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  2. 2. Arun K. Garg, D.M.D. COURSE DIRECTOR MARCH 2009-AUGUST 2009 Founder of Implant Seminars Private Practice Miami, FL. Former Professor of Surgery in the Division of Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine for 20 years. Former Director of the ResidencyTraining Program University of Miami for 20 years. Dr. Garg will assist at all sessions LEARN THE BEST FROM THE BEST Empower yourself with this advanced program which will take you to a higher level of understanding for case/treatment planning, prosthetic/restorative principles, and soft and hard tissue manipulation. Most importantly, it will help you toidentify complications, giving you the predictability you need and the results you desire.The Masters Series is a series of 6 incredible 2-day sessions over the course of 6 months. It includes lectures, and live surgeries
  3. 3. ABOUT THE COURSE COURSE HIGHLIGHTS (All Included) - 12 days of Clinical Training ($20,000 Value) - The Annual Implant Seminars Symposium ($500 Value) - Book library ($1,000 Value) - DVD library ($5,000 Value) - Medical Billing course for 1 doctor and 2 staff members ($2,400 Value) - Entry to repeat all Implant Seminars Continuums for 2009 ($8,000 Value) - Membership in elite, national Alumni Network ($250 Value) - The GOLD Card All-Access Pass to All Seminars Nationwide ($20,000 Value) - Special Promotions for surgical and restorative Implant Products ($4,000-15,000 Value) - Dr. Garg’s attendance & assistance at all sessions (PRICELESS) - Our popular networking receptions at every session - On-going phone and e-mail consultations - Plus... Incredible Miami Beach night life - Course participants will graduate with: - Certificate “Master Series in Implant Dentistry” issued by Implant Seminars Continuing Education at the end of the series - 6 certificates (1 for each weekend by the weekend’s instructor) MASTER SERIES 2009 Phone: 1-800-561-3065 • Fax: (305) 944-3046
  4. 4. FACULTY ANDRE SAADOUN, D.D.S., M.S. Dr. Andre Saadoun is an internationally-known lecturer in Periodontology and Implantology and has written more than 150 articles and several chapters of books, including The Art of the Smile.He is a Diplomat of the American Academy of Periodontology, a Diplomat of the International Congress of Oral Implantology and President of the Rencontres Méditer- ranéennes de Dentisterie. Dr. Andre Saadoun has also received the medal of “Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite. He is also on the Editorial Board of Scientific Journals, Practical Procedures and Aesthetic Dentistry, Implant Dentistry, and Dental Implantology Update. Dr. Saadoun maintains a private practice in Paris, limited to Aesthetic Periodontics and Implant Surgery. Gingivo-Osseous Surgery • Biological principles • Initial preparation • Anesthesia • Incisions • Flaps without osseous resection Mucogingival Surgery /The Smile Periodontology • Gingivectomy • Pedicle flaps • Gingival grafts • Ridge augmentation • Osseous and mucogingival surgery • Multidisciplinary treatment • Maintenance Current Biological Trends in Aesthetic Perio-Implantology • Periodontal biological parameters • New trends in periodontal treatment • Implant biological parameters
  5. 5. FACULTY PAUL PETRUNGARO, D.D.S., M.S. Dr. Paul Petrungaro is a pioneer in the field of immediate tooth replacement, and one of the top implant surgeons and educa- tors in the world, offering an advanced level of expertise in Periodontology and Implantology that is changing the way dentists perform implants. Dr. Petrungaro uses a conservative, flapless surgical approach for the replacement of the natural tooth with an implant, in conjunction with the immediate provisionalization of the dental implant, meaning that the temporary attachment or crown is inserted that same day. A consultant to numerous surgical companies and laboratories, Dr. Petrungaro contributes to many new innovations in the aforementioned disciplines of surgical dentistry. Anterior Aesthetics • Immediate Provisionalization • Minimally Invasive Bone Grafting & Implant Placement • Tissue, Papillary Preservation • Acellular Dermal Matrix Graft, Puros® Dermis Tissue Allograft Matrix use to correct deep, wide gingival recession across the mandibular anterior Block Grafting - Puros® Block Allograft Surgical Technique • Maxillary Anterior Ridge Defect • Tension-Free Closure • Puros® Pericardium Membrane Use • Formations of the Crestal Emergence Profile Full Arch Immediate Extraction Implant Placement, Immediate Loading • Provisionalization Procedures • Bi-Lateral Sinus Elevations and Grafting • Surgical Guides and Provisionals • Localized Ridge Augmentation by Veneering Grafting Material
  6. 6. FACULTY David Garber, D.M.D. Dr. David Garber is one of the internationally-recognized multi-disciplinary educators known as “Team Atlanta.” Dr. Garber is the recipient of “The 2005 Gordon J. Christensen Lecturer Recognition Award,” “The American College of Prosthodontics Distinguished Lecturer Award,” and “The Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics Distinguished Lecturer Award.” He is past editor of the Journal of Esthetic Dentistry, past president of the AAED, and co-author of Porcelain Laminate Veneers, Bleaching Teeth, Porcelain and Composite Inlays and Onlays, and Complete Dental Bleaching, and has published in excess of 60 articles and textbooks chapters. Tooth Replacement in the Esthetic Zone • Biologic, esthetic and clinical issues that allow clinicians to completely eliminate the waiting period for implant-loading without sacrificing predictable osseointegration • Esthetic compromises related to adjacent implant • Different solutions to this esthetic dilemma • Abutment decision-making • The role of hard and soft tissue grafting Course Objectives: • Classification of extraction sites and ridge defects • Clarification of the six types of papilla defects and how to predictably correct them • Development of replicable decision-making algorithm for tooth replacement protocol based on diagnosis of the interproximal peak of bone adjacent to the edentulous site • Selection of Implants –Macrogeometry/Microgeometry
  7. 7. FACULTY ARUN K. GARG, D.M.D. Dr. Arun K. Garg is the founder of Implant Seminars, the largest, leading provider of implant dentistry, continuing education which produces and distributes hundreds of educational films, books and programs. He is considered the world’s preeminent authority on bone biology, bone harvesting and bone grafting. Dr. Garg served as a full-time Professor of Surgery in the Division of Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine, and as Director of the Residency Training Program for 20 years. Currently he is on the visiting faculty at the University of Florida College of Dentistry, and owns a private practice in Miami, Florida. Bone Harvesting, Bone Grafting and Bone Management • Simplified Root Extractions • Horizontal Bone Spreading • Precise and Predictable Horizontal and Vertical Bone Augmentation without block grafting • Ridge Widening internally • Ridge Splitting for Severely Resorbed Ridges Simplified and Predictable Crestal Sinus Grafting • The sinus membrane elevation with a crestal approach Course Objectives: • Recognize the indications for bone grafting • Recognize anatomical landmarks pertinent to implant placement and bone grafting procedures • Perform a crestal sinus lift procedure using new and specialized techniques and instrumentation • Understand how to carry out bone spreading techniques • Recognize and treat bone grafting complications • Understand predictable crestal and/or lateral window sinus grafting
  8. 8. FACULTY CRAIG M. MISCH, D.D.S., M.D.S. Dr. Craig Misch has been practicing and teaching implant dentistry for more than 20 years. He is an advisor to implant manufactures and an honored member of numerous dental organizations including Fellow of the Academy of Osseointegration, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, and International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He is the developer of the Ramus Harvesting technique which allows for immediate loading and cuts healing time in half without disease transmittion concerns. Moderate-to-Advanced Bone Grafting • Ramus Bone Harvesting • Anterior Mandible Bone Harvesting • Managing the Deficient Posterior Mandible Course Objectives: This session is designed to provide an intense and comprehensive understanding of advanced bone grafting techniques for dental implants. The course emphasizes the use of autogenous bone and discusses the details of harvest from the mandibular symphysis and ramus for onlay and sinus bone grafting. The course also reviews patient diagnoses, treatment planning, recipient site preparation, platelet rich plasma, soft tissue grafting, complications, provisional prostheses, and pharmacology.
  9. 9. LOCATION SEMINAR LOCATION Implant Seminars Training Center Dedicated staff and fully equipped facility 1840 NE 153rd Street North Miami Beach, FL 33162 Phone: 305-944-9636 • Toll Free: 1-800-561-3065Fax: (305) 944-3046 RECOMMENDED HOTEL The Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club 19999 West Country Club Drive Miami, Florida 33180 Tel: (305) 932-6200 email: The Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club draws people from everywhere with their world-class amenities such as golf, tennis, soothing spa retreat. and four-star dining. Situated in the heart of South Florida, this resort is also conveniently located between two major international airports: Miami International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. This stunning Mediterranean-style hotel has 392 ultra-luxurious oversized rooms and suites featuring spectacular views and personalized service from the international staff. MARCH 2009-AUGUST 2009 Limited space available
  10. 10. COURSE HIGHTLIGHTS Annual Symposium Implant Continuum Master Series live Surgeries Master Series Networking Receptions Also Includes a Comprehensive Reference Library of DVD’s, Books AND MUCH MORE!
  11. 11. REGISTRATION FORM MASTER SERIES 2009 TUITION : $12,000 A $2,000 deposit is required at the time of registration to reserve a space in the program. The remaining balance can be paid in four installments of $2,500. Payment 1: March, 2009 Payment 2: April, 2009 Payment 3: May, 2009 Payment 4: June, 2009 Interest-Free, 12-month Financing of the tuition is also available. Name: Address: Tel: E-Mail:  I have enclosed full payment.  Check payable to Implant Seminars, for $2,000 is enclosed. The four other payments will be paid by check on the dates specified above.  Charge my deposit in the amount of $2,000 to my credit card below. I also authorize balance to be divided into four equal payments of $2500 and charged to my credit card on the above specified dates. Card Number: Exp. Date: Name on Card : Signature: ACCREDITATION: IMPLANT SEMINARS is a designated and approved sponsor of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). As such, Implant Seminars’ continuing dental education is accepted by the AGD for credit toward membership, maintenance and Fellowship and Mastership credentials. As such, Implant Seminars’ continuing education is accepted by the AGD for credit toward membership, maintenance and fellowship and powership credential. My AGD Member number is # TAX DEDUCTION: The expense of continuing education may be tax deductible. I learned about this course from:  Colleague  Phone call  I am a previous student. C a l l u s a t ( 8 0 0 ) 5 6 1 . 3 0 6 5 or (305) 944 - 9636