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  1. 1. OXFORD AND WESSEX DEANERIES DENTAL FOUNDATION YEAR 2 TRAINING POSTS Title of Post Dental Foundation Trainee (Dental SHO/ Dental Officer) Grade Senior House Officer/Dental Officer Speciality Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery/General Duties Hospital/ PCT See attached list Full-time/Part-time Full-time Remuneration (salary scale) SHO scale (Hospital Trust Posts) Salaried Dental Officer scale (PCT Posts) Pay Banding As determined by Trust / PCT Work pattern i.e. rota, shift etc Full Shift On Call Rota (Hospital Posts) Core Hours (37.5 hrs) PCT posts Contract period Twelve months Core job summary Posts are based either in Hospital OMFS Departments, Salaried Primary Dental Care Services or a combination of both. Some posts are based in one Trust for 12 months duration and some are 6 month rotational posts across 2 Trusts. The exact nature of each post varies and hospital OMFS posts differ significantly in content from posts in salaried primary dental care (PCT posts) but all posts are designed to complement vocational training and give the trainee the opportunity to complete the UK Foundation Training Curriculum and to prepare for sitting either the MFDS or MJDF examination. The Foundation trainee is expected to participate in all aspects of the work of the department under the general direction and supervision of the Consultants, Clinical Director or Senior Dental Officer as appropriate. All posts will include personal treatment sessions and dedicated educational and study sessions. Hospital posts will involve out-patient clinics, care of in-patients, operating sessions and the management of patients with traumatic injuries. PCT posts will include out patient general anaesthetic lists and caring for patients with special needs and domiciliary care. Foundation trainees will participate in clinical audit. These are training posts and the trainee will be expected to fully participate in the regular education and training opportunities provided both as part of delivering patient care and through dedicated educational sessions within the Department and elsewhere. Completion of a learning agreement and portfolio of experience is a requirement of the post as is participation in regular assessment, review and appraisal. A named Consultant Educational Supervisor will be allocated to each Dental Foundation Trainee. A complete job description for each post is available 1
  2. 2. Posts are available at the following Trusts: Trust DF2 SHO 001 Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust 2 4 002 Hants Primary Care Trust 1 0 003 Southampton Hospitals NHS 3 3 Trust 004 Kettering General Hospital Trust/ 1 0 Northants PCT 005 Northampton General Hospital 4 3 NHS Trust 006 Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS 3 3 Trust 007 Oxfordshire PCT 1 0 008 Milton Keynes PCT 2 0 009 Royal Berkshire Foundation 3 0 Trust 010 Heatherwood and Wexham Park 2 0 Hospitals Trust 001 Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust Incorporating Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth and Royal Hospital Haslar, Gosport Educational Supervisor: Mr M Shelley Staffing of the Maxillofacial Unit 5 Consultants 3 Higher Surgical Trainees 1 Full Time Associate Specialist 3 Part Time Staff Grades 7 Senior House Officers Orthodontics 3 Consultants 1 Staff Grades 2 Registrars Restorative Dentistry 1 Consultant (6 sessions per week) Work of the Department The department of the maxillofacial surgery provides a service to the Portsmouth, South East Hampshire Health Authority and the Isle of Wight, which has a population of around 700,000. All aspects of the speciality are covered and there is close liaison with the department of Orthodontics with whom joint clinics are held weekly. Other joint clinics are held with Radiotherapy and ENT, the Pain Clinic, Plastic Surgery (Cleft Clinic), Restorative Dentistry and there is a good liaison with other hospital departments. The Maxillofacial OPD Department is based at Queen Alexandra Hospital where the in-patients are also managed. QAH also houses the Accident & Emergency Department. The Department has a commitment to the care of the handicapped, and severely physically and mentally handicapped patients are assessed on the weekly special assessment clinic by a Consultant Anaesthetist and the Associate Specialist. OMFS have their own in-patient theatre in addition to day-care surgery. A significant Trauma, Oncology and Orthognathic surgery workload is undertaken. Duties of the Post 2
  3. 3. The Senior House Officer (Foundation Trainee) is expected to participate in all aspects of the work of the department under the general direction of the Consultants, including out-patient Clinics, care of in-patients, operating sessions and the management of patients with traumatic injuries.. The Senior House Officer will participate in medical audit. The trainee can be timetabled for teaching sessions in orthodontics and restorative dentistry as well as oral & maxillofacial surgery, if interested. Hours Hours and banding are currently under review and will be confirmed in your contract. Teaching and Study Teaching is primarily clinical but seminars are organised within the departments of Oral Surgery and Orthodontics. There are postgraduate programmes in all aspects of medicine and surgery at the Postgraduate Medical Centre and informal attachments may be arranged with other firms for preparation for the final MFDS examination. Medical Library facilities are available at Queen Alexandra Hospital, St Mary’s Hospital and Royal Hospital Haslar. The post is recognised by the Royal College of Surgeons of England under the MFDS and MRCS regulations, and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh under the MRCS (maxillofacial) regulations. There are regular x-ray meetings, pathological meetings and Journal Clubs. One morning per month is reserved for education in addition to regular Friday afternoon MFDS seminars. Professor Brennan has an active research programme ranging from clinical audit and prospective randomised studies to laboratory based research. There are excellent opportunities for research and many of our SHO/DF2s publish papers during their appointment. Learning Agreements All staff will complete a learning agreement with their training supervisor in the first few weeks of the appointment. Regular approval will be undertaken thereafter. . _____________________________________________________________________ 002 Hampshire (Hants) NHS Primary Care Trust Post: Dental Foundation 2 Post Salaried Primary Dental Care Services Grade: Dental Officer (Pay Scale LA01) Base: Havant HC / Winchester Reports to: Clinical Director Responsible to: Clinical Director for overall professional standards and to Educational Supervisor for routine training and clinical matters. Post Role: To provide comprehensive dental care to priority client groups. Duties and Responsibilities • The provision of comprehensive dental care to adults and children with learning disabilities, medical or physical disabilities and to the elderly or housebound or any person experiencing difficulty treatment from the General Dental Services. 3
  4. 4. • The provision of comprehensive dental care to those school and pre school children whose parents/guardians consent to treatment being provided who would not otherwise receive care from the General Dental Services, due to anxiety, behavioural management problems, high treatment need or difficult social circumstances. • The Dental Officer, where appropriate, will allocate work to Dental Therapists or Hygienists within their recognised field of capability and with due regard to the regulations applicable to these Dental Care Professionals. • The Dental Officer will have the opportunity to be involved in screening and epidemiological surveys. • The Dental Officer will have the opportunity to deliver care in a variety of different settings. This may vary from domiciliary care in residential homes, to Mobile Surgeries, Prisons as well as Health centres and Hospitals. • The Dental officer will have the opportunity to Contribute and participate, in external Oral Health Promotion programmes. • There will be regular sessions for the DF2 post holder to carry work out under General Anaesthetic, IV sedation and Inhalational sedation. • There will be opportunities to work within specialist clinics in Prosthetics and Children’s dentistry • The DF2 post holder will have the opportunity to work in the Access centre environment providing unscheduled care to a variety of patient groups. In relation to the clinical care of individual patients the Dental Officer enjoys full clinical freedom. Terms and Conditions of Service: In accordance with the Salaried Primary Dental Care Services (England) Jan 2008 Hours of Duty: Full time 37.5 hours per week Part time session hours by agreement Salary: £36, 792 - £55,188 Annual Leave: 27 days pa Superannuation: Optional pension scheme Notice Required: Three months Data Protection Act 1998 Under provision of the Act, it is the responsibility of each member of staff to ensure that all data, whether computerised or manual, is kept secure at all times. This includes data relating to patients and other members of staff. Data must not be disclosed to any unauthorised person and must be regarded as strictly confidential at all times. Failure to adhere to this instruction will be regarded as serious misconduct and could lead to dismissal. 4
  5. 5. Confidentiality The job-holder will be in possession of personal details of staff and clients and other confidential information. This must not be discussed or divulged to any unauthorised person. Any such instance would result in dismissal. Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 This post is subject to an exception order under the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. This stipulates that all previous convictions, including those which are ‘spent’ must be declared. Previous convictions will not necessarily preclude an individual from employment within the Trust. Substance Misuse Policy This Trust operates a Substance Misuse policy. ____________________________________________________________________ 003 Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust Directorate of Neurosciences, Oral/Maxillofacial and Orthodontics Educational Supervisor: Mr A Webb Introduction The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics is part of the Neurosciences Directorate. There are three Maxillofacial Consultants and two Orthodontic Consultants. Administrative support for the Directorate includes an Accountant, a Clinical Information Officer, a Quality Assurance Officer and Day Surgery Co-ordinator. Each Unit within the Directorate employs its own Secretarial, Clerical and Administrative Staff. There is an excellent working relationship between the Medical, Nursing and Managerial Staff. Staffing of the Unit 3 Consultants Oral and Maxillo-Facial Surgery 2 Consultants Orthodontics) 1 Full Time Associate Specialist 1 Part-Time Staff Grade 2 Specialist Registrars 5 Senior House Officers (1 Floating to cover A/L & S/L Southampton & Salisbury) There are designated Staff for the care of Paediatric problems and for Restorative Dentistry. Special expertise based in the Community Dental Service is utilised to provide additional help for groups with 'special needs'. The Oral and Maxillofacial Unit is currently situated within a purpose built Department at the heart of the General Hospital, close to the Accident and Emergency Unit and the Neurological Centre, areas into which we have a major input in terms of patient management. In common with other Maxillofacial Units we provide a broad ranged service for General Dental and General Medical Practitioners and other Hospital Consultants. Although the vast majority of our work is either out-patient or day case based dento alveolar surgery this Unit has a major commitment to satisfy both the need and demand for Orthognathic and Cranio Facial Surgery (except primary cleft lip and palate repair), ablative and reconstructive surgery in the head and neck region, complex cranio-maxillo-facial trauma management, salivary gland surgery and skin malignancy. 5
  6. 6. Three Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons cover a large area of Hampshire which stretches from the South Coast to Salisbury in the West and Andover in the North. A significant number of patients are referred from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight for major maxillofacial surgery. The five SHO/DF2s will travel between hospital sites in Southampton, Lymington and Winchester during normal working hours, but not when on-call. These periods will be either predominantly Out-Patient or In-Patient based. Each Senior House Officer will be taught how to perform dento alveolar surgery and SHO should anticipate hands on experience in trauma management particularly soft tissue surgery and fixation of mandibular and zygomatic fractures. They will also assist in complex Maxillofacial Surgery. The majority of the SHO/DF2 s time will be spent in out-patients performing routine surgery and reviewing patients on clinics. The SHO will, in conjunction with the Higher Surgical Trainees who are medically qualified, provide routine care of in-patients. In-house tuition in resuscitation, intravenous access, radiographic interpretation, prescribing and the use of pathological services will be provided during an induction course. It will be a contractual requirement to perform both medical and clinical audit and the SHOs are expected to collect and collate a large amount of clinical data. There will be protected time provided during the working week for the completion of audit projects under the guidance of the Higher Surgical Trainees as determined by the Consultants involved. Continuing medical education and professional development are considered to be important in our Department and there is an active programme of teaching and research. It should be anticipated that during the course of a normal contract the Senior House Officer will have the opportunity to be involved in the publication of at least one scientific paper. Requirements The successful candidate must have full registration or temporary registration with reduced supervision with the GDC and hold a full driving licence. All new staff will be expected to provide written documentation of immunity to Hepatitis B and to attend the Occupational Health Department as required. Emergencies The Senior House Officer (Foundation Trainee) accepts that he/she will also perform duties in occasional emergencies and unforseen circumstances at the request of the appropriate Consultant, in consultation where practicable with his/her colleagues both senior and junior. It has been agreed between the professions and the Department that while juniors accept that they will perform such duties, the Secretary of State stresses that additional commitments arising under this sub-section are exceptional and in particular, that juniors SHO/DF2 would not be required to undertake work for this kind for prolonged periods or on a regular basis. _______________________________________________________________________ 004 Kettering General Hospital Trust/Northants PCT JOB TITLE: Dental General Professional Trainee 6
  7. 7. CLINICAL REMIT OF THE SALARIED DENTAL SERVICES To offer treatment to those sections of the population who cannot obtain dental treatment from other sources. This includes particularly the treatment of people who are: • very young • elderly • physically compromised • mentally compromised • intellectually compromised • medically compromised • socially compromised • in secure units MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES 1 To provide clinical dental care for patients attending or referred to the dental clinic. 2 Such care to include local anaesthesia, extraction of teeth, restorations, periodontal, prosthetic, orthodontic assessment and preventive treatments and other such work as is involved within the General Dental Council’s definition of the practice of dentistry. 3 To participate in the sessions held at local General Hospitals for treatment of patients under general anaesthesia. 4 To take dental radiographs within the Ionising Radiation Regulations. 5 To assess the dental development of those patients and refer when and if appropriate to: specialist care either within the service (eg special needs, orthodontics) or elsewhere within the NHS. 6 To accept referrals from General Dental Practitioners and other health professional where appropriate and liaise with the referrer where necessary. 7 To supervise the work of Dental Therapists at the clinic in accordance with General Dental Council regulations. 8 Supervising the work of and taking responsibility for the work of the Dental Nurse. 9 Handling dental materials and medicaments within the COSHH guidelines. Carrying out cross-infection control as specified in the Trust Policy. Handling confidential patient information in a professional manner. 10 To be involved in BASCD co-ordinated dental surveys as and when the opportunity arises. 11 To attend postgraduate courses/meetings where necessary. 12 To assist in the delivery of dental care at other clinics where necessary and appropriate. 13 To participate in programmes of clinical audit and operational research as required. 7
  8. 8. 14 To carry out such other appropriate duties as agreed and delegated by the Clinical Director of Dental Services. 15 To be accountable to the Clinical Director of Dental Services. NB The trainee will be supported by an accredited trainer and will have appropriate time for study with access to library facilities and computer aided learning packages. There will also be reasonable access to the NHS net. _______________________________________________________________________ 005 Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust Northamptonshire Maxillo-Facial Unit (Northampton and Kettering General Hospitals) Educational Supervisor Mr J Gallagher Staffing of the Unit Mr W P Smith, Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon, Mr J O'Neill, Consultant Orthodontist Mr C W Harrop, Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon Mr P J Ameerally,Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon Mr J R Gallagher Consultant Maxillofacial Surgeon Mr D G M Greig Consultant Orthodontist Mrs A Mosaku Consultant in Restorative Dentistry (visiting) Maxillofacial Units The Maxillofacial Units are composed of the departments of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, and Maxillofacial Technology. The unit at Kettering is adjacent to the Main Outpatients and the Accident and Emergency Department.This unit comprises three surgeries, two consulting rooms and a laboratory. The unit at Northampton General Hospital is situated near the old Main entrance and has four surgeries, two utility rooms, offices, seminar / staff room, Maxillofacial Laboratory, reception area and waiting room. On Call arrangements The Maxillofacial Consultants provide a 1 in 4 on-call rota. There is one Specialist Registrar and two Staff Grade surgeons who provide middle grade on-call cover on 3 out of 4 nights. Orthodontics Mr. O'Neill works full-time at Kettering General Hospital and Mr. Greig works part-time at Northampton General Hospital. A wide range of treatment is undertaken within the units including all forms of dento- alveolar surgery and oral medicine. In addition to the large volume of maxillofacial trauma that passes through the departments, there are special interests in the management of salivary gland disorders, facial deformity, and patients with head and neck malignancy utilising reconstruction with micro-vascular free tissue transfer technique. A considerable amount of dento-alveolar surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic within the departments. There are 5 operating lists under general anaesthesia carried out each week at both hospitals. The Post The post is based at Northampton General Hospital for six months and Kettering General Hospital for six months (subject to confirmation). 8
  9. 9. The successful applicant will be expected to carry out minor surgical procedures under both local and general anaesthetic with supervision. The SHO (DF2s) s are responsible for the day-to-day care of all in-patients. From 9am to 5pm on week days the SHO/ DF2s at each hospital will be responsible for the patients at that hospital. After 5pm and at weekends the on call SHO/DF2 who will be resident at Northampton General Hospital will take over the care at both sites. Patients who require treatment will be transferred to Northampton. Only day case surgery is now undertaken at Kettering General Hospital. The SHO/DF2 on call rota is run on a 1:7 basis Use of a car and current driving licence are essential. Study and Training Trainee educational sessions are held monthly at Northampton General Hospital and additional monthly sessions are arranged by Oxford PGMDE at other venues. Attendance at the monthly study days organised within the Oxford PGMDE area is mandatory. The libraries are well stocked with a good selection of Oral and Maxillofacial and Orthodontic textbooks, together with relevant journals. Time will be made available for study and research. Study leave to attend courses for the MFDS /MJDF examination is usually granted. Reasonable study leave expenses are given. Accommodation The post is classified as non-resident. Single accommodation can be provided. Amenities The hospitals are situated in a pleasant area with attractive countryside, with many good recreational facilities in the area. An excellent recreational centre at Northampton General Hospital with swimming pool, squash, badminton and tennis courts, and a snooker room may be used by all post holders. Occupational Health The SHO, as soon as possible after appointment, must attend the Occupational Health Department. If necessary, he / she should be prepared to have a medical examination. Career Counselling Career advice and guidance should be sought in the first instance, from your educational supervisor, who will normally be a Consultant for whom you work. Career problems may be discussed with your District Clinical Tutor and/or your Postgraduate Dean. _______________________________________________________________________ 006 Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Trust Educational Supervisor: Mr S Bond Staffing of the Unit 6 Maxillo- Facial Consultants Mr S. Watt-Smith, Mr N. Saeed, Mr A. Currie, Mr M. Hodge, Mr S. Bond & Miss D. Dhariwal 4 Specialty Registrars 2 Staff Grades (1 part time & 1 full time) 6 SHOs/Dental Foundation Trainees 3 Orthodontic Consultants Miss M. McKnight , Mr G. Kidner, Miss S. Ahmad 1 Specialist Registrar, I FTTA 1 Associate Specialist (part time) 9
  10. 10. 1 Restorative Consultant Mr S Popat Visiting Consultant in Oral Medicine Base Hospital: John Radcliffe Oxford Work Pattern/ Hours : Full shift / 48 on average per week Average Number Of Additional Duty Hours TBC Includes Prospective Cover: YES The Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is based at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital and holds clinics and Day Case Surgery at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, High Wycombe Hospital, Amersham Hospital and the Horton General Hospital Banbury. SHOs attend these hospitals on rotation. Over the years the Department has gained a good reputation for orthognathic surgery and the treatment of orofacial cancer, craniofacial and cleft anomalies. A large number of maxillofacial trauma patients are treated. The Department undertakes all aspects of maxillofacial surgery. There is close cooperation with other departments, notably the Department of Orthodontics, the Craniofacial Unit, the Department of Dermatology and the Radiotherapy Department with which combined clinics are held on a regular basis. The department has a good reputation for research. The Post Principal scheduled Responsibilities include the day to day care of patients in the wards, in out- patient clinics and the theatres as appropriate to the grade of the post and under the direction of the consultants responsible, and may include the care of private patients. Extra operating, out patients and ward rounds and visits to Accident and Emergency Department for emergencies (variable) and other hospitals in the district are carried out as required. Teaching responsibilities may include teaching of medical students. Administration/Management duties include checking theatre lists, maintenance of patients’ records, completion of summaries and writing letters as appropriate. The post holder will be encouraged to undertake a research project under the guidance of the consultants responsible. Good Library facilities are available at the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital and other libraries in the Central Oxford Hospitals. SHO / DF2s are expected to attend the monthly Oxford PGMDE regional study days and additionally have ninety minutes each week of protected education and training time. Postgraduate educational facilities are available at all sites visited. Annual/study leave arrangements: Study/annual leave is incorporated within the full shift rota however exam leave will usually be granted for MFDS/MJDF. Accommodation: This post is non-compulsorily resident. Accommodation can be provided through The Accommodation Office. _____________________________________________________________________ ________________ 10
  11. 11. 007 Oxfordshire PCT JOB DESCRIPTION JOB TITLE Dental Foundation Training Post. DF 2 BASIC Salaried Primary Dental Care £36,000 Band A Point 1 SALARY SCALE One Year Fixed Term Contract LINE MANAGER Educational Supervisor ACCOUNTABLE TO Educational Supervisor (Academic Component) Clinical Director of OSPCDS (Clinical Component) JOB SUMMARY This is a clinical training post. The post will be based at Banbury and East Oxford Clinics, predominately, LOCATION however the post-holder may also be required to work in any of the OSPCDS sites across Oxfordshire as required to fulfil the responsibilities outlined below. HOURS 37.5 hours per week. 30 days will be allocated for training purposes. (Full time) PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES 1 Undertake a full range of duties to meet the needs of the service and to address the UK Dental Foundation Programme curriculum requirements as identified in an agreed personal development plan. 2 Provide a full range of dental care to patients of the Salaried Primary Dental Care Service, including priority groups, special needs children and adults, and other patients who would not otherwise be able to access emergency or routine care. This may include patients in young offenders units, refuge centres, prisons and mental health units. 3 Provide emergency dental care for patients not able to access local NHS dentistry. 4 Manage the day to day activities of the dental surgery in conjunction with the other members of the team. 5 Supervise and delegate appropriate tasks to the ancillary staff in accordance with current General Dental Council regulations where applicable. 6 Provide statistical and other information to the Business Services Authority and PCT directors as required. 7 Take part in epidemiological surveys/screening/health promotion activities as required to meet the dental public health requirements of the Primary Care Trust. 11
  12. 12. 8 Liaise with colleagues in hospitals, primary care and local authorities to ensure and improve the quality of patient care. 9 Undertake necessary training and development to comply with national, professional and Trust requirements and the specific requirements of this post. 10 Take part in all aspects of clinical governance including GDC lifelong learning, clinical audit, peer review and clinical supervision. 11 Be responsible for data collection and reports as required for the Salaried Dental Service. 12 Attend tutorials and other specified educational sessions and use allocated study time effectively. 13 Sit a minimum of one part of the MJDF examination during the tenure of the post. 14 Other such duties as may be delegated. MEMBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL DEFENCE ORGANISATION The holder of this post will be covered by the employing Authority in relation to claims for negligence but it is advisable for individuals to maintain membership of a Defence Organisation so that independent advice is available to them on all matters relating to their professional activity. INFECTION CONTROL All staff have a duty to maintain patient safety. This includes adhering to PCT policies and procedures that prevent and control the risk of infection to patients, visitors and staff. TRANSPORT Staff are required to work within a number of sites. As some of these sites are not easily served by public transport, the post-holder will be expected to make necessary travel arrangements to meet this need. Therefore, ideally, the post- holder will hold a current driving licence and provide a car for use as required in the performance of their duties. Payment for the use of the car will be made in accordance with the appropriate terms and conditions of service. HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK Dental staff are required to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work, and to co-operate with the Primary Care Trust by ensuring that statutory and departmental safety regulations are adhered to. NON – SMOKING POLICY The Trust Policy reflects the belief that: Trust Health premises are regarded as a “No Smoking” environment and that adequate help and support will be offered to those wishing to stop smoking. 12
  13. 13. This job description is not intended to be a complete list of duties but is published as a guide to the responsibilities of the post. It will be periodically reviewed in the light of developing requirements, and the postholder will be expected to contribute towards that review. _____________________________________________________________________ 008 Milton Keynes PCT JOB TITLE Clinical Dentist – Trainee in Primary Dental Care ACCOUNTABLE TO Assistant Clinical Director of Dental Services and Senior Dental Officer (Trainer) JOB SUMMARY Milton Keynes PCT delivers Primary Care Trust dental services to the local community. A full range of clinical services and public health duties are provided to individuals who are unable to access local dental service. LOCATION The post will be based at a dental clinic in Milton Keynes. The postholder will be expected to work in any clinic or community setting as required to fulfil the responsibilities outlined below. HOURS Up to 37 hours per week. PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES 15 Provide a full range of dental care to unregistered patients who have experienced difficulty in accessing care in the general dental service, as directed by the Senior Dentist (PDS). 16 Manage the day to day activities of the dental surgery. 17 Supervise and delegate appropriate tasks to the ancillary staff in accordance with current General Dental Council regulations where applicable. 18 Provide statistical and other information to the NHS BSA Dental Practice Division and Trust directors as required. 19 Take part in epidemiological studies, dental screening and health promotion activities as required to meet the dental public health requirements of the Dental Service in Milton Keynes. 20 Liaise with colleagues in hospitals, primary care and local authorities to ensure and improve the quality of patient care. 21 Undertake necessary training and development to comply with national, professional and Trust requirements. 22 Take part in all aspects of clinical governance including GDC lifelong learning, clinical audit and clinical supervision. 23 Attend tutorials 24 Sit a minimum of one part of either the MFDS or MJDF examination during the tenure of the post 25 Attend appropriate approved training courses 13
  14. 14. 26 Participate in extended surgery hours and dental out of hours services if required. MEMBERSHIP OF PROFESSIONAL DEFENCE ORGANISATION The holder of this post will be covered by the employing Authority in relation to claims for negligence but it is advisable for individuals to maintain membership of a Defence Organisation so that independent advice is available to them on all matters relating to their professional activity. TRANSPORT Payment for use of an employee’s car will be made in accordance with the appropriate terms and conditions of service. Staff are required to work within the Milton Keynes Dental Access Centre sites. As some of these sites are not easily served by public transport, staff will be expected to make necessary travel arrangements to meet this need. HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK Dental staff are required to take reasonable care for the health and safety of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work, and to co-operate with the Health Authority by ensuring that statutory and departmental safety regulations are adhered to. This job description is not intended to be a complete list of duties but is published as a guide to the responsibilities of the post. It will be periodically reviewed in the light of developing requirements, and the postholder will be expected to contribute towards that review. NHS PERFORMER NUMBER With the exception of dentists in a recognised vocational training post, all dentists will be required to have completed, or demonstrate they have equivalence to, vocational training as an NHS performer number is essential to the post. _____________________________________________________________________ 009 Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust POST: Senior House Officer DEPARTMENT: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery EDUCATIONAL ADVISOR: Mr M F Patel Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon About the Trust The Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust became an NHS Foundation Trust from 1 June 2006. It was the first Foundation Trust in the South Central Strategic Health Authority which covers Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. It is one of Reading's biggest employers and one of the largest 14
  15. 15. general hospital trusts in the country. The Trust provides acute medical and surgical services to Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire and specialist services to a wider population. The Trust manages the Day Surgery Unit and the Acute Out-patients department of the West Berkshire Community Hospital. The work of the Department: Provision of a comprehensive diagnostic and advisory service covering all aspects of oral and maxillofacial surgery, with patients referred by General Dental and Medical Practitioners and hospital colleagues. Carrying out general Oral & Maxillofacial surgical procedures requiring the skills of a Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and/or hospital facilities. Carrying out treatment for patients whose general health, handicaps or complex problems may necessitate hospital techniques and working conditions. Treating maxillofacial emergencies including major trauma in co-operation with the Accident & Emergency Department. Diagnosis of head and neck cancer. Diagnosis and work up of Orthognothic cases with the support of the Orthodontic department. Job Summary To carry out clinical work on outpatients, day stay patients, and emergency patients as delegated by the Consultants of the Department. Casual patients seeking routine emergency dental treatment are not accepted by the Hospital, but only those with acute traumatic injuries, severe spreading infections and cases of post operative haemorrhage. Opportunities for research are available although time is limited. There is an on-call commitment on weekdays during the daytime only. Administrative duties although not extensive include the organisation of operating lists, and admissions and the maintenance of patient records. Representation of management problems is through the Junior Staff Committee Member. The Department is part of Specialist Surgery including ENT, Audiology, Orthodontics, Ophthalmology and Orthoptics. Medical pre-admission clerking of routine in and day patients is usually undertaken by specially trained nurses, but complex medical cases require clinician clerking for the routine operating lists per week. All emergencies are seen by SHOs and transfer arranged if appropriate to the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, or if necessary admitted under the care of the appropriate Consultant. Outpatient and minor oral surgery clinics are undertaken at West Berkshire Community Hospital and attendance by the SHO will be required. Approximately two operating lists (essentially day cases) are also held per week at WBCH and this may increase in future as required. Staffing Structure of the Department 1 full-time Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon 1 part time Consultant Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon 1 full time Consultant Orthodontist 1 part time Consultant Orthodontist 15
  16. 16. 1 Specialist Registrar in Orthodontics (FTSTA) (1 day per week) 1 Specialist Registrar in Orthodontics (3 days per week) 3 full time Senior House Officers 4 Staff Grades (5 sessions & 4 sessions, 2 full-time) 1 full time Maxillofacial/Orthodontic Technician 1 Departmental Sister 1 Staff Nurse 3 DSA’s 1 Hygienist 2 Secretaries 1 Waiting List Officer 2 Receptionists Conditions of Appointment Applicants must have been qualified for at least a year and undertaken House Officer or equivalent posts during this period, and must be fully registered with General Dental Council. Main Conditions of Service This post is full time for six months. The basic hours are 40 per week, and there is no out of hours on-call commitment. If you wish to participate in the NHS superannuation scheme, contributions are up to the rate of 6.5% of gross salary. Annual leave is at a rate of five weeks per leave year. Accommodation is subject to rental and availability. All of the terms and conditions of employment are in accordance with the Medical and Dental and General Whitley Councils (Great Britain) as amended from time to time. Training & Post Graduate Education The post is recognised by the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons for Post Graduate training. There is a monthly regional study day for junior staff in the specialty, held in the Post Graduate Centre in Oxford and designated teaching seminars on Wednesdays & Fridays, otherwise study leave may be granted on application. Excellent library facilities are available in the Trust Education Centre. Post Graduate experience and study in related departments can be organised for the particular needs of the Officer in post. In service teaching and training is also adaptable to the past experience and needs of the trainee. Other Facilities The Trust Education Centre at the Royal Berkshire Hospital has squash court facilities. Staff are also afforded the facilities of the Doctor’s Mess located on the ground floor of South Wing. £10.00 is deducted automatically from monthly salary to the Mess Fund unless you sign an opt out form which is obtainable from Medical Staffing. To find out exactly what the £10.00 pays for the Mess President can be contacted via switchboard. Most ordinary shopping facilities are within easy walking distance of the hospital, with a good bus service into the main shopping centre of Reading, which is approximately one mile away. London is readily accessible by train in 35 minutes. _____________________________________________________________________ - 010 Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals Trust -Wexham park hospital 16
  17. 17. POST: DF2 SPECIALTY: Oral Surgery ESSENTIAL INFORMATION Title of Post DF2 in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Grade DF2/Senior House Officer Specialty Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Full Time/Part Time Full Time Base Hospital Wexham Park Remuneration (salary Scale) SHO scale - Whitley Study Leave Arrangements As Whitley Annual Leave Arrangements 5 weeks per year Clinical Director Mr. John Dickinson Work Pattern Partial shift – 9 person with Northwick Park Standard Hours Requests for annual leave must be tendered prior to commencement of the post or during the first fortnight so that the rota for the whole six-month period can be published as soon as possible. It must always be accepted that in occasional emergencies and unforeseen circumstances, a DF2 may be asked to undertake additional tasks. In these instances, claims for extra payment will be met without question. Short listed candidates are very welcome to visit the Department at Wexham Park, and to meet other members of the staff, either by informal arrangement or by contacting the Staff Grades or one of the Consultants in Charge. The Department The department at Wexham Park hospital provides a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment service in the specialty and is linked with the Maxillofacial unit at Northwick Park hospital, Harrow in a 'hub and spoke' fashion. Out patient clinics are held at Wexham Park hospital, Slough, Heatherwood hospital, Ascot, King Edward hospital, Windsor and St Marks's hospital, Maidenhead. Day surgery under general anaesthetic and IV sedation is carried out at Wexham Park and Heatherwood hospitals. Minor oral surgery under local anaesthetic is carried out mainly at Wexham Park hospital and also at Heatherwood hospital. All elective In-patient and emergency admissions are accommodated at Northwick Park hospital. Infection Control Infection prevention is the responsibility of each individual. Employees are required to strictly adhere to the infection control policy Tpp124 and it appendices, and should actively encourage other staff and visitors to comply. Main Duties and Responsibilities and Daily Commitments Clinical 17
  18. 18. The post holder will be expected to maintain a high quality level of service for elective and emergency patients. He/she will participate with colleagues in: 1. Assessment and management of maxillofacial trauma and emergency patients at Wexham Park hospital and co-ordination of transfer of patients who require admission to Northwick Park hospital . 2. Outpatient Clinics at Wexham Park Hospital - General clinics - Orthognathic clinics - Minor oral surgery under local anaesthetic - Pre-assessment clinics 3. Day surgery lists at Wexham Park and Heatherwood Hospitals 4. Ward duties and assistance in theatre at Northwick Park hospital - Head & Neck oncology - Orthognathic surgery - Salivary gland surgery - Facial trauma - Dentoalveolar 5. Research & Audit - Publications for professional journals - Case presentations for local and regional postgraduate meetings - Commitment to audit and clinical governance The post holder may be asked to carry out duties at any of the hospitals covered by the department. The post holder may also be asked to make occasional visits to hospitals in the surrounding area with which the department may have links for the provision of emergency cover. Administration The post holder will be expected to maintain high standards of communication and documentation in relation to patient care, including maintaining medical records, the preparation of discharge summaries and clinic letters and maintenance and collection of statistical data. Secretarial support is provided STUDY AND TRAINING Training The post holder will contribute to the regular teaching and journal meetings in the department and will be encouraged to undertake a small audit project during the six months; this should only take a few hours of your time. There are opportunities to undertake research if required. Attendance at the monthly academic half-day at WPH and the regional SHO study days in Oxford is mandatory. There is a weekly journal club/clinico-pathological conference/radiology meeting held at Northwick Park hospital where interesting cases are discussed. Library Facilities 18
  19. 19. The Postgraduate Medical Centre contains an excellent Library with a full time Librarian who is always willing to help and advise Medical staff. A small collection of books and journals is available in the Accident and Emergency Department. Study leave may be granted following approval by the District Clinical Tutor but only for recognised courses/examinations, and at the discretion of the three Consultants. Postgraduate Medical Education/Courses available: Wexham Park Hospital runs its own ATLS, ALS and APLS courses. The Postgraduate Medical Centre is extremely active and runs a large number of courses, lectures and tutorials, many of which may be of interest to you. All are available to doctors working in the East Berkshire District. TEAM CHART Consultants: Mr. Michael Amin Miss Caroline Mills (Locum) Staff Grades Mr. Manas Mishra Mr. Oladapo Akintola SHOs x2 Specialty Services Provided in the Unit/Trust Medical examination is not required prior to appointment, but it will be necessary for you to complete a questionnaire for Occupational Health clearance. In view of the unpredictable nature of accident and emergency work, DF2s are recommended to have had a recent chest x-ray in addition to being fully immunised against Tetanus and Hepatitis B. 19