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Minutes of the Meeting


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Minutes of the Meeting

  1. 1. Minutes of the Meeting March 2, 2001 On the 2nd of March 2001, the meeting of the Arkansas State Board of Dental Examiners was called to order by Dr. Wendell Garrett, President. The following members were present: Ruby Faulconer Barbara Fletcher Wendell D. Garrett, D.D.S. W. Gene Jines, D.D.S. Cindy Johnson, R.D.H. James B. Phillips, D.D.S. David E. Walker, D.D.S. Susan H. Wamble, D.D.S. Judith S. Rickard, Executive Director, and William H. Trice, III, Board Attorney, were also present. Dr. Garrett thanks all for attending… Introduces Meredith… Mr. Trice asks to speak first due to having to go to a Senate Jud. Hearing. First Pub hearing on CE. Let people speak and then Board decides if they like proposal do not have to vote. Second, think about dental bd/med bd case… force both to resolve it should have been oms and plas surgs. Remember you will have to address true compen in specialty areas in the future. You will have to decide who can do what one of these days. Main bill that overhauled DPA has run through system. Other tarpley bills are in hopper and are doing okay. Advertising letter… want copies to be sent to all and next time trice will have two drafts for the Board to look at. Garrett asked if any adv should be tabled until later. Trice responds that if R&R might be chged should wait. Will look at it next time…
  2. 2. ASBDE March 2, 2001 Page #2 Garrett asked about denturists and poss leg action… two methods, sue in chanc ct and injunction –or- refer file to pros attny since it’s a crime. Have to present proof to judge and no witnesses have to have warm body. A lot of money and time. Cindy asks about R&R chg about incomp unless has training… Trice recc a sep rule best way is legislat and chg DPA. Trice thanks Board and leaves. Dr. Garrett asks for a motion for approval of the Minutes from January 12, 2001. A motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes as presented. The motion passed. Letter from Calvin Price asking for hyg to be able to work when the dentist is not there... Ms. R tells Bd that Leg chgs will not take affect until after 60 days after final day of Leg session. Will need to make changes to R&R after that. Ms. Johnson tells a little about facility and speaks in favor of the request. Gen sup will not be introd until next Leg session in 2 yrs. Bd could write a R&R to take care of this now. Tarpley, Bill in leg now that may close a lot of facilities. Ms. R will write Mr. Price and tell him of poss inpending chgs. Directors report… Financal Rept… Working on projections… Float on one year without income… AADE cit of year nom due June 1. Nxt meeting in August 3rd , Sept 14th and Nov 16th
  3. 3. ASBDE March 2, 2001 Page #3 Public Hearing: Ms. Rickard states that this will be hard for everyone to get a HCP course since only given by Heart Assoc. Blancett wants to go on record that the hyg assoc is in favor of this chg. Johnson makes motion to accept prop. Vote passes unan. Comp Cmte Rept… See handout Mr. Rule: DB/MB case dismissed without pred. Old case and thanks to tarpley and assoc for chg to definition contributed to dismissal. Thanks to Bd staff and Bd members for preparation. W/ O pred can be brought back within one year. Not likely to happen. Bd and staff monitoring specialities closely. Happy to answer questions. Congrat. Wrote to Ms. Burch… Second longest case involved with.. Dr. G thanks him for his time and dedication to this case. R&R Report… Met last weekend Mr. Rule attended… nxt be meeting a copy of R&R for spec HYG, HEP, HYG Defin and ADV… Worked on for a long… proposal conc RDA and give insight on Art XVII… Survey conducted… proposal result… Ms. R states how diff is will be to administer this proposal… Cindy states that proposal is to protect the public… Dr. Wamble, not prob with levels does not like that has to be CDA to do adj and remove brackets… Nadine states that no asst can do that now… Dr. Phillips asks how many CDA’s not known. Dr. Walker states that asst should not be working on pts teeth… Jines states that rec letters from NE dist wanting to elim all together… Dr. Phillips states that it’s up to the dds… should outline what they can’t do not what they can. Will continue to oppose… Not protecting the public… it’s up to the dds…
  4. 4. ASBDE March 2, 2001 Page #4 Ms. R agrees with the Inf Cont part… Ms. Rickard suggests a compliance officer. Ms. Faulconer and Ms. Fletcher wishes her dentists to be clean… Phillips wants to leave resp on dds… Motion was made and seconded to schedule the proposal for a Pub Hearing on May 4th. Motion pases. Specif laws and and rules that apply… drugs, pt recs, malpract Motion made and seconded to add info to R&R. Motion passed. Prez Report and SRTA rept appol for 2nd Calibration… chg in grading… lot of hours put in… still working… will go through today… Loss of Dr. Lower and will rear test sched to take over his spot. Mr. Tarpley says a name early next week then wait on Gov. in 6 mos Cindy and I will be leaving it’s been a joy and ASDA has been great… Tarpley cudos… Thanks to Bd staff… Thanks to committees… Speaks of Dr. Barre’ lost fight with leukemia last Sunday. Cindy lost sister and Ms. Fletcher lost mother on same day and thought and prayers go out to them. Dr. G went to Westark eval… best facility for accred. Went real well… Wish Lowder the best… Jewelery tooth info… Dr. Walker asks a letter be written to lowder to thankhim for his time etc… Judy will draft letter for Dr G to sign. The following request for approval of Fictitious Name were tabled until R&R on advertising; send letter: Fort Smith Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, Carl R. Friddle, DDS
  5. 5. ASBDE March 2, 2001 Page #5 Cosmetic Dentistry Center of Northwest Arkansas, John C. Bain, DDS Other business, Ms. Rickard info in packet rept to leg council FYI Tarpley clearified bills currently in Leg, Trice had spoke of earlier… Barrett: Testing on maniquins rather than people? Boards stance? The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for May 4, 2001, in MainStreet Mall, conference room C. There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted, Cindy A. Johnson, R.D.H. Secretary/Treasurer