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Division of Pediatric Dentistry


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Division of Pediatric Dentistry

  1. 1. Division of Pediatric Dentistry DIVISION PROFILE Number of Faculty 10 Number of Staff Physicians 2 Number of Other Students (full and part-time) 7 Number of Support Personnel 46 Annual Total Grant Support (direct) $15,250 Number of Peer Reviewed Publications 2 Patient Encounters Outpatient 36,439 Inpatient 49 FACULTY LISTING Stephen Wilson, DMD, MA, PhD, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Division Director Marie Callen, DMD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Richard Campbell, DMD, MS, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Director of Orthodontics Murray Dock, DDS, MSD, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Residency Program Director William Fye, DDS, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Director Off Campus Offices William Greenhill, DMD, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Assistant Residency Program Director AnnMarie Matusak, DDS, MS, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Howard Saal, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Medical Director, Craniofacial Team Iris Sageser, RDH, MS, Field Service Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Craniofacial Team Administrator James Steiner, DDS, Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Professor Emeritus STAFF PHYSICIAN LISTING Anthony Kamp, DMD, Pediatric Dentist, Mason Office Craig Mueller, DDS, Pediatric Dentist, Anderson Office OVERVIEW The division was formally founded in 1955 when Children's Hospital established an affiliation with a local group of Cincinnati citizens, The Children's Dental Care Foundation. The division has grown and prospered and is now nationally and internationally recognized for its excellent residency training and clinical programs. The training program, located on the Clifton campus, accepts five residents each year and has a total of eleven residents (one is enrolled by the United States Air Force). Extensive clinical experience is provided in child behavior management, sedation, patient care in the operating room, special needs patients, interceptive orthodontics, emergency care, disease prevention, craniofacial care, and well child care. A didactic program, provided by the faculty and consultants, supports the clinical experience and includes seminars, lectures, case presentations, and one on one teaching in the clinic and operating room. Each faculty member maintains a clinical practice and each has special interests. All faculty teaching residents with one exception are Board certified in Pediatric Dentistry. The faculty group provides expertise in cleft lip and palate orthopedics for neonates, orthodontic care for patients with craniofacial conditions, oral care for burn patients, infant dental care, sedation and general anesthesiology management, patients with special medical, physical, or mental challenges, and dento-alveolar trauma. Specialty clinics meet monthly in the division and include endodontics, periodontics, esthetics and oral surgery. A weekly hematology clinic is staffed in the Outpatient Hematology Clinic.
  2. 2. The division operates three off campus offices in Cincinnati suburban locations to provide dental care in the community. Each office employs a pediatric dentist, a full support staff and delivers comprehensive dental care. The Craniofacial Team, a multi-disciplined group, meets regularly in the division and provides comprehensive care in one location. Patients are cared for from birth to young adulthood. Specialists include audiology, dentistry, genetics, language disorders, nutrition, oral surgery, orthodontics, otolaryngology, pediatrics, plastic surgery and psychology. The team is a leader regionally and has an excellent national reputation. Left to Right: (1st row) I. Sageser, R. Campbell, M. Callen (2nd row) W. Greenhill, S. Wilson, M. Dock HIGHLIGHTS The Division of Pediatric Dentistry experienced a very busy clinical year. While outpatient clinical visits decreased from 38,531 to 35,313 with the closure of the Harrison Satellite, outpatient surgeries increased 16% from 1,362 to 1,583. We have continued to build on our collaboration with other services. Dr. Marie Callen is our lead professional in this endeavor. She currently serves on the Fanconi Anemia Team, and the Epidermolysis Bullosa Team. She also continues her work with liver transplant patients, cardiac surgery, and hematology/oncology. Her skills and knowledge are a valuable community resource. Dr. Murray Dock and Dr. William Greenhill surgically implant an adjustable nasal alveolar appliance to non- surgically perfect nasal anatomy in cleft lip and palate patients. The Children's Dental Care Foundation, a local group of business and professional volunteers that partners with the CCHMC Division of Pediatric Dentistry, had a strong fundraising year, providing $75,000 for dental care for underserved children.
  3. 3. Our faculty is providing pediatric dental training for four general practice residents from University Hospital. The summer dental extern program which offers senior dental students a rotation in our dental service hosted several students. The students come from dental schools around the country. Our faculty are involved with a number of national organizations. Dr. Dock serves as a site consultant on the Commission of Dental Accreditation. Dr. William Greenhill was selected to serve on the Advisory Council of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. Iris Sageser serves on Education and International Relations committees for the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association. Dr. Wilson is Director of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry-sponsored course on Contemporary Sedation, is a member of the Academy's Sedation Committee, and is a consulting editor of Anesthesia Progress. He serves on the Administrative Board of the Council of Hospitals and Advanced Education Programs of the American Dental Education Association. Dr. Wilson serves as a Foundation member of Eastern Illinois University. TRAINING Mariah Frazier, DDS PL-I University Missouri-Kansas Hormoz Golian, DDS PL-I University of Southern California Spencer Mauseth, DDS PL-I Creighton Amy Roeder, DDS PL-I Virginia Commonwealth Nicole Stoker, DDS PL-I University of the Pacific Toni Chen, DDS PL-XI University of Southern California Peggy Fard, DDS PL-XI UC Los Angeles Cheiu "Chris" Pham, DDS PL-XI University of the Pacific Ketan Sukkawala, DDS PL-XI University Texas Health Science Center San Antonio Randy Weinshel, DDS PL-XI Northwestern University GRANTS, CONTRACTS AND INDUSTRY AGREEMENTS Grant and Contract Awards Annual Direct/Project Period Direct Wilson, S Severe Early Childhood Caries and Growth in Young Children National Institutes of Health (Boston University subcontract) 05/01/06 – 07/31/07 $15,250/$7,250 Current Year Direct $15,250 Industry Contracts Current Year Direct Receipts $0 TOTAL $15,250 PUBLICATIONS 1. Dionne RA, Yagiela JA, Cote CJ, Donaldson M, Edwards M, Greenblatt DJ, Haas D, Malviya S, Milgrom P, Moore PA, Shampaine G, Silverman M, Williams RL, Wilson S. Balancing efficacy and safety in the use of oral sedation in dental outpatients. J Am Dent Assoc 2006;137(4):502-13. 2. Martinez D, Wilson S. Children sedated for dental care: a pilot study of the 24-hour postsedation period. Pediatr Dent 2006;28(3):260-4.