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  1. 1. Appendix G. Healthy People Consortium Academy of General Dentistry American Association of Certified Aerobics and Fitness Association of Orthopedists America American Association of Colleges of Alcohol and Drug Problems Association Nursing Alexander Graham Bell Association for the American Association of Colleges of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Osteopathic Medicine Alliance for Aging Research American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Alliance for Health American Association of Colleges for African-American Calworks Coalition Teacher Education Amateur Athletic Union American Association of Dental Schools American Academy of Audiology American Association of Family and American Academy of Child and Adolescent Consumer Services Psychiatry American Association of Health Plans American Academy of Family Physicians American Association of Homes for the American Academy of Nursing Aging American Academy of Nurse Practitioners American Association of Occupational American Academy of Ophthalmology Health Nurses American Academy of Optometry American Association of Pathologists’ Assistants American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons American Association of Public Health Dentistry American Academy of Otolaryngology– Head and Neck Surgery American Association of Public Health Physicians American Academy of Pain Management American Association of Retired Persons American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry American Association of School American Academy of Pediatrics Administrators American Academy of Physical Medicine American Association of Suicidiology and Rehabilitation American Association of University American Academy of Physician Assistants Affiliated Programs for Persons with American Alliance for Health, Physical Developmental Disabilities Education, and Dance American Association on Health and American Art Therapy Association Disability American Association for Clinical American Association on Mental Chemistry Retardation American Association for Dental Research American Cancer Society American Association for Health Education American College Health Association American Association for Marriage and American College of Acupuncture Family Therapy American College of Cardiology American Association for Respiratory Care American College of Clinical Pharmacy American Association for the Advancement American College of Emergency Physicians of Science American College of Gastroenterology American Association for World Health American College of Health Care Administrators
  2. 2. American College of Health Care Executives Page G-2 Healthy People 2010
  3. 3. American College of Nurse-Midwives American Orthopaedic Society for Sports American College of Nutrition Medicine American College of Obstetricians and American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Gynecologists Medicine American College of Occupational and American Osteopathic Association Environmental Medicine American Osteopathic Healthcare American College of Physicians Association American College of Preventive Medicine American Pharmaceutical Association American College of Radiology American Physical Therapy Association American College of Sports and Medicine American Podiatric Medical Association American Correctional Health Services American Psychological Association Association American Psychiatric Association American Council on Alcoholism American Psychiatric Nurses Association American Council on Exercise American Public Health Association American Counseling Association American Red Cross American Dental Association American Rehabilitation Counseling American Dental Hygienists’ Association Association American Diabetes Association American Running and Fitness Association American Dietetic Association American School Food Service Association American Disability Prevention and American School Health Association Wellness Association American Social Health Association American Federation of Teachers American Society for Clinical Nutrition American Geriatrics Society American Society for Gastrointestinal American Health Lawyers Association Endoscopy American Health Quality Association American Society for Microbiology American Heart Association American Society for Nutritional Sciences American Highway Users Alliance American Society for Parental and Enteral Nutrition American Hospital Association American Society for Pharmacology and American Indian Health Care Association Experimental Therapeutics American Institute for Preventive Medicine American Society of Addiction Medicine American Kinesiotherapy, Inc. American Society of Consultant Pharmacists American Liver Association American Society of Health System American Lung Association Pharmacists American Meat Institute American Society of Human Genetics American Medical Association American Speech-Language-Hearing American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association Association American Spinal Injury Foundation American Medical Student Association American Statistical Association American Music Therapy Association American Thoracic Society American Nurses Association American Trauma Society American Obesity Association American Veterinary Medical Association American Occupational Therapy Aquatic Exercise Association Association Arthritis Foundation American Optometric Association Page G-3 Healthy People 2010
  4. 4. Asian and Pacific Islander American Health Association of State and Territorial Health Forum Officials Asociacion Nacional Pro Personas Mayores Association of State and Territorial Public Association for Applied Psychophysiology Health Laboratory Directors and Biofeedback Association of State and Territorial Public Association for Education and Health Nutrition Directors Rehabilitation Association of State and Territorial Public Association for Hospital Medical Education Health Social Workers Association for Professionals in Infection Association of Teachers of Preventive Control and Epidemiology Medicine Association for the Advancement of Association of Technical Personnel in Automotive Medicine Ophthalmology Association for the Care of Children’s Association of Women's Health, Obstetric, Health and Neonatal Nurses Association for Vital Records and Health Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America Promotion Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Association for Worksite Health Promotion Boy Scouts of America Association of Academic Health Centers Brain Injury Association Association of American Indian Physicians Camp Fire Boys and Girls Association of American Medical Colleges Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Association of Asian Pacific Community Cardiovascular Credentialing International Health Organizations Catholic Health Association of the United Association of Clinical Scientists States Association of Community Health Nursing Center for Science in the Public Interest Educators Center to Prevent Handgun Violence Association of Food and Drug Officials Coalition for Consumer Health and Safety Association of Maternal and Child Health Coalition for Healthier Cities and Programs Communities Association of Occupational and College of American Pathologists Environmental Clinics Consortium of Social Science Associations Association of Pediatric Oncology Nurses Consumer Federation of America Association of Public Health Laboratories Contact Lens Manufacturers Association Association of Rehabilitation Nurses Council for Responsible Nutrition Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry Council of Citizens with Low Vision International Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions Council of Medical Specialty Societies Association of Schools of Public Health Council of Regional Networks for Genetic Services Association of State and Territorial Chronic Disease Program Directors Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors Council of the Great City Schools Association of State and Territorial Emergency Nurses Association Directors of Health Promotion and Public Employee Assistance Professional Health Education Association Association of State and Territorial Environmental Council of the States Directors of Nursing Eye Bank Association of America
  5. 5. Farm Safety 4 Just Kids Medical Library Association Federation of American Societies for Men’s Health Network Experimental Biology Midwives Alliance of North America Federation of Behavioral, Psychological, Migrant Clinicians Network and Cognitive Sciences Mothers Against Drunk Driving Food Marketing Institute NARAL—Reproductive Freedom and Future Homemakers of America Choice Gay and Lesbian Medical Association National Academy of Opticianry General Federation of Women's Clubs National AIDS Fund Gerontological Society of America National Alliance for the Mentally Ill Girl Scouts of the United States of America National Alliance of Black School Educators Global Health Council National Alliance of Nurse Practitioners Grocery Manufacturers of America National Alliance of Senior Citizens Health Industry Manufacturers Association National Asian Pacific American Families Health Insurance Association of America Against Substance Abuse Health Ministers Association National Asian Women’s Health Health Science Communications Organization Association National Association for Family and Healthier People Network Community Education Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies National Association for Healthcare Quality HIV Prevention Education Project National Association for Home Care Hope Worldwide National Association for Human Development Institute of Food Technologists National Association for Parents of Children International Association for Dental with Visual Impairments Research National Association for Public Employee International Health, Racquet, and Sports Wellness Association National Association for Public Health International Hearing Society National Association for Public Health International Lactation Consultant Statistics and Information Systems Association National Association for Public Worksite International Life Sciences Institute Health Promotion International Patient Education Council National Association for Sport and Physical La Leche League International Education Lamaze International National Association for the Visually League for the Hard of Hearing Handicapped Learning Disabilities Association of National Association of Biology Teachers America National Association of Childbearing Lighthouse International Centers Lions Club International National Association of Children's Hospitals and Related Institutions Living with Lupus National Association of Community Health Low Vision Council Centers Macular Degeneration Partnership National Association of Counties March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation National Association of County and City Maternity Center Association Health Officials Appendix G Page G-5
  6. 6. National Association of Elementary School National Consumers League Principals National Council for Adoption National Association of Governor’s National Council for the Education of Councils on Physical Fitness and Sports Health Professionals in Health Promotion National Association of Local Boards of National Council of La Raza Health National Council on Alcoholism and Drug National Association of Music Therapy Dependence National Association of Neonatal Nurses National Council on Community Hospitals National Association of Neighborhoods National Council on Health Laboratory National Association of Optometrists and Services Optiticians National Council on Patient Information and National Association of Pediatric Nurse Education Associates and Practitioners National Council on Safe-Help and Public National Association of Physical Activity Health and Health Promotion National Council on the Aging National Association of Rehabilitation National Dairy Council Facilities National Education Association National Association of Retail Druggists National Environmental Health Association National Association of School Nurses National Family Planning and Reproductive National Association of School Health Association Psychologists National Federation for Specialty Nursing National Association of Secondary School Organizations Principals National Federation of State High School National Association of Social Workers Associations National Association of State Alcohol and National Food Processors Association Drug Abuse Directors National 4-H Council National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors National Head Injury Foundation National Association of State Network National Health Council Program Coordinators National Health Lawyers Association National Association of State School Nurse National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Consultants Coalition National Association of Vision Professionals National Hispanic Council on Aging National Athletic Trainers’ Association National Hispanic Medical Association National Black Nurses Association National Hispanic Nurses Association National Black Women’s Health Project National Inhalant Prevention Coalition National Board of Medical Examiners National Institute for Fitness and Sports National Center for Health Education National Institute on Managed Care National Civic League National Kidney Foundation National Coalition Against Sexual Assault National League for Nursing National Commission Against Drunk National League of Cities Driving National Lesbian and Gay Health National Committee to Prevent Child Abuse Association National Community Pharmacists National Medical Association Association National Mental Health Association National Conference of State Legislatures National Middle School Association
  7. 7. National Minority AIDS Council Produce for Better Health Foundation National Minority Health Association Produce Marketing Association National Nurses Society on Addictions Public Health Institute National Optometric Association Road Runners Club of America National Organization for Women Salt Institute National Organization of Mothers of Twins Salvation Army Club Sexuality Information and Education National Organization on Adolescent Council of United States Pregnancy, Parenting, and Prevention Shape Up America! National Osteoporosis Foundation Society for Academic Emergency Medicine National Pediculosis Association Society for Adolescent Medicine National Peer Helpers Association Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of National Pest Control Association America National PTA Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market National Recreation and Park Association Development National SAFE KIDS Campaign Society for Nutrition Education National Safety Council Society for Public Health Education National School Boards Association Society for the Advancement of Women’s Health Research National Society of Allied Health Society of Behavioral Medicine National Strength and Conditioning Association Society of General Internal Medicine National Stroke Association Society of Prospective Medicine National Wellness Institute Society of State Directors of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation National Women's Health Network Spina Bifida Association of America Network of Employers for Traffic Safety State Family Planning Administrators North American Association for the Study of Obesity Stop Teenage Addiction to Tobacco Nursing Network on Violence Against Student Athletic Trainers’ Association Women Sugar Association Oncology Nursing Society Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS) Club Opticians Association of America The Arc, a National Organization on Mental Oral Health America Retardation Pan American Health Organization The Federation of Behavioral, Psychological, and Cognitive Sciences Partnership for Prevention The National Alliance for Hispanic Health People’s Medical Society Unitarian Universalist, Seventh Principle Pharmaceutical Researchers and Project Manufacturers of America United Methodist Association of Health and Physicians for a Violence-Free Society Welfare Ministries Planned Parenthood Federation of America United States Eye Injury Registry Poison Prevention Week Council United Way of America Population Association of America U.S. Chamber of Commerce Prevent Blindness America U.S. Conference of Mayors Prevention of Blindness Society of the Visiting Nurse Association of America Metropolitan Area Voluntary Hospital Association of America Appendix G Page G-7
  8. 8. Washington Business Group on Health Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nurses Western Consortium for Public Health Society Wellness Councils of America YMCA of the USA Women’s Sports Foundation YWCA of the USA