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  1. 1. Produced for the Patients of Dr. Daniel C. Stewart Winter 2009 fromthedentist People Will Look Get ready to smile back with cosmetic dentistry happy new People really do look at your year! mouth first. That’s got to impact your self-consciousness meter Thanks to ...but that can be a good thing! you all With these cosmetic dental It was a great procedures, we can help you holiday and we’ve to feel great about your smile returned renewed, – and your oral health - every rejuvenated, and ready to get going for another time you catch someone smiling back at you! radiant year. We hope you had a terrific The most popular treatments holiday season with friends and family helping to make it are all but invisible, very patient- natural friendly and can improve your special. As this New Year dawns, smile without surgery and in only one or two visits... confident we’d like to take the opportunity  Replace unattractive stains to thank all of you for your and discolorations with a pleasing and shells that are layered over the front business in the past year. Your radiant smile by teeth whitening. surfaces of natural teeth. They can be loyalty and patronage mean a  Say goodbye to dark, outdated designed to improve the proportions of lot to us, and we’d like you to silver fillings and match your natural your smile. know we appreciate it. tooth enamel with white composite,  Strengthen and renew the The New Year is always porcelain, cast glass, or resin inlays and appearance of teeth that have had root full of promises to improve onlays. canal treatment or extensive repair with ourselves and to live healthier  Improve the appearance and a natural-looking crown that fits over a lifestyles. Make a resolution proportions of teeth that are stained or tooth to restore its normal shape, color, to yourself to brush, floss, and chipped, or that overlap or are uneven, and function. rinse, and it’ll go a long way in with cosmetic veneers. Veneers are  Recapture your confidence by making good home care happen. extremely thin but strong porcelain replacing missing teeth with implants. Here’s to a Happy New They can be an esthetically Year, and once again, thank pleasing alternative to veneers you for your business and your dentures and bridges friendship. that will allow you to eat, speak, and socialize Yours in good dental health, before after naturally. Replacing missing teeth can prevent future problems with Daniel C. Stewart, DDS shifting that can affect your appearance. A healthy smile will last a lifetime!
  2. 2. More Power To You Make the right connections ... and smile! Homophily is the natural tendency of people to associate and bond more A Crown Fo strongly with people who are similar to them. So what can we do to help you connect with all those other beautiful people? Well, according to research, a cosmetically enhanced smile will make you appear more attractive and popular with the opposite sex, as well as more intelligent, interesting, successful, and wealthy! Together, we can choose cosmetic options that will enhance your natural smile foundation and make your smile sing out success! We can...  Brighten your teeth with whitening, bonding, or porcelain veneers.  Rebuild chips and cracks and close gaps that make you self-conscious.  Straighten and even out the appearance of crooked, crowded teeth.  Reproportion tooth shape, length, and width to ideally balance your features.  Recontour an uneven or too high/low gumline.  Correct a receding gumline that exposes roots and makes your teeth look longer – and you look older.  Widen your smile to fill in the gaps at the corners of your mouth.  Diminish lip lines and make your lips appear fuller by adding volume. And there’s even more that we can do...  We can maximize the dramatic impact of whichever cosmetic procedure you Take Heart! choose. How? By helping you achieve clean teeth and pink healthy gums with a & Save your smile strong supporting bone structure. Nothing makes a connection better than optimal oral health and a high- In the earliest stage of gum disease, powered smile. you won’t even know you have it. Early on, it’s reversible with home care and crowns & veneers regular dental treatment, but in later stages it can lead to tooth loss and only professional dental intervention can help. Studies have linked gum disease and cardiovascular diseases and stroke – the number-one killers of men and women. Brighten Stay fit and keep your mouth and heart healthy!  Exercise regularly to gum sculpting & increase blood flow, veneers strengthen your heart, control your weight, stress, and risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. Reproportion  Eat fruits, whole grains, vegetables, low- fat dairy products, and sources of protein, orthodontics & legumes, and Omega-3 fatty acids. veneers  Don’t use tobacco, a risk factor for oral cancer, tooth loss, and heart disease.  Get regular medical Straighten and oral health screenings.  Keep smiling! 2
  3. 3. or All Reasons Prevent... Where Protect... does your Impress! smile rate For many people, appearance is the greatest inducement to on our sustaining oral health. Who among us does not want to make a great whiteness first impression at a job interview, look fabulous in photos, and shine at significant moments like weddings? scale? Beautiful crowns can help you do all that and more. They are the most popular restoration not only because they can create a natural-looking improved appearance for discolored, misshapen, or missing teeth, but because they prevent and protect to save smiles! 5 THINGS Crowns can...  Prevent a cracked tooth from getting worse;  Strengthen and halt further damage to a broken tooth, either... one that has undergone root canal therapy or about one with a large filling or fillings. In fact, when your custom dental Modern crowns & veneers teeth whitening crown is created, it becomes your tooth’s turn a smile into ... a SMILE! 1. Not all of your natural tooth new outer surface. Technicians incorporate precise measurements to suit enamel is the same color... your bite, jaw movements, and anatomy. Durable metal or metal  your front teeth are usually camouflaged with white porcelain can be used, and all-porcelain materials whitest can exactly match your smile’s enamel.  molars tend to be in-between Attaching multiple crowns to a natural-looking bridge is an excellent technique  eye teeth are commonly for replacing several missing teeth. It can prevent drifting teeth, challenges to darkest eating and speaking, and increased risk for tooth decay and gum disease. 2. Discoloration can be caused by: And the bonus: avoid the premature wrinkles and age lines that may  coffee, tea, red wine, colas, or accompany an altered bite. Your smile will look even more attractive! tobacco Bollyfood  heredity  illness and medications It’s hot, hot, hot!  ageing 3. Structural changes occur over The whole world is charmed by the flamboyant the life of your teeth and affect extravaganzas produced by Bollywood, India’s unique their whiteness...  young teeth are whiter and counterpart to the Hollywood film industry. Another cultural export, famous Indian curry dishes, aren’t merely usually have a highly gorgeous, aromatic, and appetizing. It seems they have the opalescent enamel with milky potential to improve your oral and overall health. brightness  older teeth are darker with a Turmeric, a yellow spice that gives Indian curry powder its distinctive color, contains a compound that more translucent, thinner appears to relieve or suppress Alzheimer’s symptoms. enamel and a grayish Curcumin, an antioxidant known to benefit periodontal appearance health, also found in turmeric, has been shown to help 4. People perceive teeth as prevent tumors. whiter and more attractive when Curry leaves, common in South Asian cooking, release they are contrasted against pink, fragrant essential oils when chewed or combined with healthy gums. water. They are an ingredient in some mouthwashes and 5. We don’t add whitening to can help to reduce caries and chronic bad breath. your teeth – we remove stains to Want to spice it up a bit? Explore your Asian grocery! brighten your teeth enamel by up to eight shades! 3 ML08-5
  4. 4. The Wow Factor Improve with advanced esthetics It’s true. You can choose to look and feel better. Advances in cosmetic dentistry take only a minimal investment of your time, and the rewards in well-being and self-confidence are well worth it. You can choose to trade in your tarnished smile for a smile that will wow everyone – including yourself. Tea, coffee, red wine, or tobacco can gradually leave surface stains that are easy to remove with professional intervention. While age or inherited dull tooth enamel can also dim your smile, you don’t have to live with it! Advanced esthetics can also boost smiles that have lost their sparkle due to root canal treatments, fluorosis, or tetracycline use. Here’s what some of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments can do for your smile...  Erase unattractive stains for a brighter smile with teeth whitening.  Banish silver-colored fillings with white fillings made from durable and completely natural-looking materials including white composite.  Camouflage discoloration and chips or overlapping and uneven teeth with veneers that are affixed to the front surfaces of your natural teeth. These extremely thin but strong porcelain shells can actually improve the proportions of your smile by re-shaping your teeth and/or your gumline.  Replace missing teeth with dental implants, an esthetically attractive alternative to dentures and bridges that looks completely natural. Consider Implants Tried, tested, & true Dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth. They will officeinformation You Do The improve your appearance, comfort, Smile Savers Dentistry Dr. Daniel C. Stewart Math! and self-confidence.  Implants have been available for 9170 State Route 108 more than thirty years. Suite 200 3 minutes/day = 7 years  Implants provide safe, reliable, Columbia, MD 21045-1987 and predictable results. A lifetime of oral health and great- Office Hours looking smiles is a substantial return  The current market for dental Mon-Thu 8:00 am – 6:00 pm for investing three minutes a day. implants is estimated to be more Early and late appointments available Only flossing can reach between your than $1 billion globally. teeth where your toothbrush can’t.  More than 700,000 dental Contact Information Office (410) 730-6460 Experiment with different types of floss implants are placed every year in Fax (410) 730-1092 until you find one that works best. North America. Email It’s This Easy!  It has been estimated that Web site another 40 million North Americans  Take about eighteen inches of floss Office Staff and wrap securely around your middle could benefit from dental implants. Summer ................ Production Executive fingers.  Implants can replace one tooth Elaine .............Certified Dental Assistant  Hold about a half-inch length or two ... or even replace all the teeth Bonnie ........................ Dental Hygienist between index fingers and thumbs. in an entire jaw. April ............................Dental Assistant  Gently ease the floss between teeth.  85% of the estimated 32 million Amy Front Desk Executive Press tightly against each side of each people with dentures experience tooth, forming a C shape. some discomfort and difficulty.  Ease floss up and down several  Implants can be used to anchor times. Be sure to go below the gumline. dentures to prevent soreness and Research shows this could add clicking, or as replacements for almost seven years to your life! dentures and bridgework. Information included is not dental or medical advice. For your Contents may not be reproduced without permission from the publisher. specific information be sure to consult our office. If you do not wish © PATIENT NEWS PUBLISHING (800) 667-0268 to receive this newsletter, please contact us directly. 30372-W84-49337 ML08-5