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Volunteer Training Power Point


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Volunteer Training Power Point

  1. 2. Program Co-Chairs » David Brother, DMD » Timothy Hempton, DDS » Ray Martin, DDS » Lisa Vouras, DMD Introductions
  2. 3. Nathan Birnbaum, DDS Barry Brodil, DDS Richard Brough, CDT Victoria Carr, CDA James Cinamon, DMD Jean Connor, RDH Sandra Cove, DMD William Dennis, DDS Debbie Eisen, DMD Jo Ann Foley, DDS Francesca Fusaro, RDH Ellen Gambardella, CDA Mary Jane Hanlon, DMD Paul Hubley, DMD Rita Johnson, RDH Ashim Kapur, DDS Justine Kelley, DMD Samantha King, DMD Frances McCarthy, DMD Mark Mizner, DMD Janis Moriarty, DMD Catherine Moshirfar, DMD Robin Murch, RDH Joseph Nelson, DMD Maria Noversa, CDA Kevin Perruzzi, DDS John Pietrasik, DDS Alfred Pooler, CDT Thomas Puschak, DMD Karen Roche, RDH Norman Rogers, DDS Lynne Rosenbloom, CDA Michael Szarek, DMD Lakshmi Thalanki, DMD Karl-Martin Wiklund, DMD Program Committee
  3. 4. Dorrey Powers Director, Continuing Education Alicia Wright Coordinator, Allied Scientific Program Amy Jordan Coordinator, Scientific Program Tammy Putney Volunteer Coordinator Lisa Davis Meetings Assistant MDS Staff
  4. 5. NEW this Year! For the first time ever at Yankee, there will be live dentistry instruction and classrooms on the exhibit floor. LIVE DENTISTRY There will be 5 live dentistry workshops during which skilled instructors will demonstrate procedures on live patients. A checklist of PC/RC responsibilities will be posted in the back of every classroom. Please refer to the list to make sure everything has been completed. CHECKLIST There will be 6 exhibit floor classrooms with courses offered in the morning and afternoon everyday. Tickets to the courses will be sold at a significantly reduced rate. CE on the exhibit floor will run just like normal courses. Crowd control will be very important. We want the attendees to get the full experience of the lectures and hands-on courses. EXHIBIT FLOOR CLASSROOMS » » » »
  5. 6. Presiding Chair Responsibilities PRE-MEETING Pre-Register Contact Speaker Contact RC Prepare Intro » » » »
  6. 7. Presiding Chair Responsibilities ON - SITE Bring Orientation Packet Pick up PC Packet @ the BCEC North Lobby, Clinicians Desk 1 Hour Before Course (By Course Code Number) PACKET CONTENTS: Lunch Ticket Speaker Certificate (Given at Speaker’s last Lecture/Course) Free Course List, Problem Solving Card Room Evaluation Form CEU Course Code Laser Pointers » » » » » » » »
  7. 8. BCEC: North Lobby
  8. 9. Presiding Chair Responsibilities ON – SITE (continued) Meet with speaker prior to course Locate house phone and emergency exit Begin course ON-TIME Program Conclusion - Evaluation Forms - Certificate of Appreciation - CE Verification Code Escort Speaker to Lunch » » » » »
  9. 10. Room Coordinator Responsibilities PRE – MEETING Pre-Register Contact PC » »
  10. 11. ON – SITE Bring Orientation Packet Pick up RC packet and hands-on handouts @ the BCEC North Lobby, 1 Hour before course (by course code number) PACKET CONTENTS: Lunch Ticket Free Course List Problem Solving Card Room Filled Sign Course Evaluation Form Room Evaluation Form » » » » » » » » Room Coordinator Responsibilities
  11. 12. Room Coordinator Responsibilities ON – SITE (continued) Report to room 60 Minutes prior to course - Audiovisual Check Locate house phone & emergency exit Check badges and collect tickets Handouts (hands-on only) and evaluations “ CROWD CONTROL” - Coat check - Seating - Late arrivals - Room filled sign Escort speaker to lunch » » » » » »
  12. 13. Continuing Education <ul><li>CE Code </li></ul><ul><li>Online Access </li></ul><ul><li>CE Pavilion </li></ul><ul><ul><li>2 on Exhibit Floor </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>1 in North Lobby </li></ul></ul><ul><li>CE Printouts </li></ul>» » » »
  13. 14. CE Credits Attendees will only receive CE credits for those courses listed under their name and unique registration number. If someone cannot attend a course and you attend in his/her place, the change MUST be made to your registration as well as to that of the person you are replacing. For free courses, attendee badges will be scanned upon entry into the course. The data will be downloaded into your CE record but will not be available for certificate printing on-site. It will be available online within 24 hours. » »
  14. 15. CE Credits (continued) PC and RC’s CE information will be downloaded by MDS following the meeting. Volunteers will then be able to enter their CE’s online within 24 hours. There will be attendees with “Exhibits Only” badges, each day with a different vibrant color. Those with the EO badges are not permitted in courses, not even free lectures. If they would like to attend a course they can upgrade their registration. » »
  15. 16. Name badge - Lecture guest Free course list (in packet) - Minuteman (attendee badges will be scanned upon each entry into the course) Be early » » » Free Courses
  16. 17. Audio Visual Tips AV requirements are set in advance Rooms will be set generally 1 hour prior to the meeting start time Rooms are typically set for maximum requirements for the day Wireless microphones – only provided if arranged in advance » » » »
  17. 18. Audio Visual Tips Speakers should utilize the speaker ready rooms Speakers should be in rooms 30 minutes prior to start of presentation sessions Remind presenters to bring power cables or proprietary adapters and cables Ask questions – we are here to help… » » » »
  18. 19. Technicians floating the meeting rooms Walkie Talkie audio visual channel AV Hotline – - Please be patient during peak periods Creative technology venue coordinators » » » » Where to Get Help
  19. 20. HOUSE PHONE Info Booth Locate exit doors » » » Emergencies
  20. 21. “ Gee, this is like pulling teeth.” Inform day captain Contact show office if during meeting » » Find a Replacement
  21. 22. “ Hi, I’m the tooth fairy. Want to buy back some of your teeth?” Scout Pass or Meeting CREST YANKEE SPIRIT!! » » Scouts & VIPS
  22. 23. Common Problems Handouts and evaluations missing Packet items missing 1 lunch ticket Speaker’s packet Early pick-up of PC & RC packets PC picking up RC packets » » » » » »