM DENTAL12 13NITRAM DENTAL At Nitram Dental, we monitor the lat- est hygiene research and developments meticulously. Close contact with profes- sionals worldwide, along with structured knowledge sharing, helps to prepare us for the fight against cross-contamination. We believe that the best way to create unique products is through professional knowledge and insight.Therefore, we take pride in keeping ourselves updated on all relevant news, publi- cations and studies within the field of dental hygiene – and share it with dentists worldwide. We listen to the experts By collaborating with renowned scientists, conducting studies and discussing the fore- most expertise within dental hygiene, we try to always keep one step ahead. In this way, we are well equipped to deal with the require- ments and standards in the dental clinics of the future. Always in the same direction Sharing knowledge among our employees en- sures that Nitram Dental moves in one con- sistent direction – always towards the best technologies that prevent cross-contamina- tion. Via ongoing dialogue with dentists, dental technicians and dental assistants worldwide, we keep a finger on the professional pulse, so our solutions can give you and your colleagues the best possible assistance in your work. Our philosophy Knowledgeandinsightarethe bestfoundations Stay updated Our web portal collects and disseminates interna- tional news, research and scientific articles within the field of hygiene. The aim is to keep you and other interested parties in the industry updated with useful knowledge. > Visit
  8. 8. The future of our business Modern dentists are skilled health care specialists and business- oriented leaders. At Nitram Dental, we are in the vanguard of helping dental clinics meet both current and future requirements.
  9. 9. NITRAM DENTAL16 17NITRAM DENTAL Modern dentistry New times, new demands In modern dental clinics, the staff’s atten- tion should not be on routine manual work. The DAC Universal makes the process of cleaning, lubricating and sterilizing hand- pieces and turbines fully automatic. The result is both time and money saved and levels of hygiene that belong among the medical elite. Dentistry is not what it used to be, as both dentists and technology are continuously developing. Modern dentists have to master both the professional and the business sides of running a dental clinic. While they are health care specialists, perform surgery, keep updat- ed on the latest knowledge in their field, they are also skilled, business-oriented leaders. We live up to the modern profile At Nitram Dental, we want to help all dentists to create clinics that live up to both the mod- ern profile and conform to the authorities’ hy- giene norms and standards. We want to be at the forefront in the fight against cross-con- tamination, helping dentists provide their pa- tients with the best possible care and safety. Focus on patients We also want to help dentists to run their busi- ness in the most efficient way. In modern clinics, all cleaning, lubrication and sterilizing processes occur completely automatically, so that both dentists and dental assistants can use their re- sources to provide the patients with the best service and treatment. Designed to benefit We have developed DAC Universal to match the hygiene and business requirements that modern dentists encounter. When cleaning, lubricating and sterilizing are carried out in one single automated process, it frees more hands for the patients. At the same time, DAC Universal ensures that the clinic’s instruments last longer and the oil expenses are reduced by up to 80 per cent – all to the benefit of the modern dentist’s work and business.
  10. 10. NITRAM DENTAL18 19NITRAM DENTAL Showing the way forward Jesper Hatt from Skagen Dental Clinic is the first Danish dentist who has taken a complete training module at the renowned Pankey Institute in Florida. He carries on the American in-service training at his clinic in Denmark, where he has up to 15 Danish and international dentists on a course at a time. Patient safety, bottom line and brand- ing are key words in the modern Skagen Dental Clinic. And the DAC Universal is an importantcontributortothehigherhygiene requirements and increased earnings. The dentists, Helle and Jesper Hatt, know that it pays to give their patients the best possible experience in the couple’s ultra- modern Skagen Dental Clinic, located on the northernmost point of Denmark. “Good hygiene should be mandatory. When all the processes in the clinic are in order, the patients experience greater safety. It gives the business a better reputation and is impor- tant for the positive branding of the dental profession”, says Jesper Hatt. Highest possible standard While Jesper Hatt has been teaching at the dental school, Helle has specialized in implant surgery through an international diploma course. “Surgical operations place an additional demand on hygiene and we transfer these high standards to as many of our other treatment types as possible, says Helle Hatt.” “We want an exceptional clinic that provides first-class dental work. We also expect that the hygiene requirements and documentation in the industry will be tightened in the future, which is perfectly reasonable”, she adds. A well-run business Since 2008, the DAC Universal has been an important tool in this modern clinic. It is not only important for hygiene, but also for the clinic’s resources and bottom line. “The DAC Universal conveniently cleans, lubri- cates and sterilizes the instruments between patients. The entire process is done quickly, so we need fewer handpieces and turbines.At the same time, we avoid mess with oil and do not have to waste time by cleaning one instrument at a time”, says Jesper Hatt and continues: “We have invested a great deal of money in creating our dream clinic, so to survive we must have a well-run business.” Meeta modern dentist Hygiene in a first-class CLINIC
  11. 11. Risk assessment People travel–and so do infectious diseases and other devastating microbiological capabilities. Proper cleaning is the most efficient way to prevent cross-contamination in the dental clinic.
  12. 12. NITRAM DENTAL22 23NITRAM DENTAL Hepatitis B VIRUS Hepatitis B virus is one of the world’s most common and serious infection diseases. It is estimated that more than one third of the world’s population has been infected with the virus. Hepatitis B virus infections cause more than 1 million deaths every year. Source: WHO Handpieces and turbines are dentistry’s most difficult instruments to clean be- cause these hollow instruments feature a sophisticated inner mechanical construc- tion, internal cavities as well as long and narrow channels (tubes) for air and water. Handpieces and turbines are also delicate surgical instruments–proper care must be taken not only due to the risks for of cross- contamination but also to maintain optimal function and longevity. Proper decontamination is needed It is extremely important to decontaminate your instruments properly, not only by steril- ization, but also by first washing them thor- oughly, both externally and internally. If the rotating instruments are not properly cleaned before sterilization, the biological remnants on all inner surfaces will become charred – with a devastating effect on functionality, and en- capsulating infectious material. Did you miss a spot? As described by Dr. D.L. Lewis and Dr. R.K. Boe in 1992: if internal lumens and crevices are not ultra-clean, the sterilization process will only result in surface-sterilized aggregates. When these aggregates are broken apart by the moving parts of rotating dental instru- ments, their viable interiors could be liberated (ref: Lewis D.L:, Boe R.K. J Clin Microbiol 1992(30) Febr 2: 401-406). In the same article,Lewis and Boe compare the dosage of biological material released from dental turbines and handpieces while doing a minor dental restoration with the equal risk of unprotected oral intercourse. Similarly, they compare larger dental preparations involving minor marginal gingival injuries with multiple 20-gauge-needle percutaneous penetrations involving previously used needles. The cutting rotation forces and high-pressure flow of wa- ter from handpieces and turbines will have the same effect. Bioburden Why cleaning beats sterilization
  13. 13. NITRAM DENTAL 2524 NITRAM DENTAL HIV VIRUS So far about 60 million people are infected with HIV virus. 33.4 million people carry the virus in themselves. Around 25 million people have died of aids. Source: WHO croorganisms that form part of the normal flora can cause problems. When found in den- tal instruments, for instance, they can carry the genetic material of antibiotic resistance. Sterile doesn’t mean clean Bacteria do not cause infection by just being there. They produce enzymes (toxins) that will break down tissue. A sterile instrument might be free from living microorganisms. But if it is improperly cleaned, it can be filled with poison- ous toxins that can cause strong inflammatory reactions in patients or dental staff. When bacteria disintegrate after having been killed, all toxins in their interior will be released into their surroundings. Sterilization of a large bacterial burden can therefore mean an in- creased risk. This is the main reason why in- struments have to be thoroughly cleaned be- fore they are sterilized. Don’t hand-wash your instruments Even the most thorough hand-washing of instruments – performed by the most dili- gent dental assistant – can be insufficient and damaging to your health. This is because blood, saliva and other biological material can hide inside the rotating instruments and cre- ate biofilm, which makes the bacteria almost impossible to destroy. This means the possibility of cross-contami- nation remains intact and the patients’ health is at risk. Hand-washing in stagnant water will actually result in higher microbial burden on instruments after the washing procedure than before. Dr. Zimmerman on bioburden According to associate professor Dr. Mikael Zimmerman from Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, the fight against biobur- den – and especially bacterial biofilm – is the most important factor if you wish to avoid cross-contamination in your dental clinic. Bioburden refers to all organic and inorganic remnants, including the numerous infectious organisms and bacterial biofilms found on the surface of – or inside – dental instruments before cleaning and decontamination, disin- fection and sterilization. The larger the bio- burden, the harder the object is to sterilize. Make the cleaning automatic According to Dr. Zimmerman, automated washing processes in validated machines are the safest and most reliable way to clean and decontaminate your instruments. This is also recommended by the guidelines DGKH and RKI in Germany and the HTM01-05 in England. The boundaries are broken Thanks to today’s extensive international con- tacts, infectious diseases and antimicrobial re- sistance (antibiotic resistance) spread quickly to parts of the world where they were once scarce. People travel–and so do infectious diseases and other devastating microbiological capabilities. Every second, 25 people cross a national border. This is the equivalent of about 1 billion interna- tional travellers annually, not to mention the movement of all industrial products and food supplies. The increased globalization places new de- mands at individual levels – to think globally and act locally. Virus and the global man With the body as a method of transport, we humans bring viruses and resistant bacteria to the places we visit and we take new ones back home with us. Among the known killers are HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tuberculo- sis, swine flu, MRSA, antimicrobial resistance, etc., which are spread directly or indirectly and mostly by blood, saliva and body secretions. But these harmful microorganisms are not the only ones to cause damage. Even the mi-
  14. 14. Risk management Handpieces and turbines are the two most dangerous sources of infection in any dental clinic. Blood and secretions from patients can hide in their internal lumens and cavities. This is why hygiene should always be a top priority, when handling these rotating instruments.
  15. 15. NITRAM DENTAL28 29NITRAM DENTAL Hepatitis C VIRUS About 3 % of the world’s population has been infected with Hepatitis C virus. There are more than 170 million chronic carriers who are at risk of developing liver cirrhosis and/or liver cancer. Source: WHO Handpieces and turbines that are in contact with the patient’s mucous membrane and body fluids may represent a high risk of cross- contamination for both patients and staff. The reason is that these rotating instruments have internal lumens and cavities where bac- teria and viruses can hide during cleaning. Air and water supply The air and water channels in rotating instru- ments are easy targets for contamination in the form of saliva or possible blood resi- due from the patient’s mouth. Hand- pieces and turbines can suck these flu- ids into its internal channels via the re-suction and capillary action effect that occurs when the instrument stops. Microorganisms in the channels can be traced even after proper sterilization of the rotat- ing instruments if they have not been properly cleaned prior to sterilization. Pathways of infection Hidden dangers in the dental clinic
  16. 16. NITRAM DENTAL30 31NITRAM DENTAL Tuberculosis About one third of the world’s population is infected with tuberculosis germs–one new infection per second. Tuberculosis is a world leader in the statistics of fatal infectious diseases. Source: WHO Microbiology Bacteria and viruses in the oral cavity Bacteria play an important role in the oral cavity, both as a part of the normal flora and as disease-causing agents. Under unfavour- able conditions, some bacteria form endo- spores by enveloping themselves in a capsule that is highly resistant to dehydration, acids and heat – including boiling for several hours. Disinfection doesn’t kill endospores The purpose of sterilization is to destroy all microbial life, including large numbers of highly resistant bacterial endospores. Disinfection eliminates virtually all recognized pathogenic microorganisms but not necessarily bacterial endospores. This means that disinfection pro- cesses lack the margin of safety provided by sterilization procedures. The trouble with toxins To survive and multiply, bacteria absorb sub- stances from their surroundings, forming enzymes and toxins. These enzymes are ex- creted into the environment to break down the surrounding tissue into small molecules, which are then absorbed by the cell. Toxins reduce the body’s defence against infections and help spread disease-causing bacteria. An instrument that has been sterilized but not sufficiently cleaned may be free of living mi- croorganisms but smeared with toxins, which can result in acute inflammatory reactions in the body. Fight the resistance Bacteria can also produce enzymes or genes that carry antibiotic resistance – these sub- stances can be released into the surround- ings and picked up by other bacteria. ESBL (Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase resis- tance gene) is a newly recognized and severe problem in health care. In the summer of 2010, the world received news about the antibiotic resistance gene NDM-1 (New Delhi Metallo Beta-Lactamase 1) which even further re- duces our possibilities for treating bacterial infections. Antibiotic resistance is a far larger problem than the environmental carbon dioxide issue and global warming! This has also been iden- tified as one of the top-priority international issues by both the EU and the USA. Viruses are heat-sensitive, but … Viruses comprise a separate group within micro- biology because they do not have an independent metabolism and cannot replicate independently. In contrast to bacteria, viruses interfere with the metabolism of the host cells and use these to rep- licate (e.g. HIV). Most viruses are heat-sensitive. Several types lose their ability to cause disease if they are heated to temperatures in excess of 60°C for 30 minutes. An exception is the hepatitis B virus, which can tolerate temperatures between 90°C and 100°C for short periods. Biofilm–a hard nut to crack Certain bacteria can form biofilm, known in the oral cavity as dental plaque. The bacterial colony with- in biofilm has a very high resistance to chemicals and antibiotics, as well as to pH and temperature variations. Biofilms have been found to be involved in a wide variety of microbial infections in the body. Biofilms can also be found on dental instruments, and must be removed via thorough cleaning proce- dures prior to sterilization.
  17. 17. The DAC Universal DAC Universal cleans, lubricates and sterilizes six handpieces and turbines in just 12 minutes. This gets rid of even the most resistant bacteria–and the fully automated process will save you both time and money.
  18. 18. NITRAM DENTAL 3534 NITRAM DENTAL You care for your patients.We know.That’s why the combination autoclave DAC Universal from Nitram Dental is an indispensable tool in your clinic. The DAC Universal is able to clean, lubri- cate and sterilize your handpieces and tur- bines in only 12 minutes. A cleaning effect of 99.979 per cent provides the best possibilities for ensuring a successful posterior steriliza- tion - fighting the risk ofcross-contamination. Killing the resistant bacteria A thorough initial cleaning of both the internal channels and all the external parts is essen- tial for successful sterilization. With the DAC Universal, the cleaning can access the rotat- ing instruments’ internal lumen and cavities, where manual processes often have to give up. During the sterilization, water-saturated steam reaches a temperature of 134°C over a period of three minutes. This kills even the most resistant bacteria and viruses, and elimi- nates the risk of cross-contamination when instruments are used on the next patient. A thorough and extremely safe killer DAC Universal easily conforms to the require- ments of the European standard for small steam sterilizers EN 13060. This standard defines sterility as SAL 10-6 (Sterility Assur- ance Level), which is commonly interpreted as “in one million sterilized items, there must not be more than one microorganism”. In reality, SAL 10-6 is a term defining how long it takes for a sterilization process to kill one million (106 ) endospores forming bacteria on an item and then theoretically calculating twice that time, which will let the process reach SAL 10-6 . This stringent requirement leaves a consid- erable safety margin. The DAC Universal is so thorough that the process reaches a value corresponding to 10-29 . The combination autoclave A life-saving device Clean The unique cleaning program of the DAC Universal ensures the highest level of instrument hygiene. The cleaning process is performed according to the international standard for washer-disinfectors ISO 15883 and its efficacy is tested by several leading dental institutions and universities. Lubricate Proper maintenance helps to extend the lifetime of rotating instruments. The lubrication system of the DAC Universal is tested and approved by leading international manufacturers of handpieces and turbines. Sterilize The sterilization process of the DAC Universal conforms to the European standard for small steam sterilizers EN 13060. Moreover, its efficacy is validated according to the international standard ISO 17665, which describes the requirements for validation and routine control of sterilization processes for medical devices.
  19. 19. NITRAM DENTAL36 37NITRAM DENTAL DAC Universal • Cleans, lubricates and sterilizes six handpieces and turbines in 12 minutes • Ensures the highest level of hygiene in your clinic • Eliminates the risk of incorrect handling during preparation and maintenance of instruments • Ensures optimum maintenance of handpieces and turbines • Helps transfer resources from manual routine work to patient service • Continuously ensures correctly dosed lubrication
  20. 20. NITRAM DENTAL38 39NITRAM DENTAL INTERNAl cleaning LUBRICATION EXTERNAL CLEANING STERILIZATION Step 3 Lubrication: The drive channels are lubricated Step 4 External cleaning: The instruments are cleaned with pulse wash Step 5 Hot wash: Steam at 107°C Step 6 Heating procedure: To 134°C Step 7 Back flush: Saturated steam is forced through the instruments Step 8 Sterilization: 3 minutes at 134°C Step 9 Back flush Step 10 Drying Step 11 Lid opens slightly Step 12 Lid opens opens completely when pressing the “C” button Step 1 Leak test Step 2 Internal cleaning: The internal channels are flushed with water The Technology THEFULLYAUTOMATED PROCESS The DAC Universal cleans, lubricates and sterilizes up to six handpieces and tur- bines in a fully automated process in just 12 minutes. All you need to do is to place the instruments on the lid and press the start button. It doesn’t get much simpler, clean- er and safer than this. Furthermore, DAC Universal offers a special program that steri- lizes up to three wrapped instruments.
  21. 21. NITRAM DENTAL40 41NITRAM DENTAL DAC UNIVERSAL The DAC Universal helps you to turn good hygiene into a profitable bottom line. You get a number of financial advantages, which strengthen your business. Instruments last longer Proper maintenance is required to ensure a longer life for any item of dental equipment. This is extremely relevant regarding your handpieces and turbines. The DAC Universal always ensures perfect cleaning and lubri- cates the rotating instruments with exactly the required amount of oil. The lubrication system of the DAC Universal is tested and approved by leading international manufac- turers of handpieces and turbines. Saving staff time Thorough manual cleaning, lubrication and sterilization are time-consuming processes. With the DAC Universal, however, this all takes place automatically. The time saved can be used on other patient-related tasks, which ensures improved service for your patients. Reducing oil costs Manual lubrication of handpieces and turbines is often associated with excessively large oil waste. With the DAC Universal, however, lubrication occurs as an integral part of the fully automated process. This means that the instruments are always lubricated and get exactly the required oil dosage. The precise dosage means you save up to 80 per cent of your normal oil consumption. Return on investment Turning hygiene costs into profit The profit At, you can enter the information from your clinic and see how good a business DAC Universal could be for you. (* Price example. Recommended retail price; 2011, Germany) Calculation basis Cost per month 1 dentist, 20 patients/day, 3 instruments/patient, 200 workdays/year = 12,000 instruments/year Work hours (1,000 instrument preparations) Staff cost per month € 2,500 (€ 15/ hr.) Oil consumption 150 instr. per spray bottle (€ 25.00 each) / 1,500 instr. per NitramOil bottle (€ 60.90) Total Savings per month Your investment Amortization within Approx. 1,000 instruments 41.6 hrs. 2.5 min per instr. € 624 € 167 € 791 8.3 hrs. 0.5 min per instr. € 125 € 41 € 166 € 625 € 6,520* 11 months Manual preparation
  22. 22. NITRAM DENTAL42 43NITRAM DENTAL What do the users say about the DAC Universal? A faithful partner Dental Assistant, Radmila Sandu Malmö, Sweden For more than seven years, dental assis- tant Radmila Sandu has worked for dentist Stefan Hagstam in Malmö, Sweden. She has used the DAC Universal in all those years, which has saved her plenty of manual work re- lated to the preparation and maintenance of handpieces and turbines. “Before the DAC Universal, I can easily imag- ine that they used to spend a lot of time on manual cleaning, if the instruments first had to be run through a washing machine and then moved to an autoclave to be sterilized. None of that is now necessary with the DAC Universal. It does it all in one go”, says Radmila. More hands, less stress The extra time that Radmila gains by using the DAC Universal is used to assist in other areas in the clinic, as required. “With the DAC Universal, I have extra time to assist the dentist and help the patients, so they feel they receive the best possible ser- vice. It also means that we rarely experience stress here at the clinic”, says Radmila, who thinks that the DAC Universal has been a good and faithful partner over the years.
  23. 23. NITRAM DENTAL44 45NITRAM DENTAL The best choice Dentist Christian Bodart Béziers, France Dentist Dr. Christian Bodart is very pleased that he has chosen the DAC Universal for his clinic in the French town of Béziers – both for health and business reasons. “The advantage of the DAC Universal is the guarantee of the complete process of clean- ing, lubricating and sterilizing of our instru- ments between each patient”, says Dr. Chris- tian Bodart and continues: “Saving time enables us to release the assis- tant for other tasks helping at the chair, or administrative tasks. My associate and I are sure that we have made the best choice for our dental clinic.”
  24. 24. NITRAM DENTAL46 47NITRAM DENTAL Axel Posorski Hamburg, Germany With three assistants and three units in his clinic, Dr. Axel Posorski runs a very modern and busy practice in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. Prior to incorporating the DAC Universal in the clinic’s workflow, the hygiene procedure consisted of cleaning and lubrica- tion in one machine, followed by autoclaving in another. “This semi-manual process left a lot to be desired in terms of both cleaning and handling. With a full timetable of clients, the hygiene procedure was simply too time-consuming”, says Dr. Axel Posorski. Small is good The staff do not only save time with the DAC Universal. Dr. Axel Posorski and his team get a better result and are able to spend more time with their patients. Another important aspect is the size of the DAC Universal. Dr. Axel Posorski explains: “The DAC Universal only requires minimal space, reducing the pressure in the steriliza- tion room. I recommend the DAC Universal if you want a reliable hygiene solution and also need additional space in your clinic.” A reliable hygiene solution
  25. 25. NITRAM DENTAL48 49NITRAM DENTAL At this very moment, a freshly produced DAC Universal is being tested at our produc- tion facilities in Aarhus, Denmark. The DAC Universal is build according to the European standard for small steam sterilizers EN 13060. Before leaving Nitram Dental, all machines are individually tested and the specific works- test document is enclosed with the machine. Every day, we make sure that everything works properly. That’s how we continue to devel- op. And that’s why a DAC Universal won’t let you down. DEVELOPMENT The secret is testing
  26. 26. NITRAM DENTAL50 51NITRAM DENTAL Specifications • Water quality: Demineralised or distilled water below 3 µS. • Power consumption: 1100W. (at 230V AC) • Water tank capacity: 2.0 L. • Oil bottle capacity: 0.2 L. • Width of machine: 36 cm. • Depth of machine: 37 cm. • Total height of machine (open): 60 cm. • Total height of machine (closed): 35 cm. • Mains supply: 90-120V AC. / 190-240V AC. Installation - the following installations are necessary • Pressurized air • Drain • Electricity Programs • 134 °C, 3 min. sterilization (standard program. Total cycle time: 12 min.) • 134 °C, 3 min. sterilization (wrapped program. Total cycle time: 22 min.) • 121 °C, 15 min sterilization (gentle program. Total cycle time: 24 min.) • 134 °C, 18 min. sterilization (standard program. Total cycle time: 27 min.) TECHNICAL INFO Check out the details Smart design You won’t even notice it. The DAC Universal is designed to fit naturally into all dental clinics. In its development, our engineers sought to create a machine that is easy to handle and makes as few demands as possible on the clinic’s interior. Made to fit in Small: The machine has a small footprint so it does not take up unnecessary space. This makes it ideal for even small clinics. Light Requires only one technician for moving, which reduces your handling costs. Quiet No annoying humming sounds. You and your colleagues can enjoy a pleasant working environment. Closed oil system There is no need for extraction. This saves costs and ensures a healthy indoor environment in the clinic.
  27. 27. NITRAM DENTAL52 53NITRAM DENTAL NitraDem Direct Connect A modern water treatment system that provides your DAC Universal and other autoclaves with demineralised water so you do not have to manually refill them. Up to three autoclaves can be connected at the same time. NitraDem Direct Connect complies with European standard EN 1717, created to prevent the backflow of water into the public water system. NitraDem E/A A user-friendly water treatment system that, like NitraDem Direct Connect, provides demineralised water. NitraDem E/A is designed for manual refilling of DAC Universal and other autoclaves in your clinic. Holder for indicator Holder for chemical and biological indicators used for routine control of the sterilization process in the DAC Universal. Spore tester Process Challenge Device (PCD) that simulates a hollow instrument. Chemical and biological indicators can be loaded into the device for routine control of the internal sterilization process of the instruments. NitraClean Removes oil residue from your DAC Universal and can be used in a standard cycle. Printer Prints out measurements of pressure and temperature from each cycle to provide documentation that the relevant parameters are met. Data logger USB storage of measurements of pressure and temperature from each cycle to provide documentation that the relevant parameters are met. Drain tank For waste water if you have not connected your DAC Universal directly to the drain. Accessories Get the most out of your DAC Universal Extra lid After the cycle has finished, the lid and the instruments may still be warm. With an extra lid, you can start a new cycle straight away to optimize your workflow. Adapters Nitram Dental offers the market’s widest selection of specially de- veloped adapters to match exactly the type of rotating instruments in your clinic. Please visit nitram- to see the full adapter range. Lid for wrapped instruments Designed to handle up to three wrapped instruments at the same time. The lid enables you to have wrapped instruments sterilized fast and efficiently. This provides extra flexibility to your workflow, when your other autoclave is not available. Basket for solid instruments With the additional basket for DAC Universal, solid instruments are easily cleaned and sterilized quickly and fully automatically. Lid holder Ensures ergonomically improved working procedures when many instruments have to be handled during the day. Can be placed on the table or mounted on the wall. See more accessories at
  29. 29. NITRAM DENTAL56 NITRAM DENTAL A/S Sindalsvej 36 DK-8240 Risskov Phone: +45 87 43 90 60 Fax: +45 87 43 90 61