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Microsoft Word - NR_Posterior restoration course_R2


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  • Hello,

    My name is Rahul and I am from the Free Discount Plan for health care called
    I am a health care enthusiast and work in P.R. for HealthSouk. I was wondering if you would be interested in interviewing our CEO - Dr. Neilesh Patel DDS regarding this innovative dental discount plan for a possible story or blog story. Our insurance plan with no monthly fees also is getting ready for launch in a just a couple months! It is a large wave in what is being called Consumer directed insurance plans. This is the wave of American health insurance for the next 10 years.

    Dr. Patel has started 3 previous startups that have brought access to health care to millions of people worldwide including HealthCare Volunteer ( which he started as a dental student with $250 of his school loan money. Since then millions have received free health care around the world. HealthSouk is a new venture and this is the first of its kind and it has no monthly fees for patients. You can read more about him at

    For patients HealthSouk has reinvented the wheel. . . No monthly fees. It puts the patient’s back in charge of their health care decisions and financing in an expedia or travelocity like manner.

    Marv Migdol who is the CEO of Consumer Health Alliance recently made a quote about HealthSouk saying he was “impressed with our background and achievements”. Marv is one of the fathers of the discount plan industry and got involved with decades ago.

    This is a difficult time for patients to get access to discount dental services and our service grew from 1000 members last month to almost 10,000 in a just couple weeks. I look forward to hearing from you soon and working with you to setup an interview with Dr. Patel

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Microsoft Word - NR_Posterior restoration course_R2

  1. 1. For immediate release: March 2, 2010 Contact: Dr. Larry Burt, DMD, South Shore Dentistry 781‐331‐3030 or Dr. Larry Burt completes advanced training Training on back-of-mouth restorations included actual patient experience SOUTH WEYMOUTH—March 2, 2010—Dr. Larry Burt of South Shore Dentistry, which specializes in cosmetic and sedation dentistry, recently completed an advanced education course, “Posterior Partial Coverage Bonded Restorations.” The training taught techniques for restoring teeth toward the back of the mouth with partial‐coverage, porcelain restorations. The course also included completing the procedure on an actual patient. Using sedation dentistry, Burt condenses complex treatments that patients usually undergo during a longer series of office visits into a single appointment. While under sedation patients are conscious, but have little to no memory of the treatment they receive. For more information about South Shore Dentistry of sedation dentistry, visit or call 781‐331‐3030. About South Shore Dentistry ( South Shore Dentistry uses the newest dentistry technology and techniques to help patients achieve and maintain brilliant, healthy smiles. Using sedation dentistry, South Shore Dentistry helps patients overcome anxiety and fear and allows a patient to receive more treatment in a shorter amount of time. South Shore Dentistry provides complete dental care, including gum care and cosmetic procedures. ###