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CSU DenTiSTry - Serving OUr COmmUniTy


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CSU DenTiSTry - Serving OUr COmmUniTy

  1. 1. Dentistry and Oral Health Therapy at CSU CSU DenTiSTry - Serving OUr COmmUniTy Page
  2. 2. “CSU’s Dentistry and Oral Health Therapy program has undergone thorough and extensive consultation and planning, setting a new benchmark for course development at the University. “I am confident the program will be a national leader and make a significant contribution to the sustainability of the University and the communities in which we operate.” Professor ian goulter CSU vice-Chancellor and President Page
  3. 3. OveRvieW charles sturt University (csU) is a national university providing excellence in education for the professions, strategic and applied research and flexible delivery of learning and teaching. csU delivers quality, relevant education to students across australia and around the world with a focus on providing graduates for professions in the arts, Business, education and sciences. Dedicated academic professionals supported by well researched curriculum and hands-on teaching methods ensure our graduates are industry ready. a recent survey conducted by the Graduate careers council of australia found that 83% of csU graduates were in full-time employment at the end of their studies. Ranked in the top 0 universities in australia for learning and teaching in Health sciences by the australian Government in 007, csU offers courses in allied Health and the Medical sciences that equip graduates to work across a broad spectrum of careers in national and international settings. the science faculty’s new $65. million school of Dentistry and Health sciences will play a major role in helping improve the oral and systemic health of people in regional NsW, across the nation and the world through progressive education, research, patient care and community service. csU Dentistry and Oral Health therapy graduates will contribute to combating the chronic shortage of dental and oral health workers Australia-wide, while also significantly impacting the health of our local communities. facilities  a new lecture theatre to enable large cross- the school of Dentistry and Health sciences will boast disciplinary groups to receive lectures together brand new state-of-the-art pre-clinical and clinical  general upgrading of roads and infrastructure to facilities at Orange (dentistry) and Wagga Wagga improve the safety of the campus and make it more (oral health therapy) campuses and Dental education accessible. clinics at albury-Wodonga, Bathurst and Dubbo campuses. Wagga Wagga Campus Orange Campus the new dentistry facilities on Wagga Wagga campus the new dentistry facilities on Orange campus will will comprise two blocks. a two-storey block will include comprise three blocks adjacent to the new clinical a 4-chair clinic with both open and enclosed settings science experiential learning centre. located close to located on the ground floor, along with support the main campus entrance, the facilities will include a accommodation. the ‘front of house’ will include a private practice on the ground floor along with support patient waiting room, reception and patient counselling accommodation and a 60-place simulation laboratory / liaison room, while the ‘back of house’ will comprise the with phantom heads for pre-clinical teaching. clinic manager’s office, sterilisation rooms, staff, student General and specialist teaching accommodation will and technical support areas, and storage rooms. be situated on the first floor and will include a dental Staff accommodation will be located on the first floor technology laboratory, specialist science teaching and will include the School reception, offices and laboratory, it lecture theatres, and seminar and scenario meeting rooms. also on this level will be research facilities rooms. Also on the first floor will be the Head of School for staff and postgraduate student use, and a 0-place and administrative suite; staff and postgraduate offices; simulation laboratory with phantom heads for teaching research facilities for staff and postgraduate students; pre-clinical skills. common room and meeting room. On the second floor the second block will include teaching accommodation will be the anatomy teaching facilities including a Pc with a specialist science teaching laboratory, it lecture teaching laboratory and a dry (computer) laboratory. theatres, and seminar and scenario rooms. in addition to the new building for the school of Dentistry Both buildings will be fully wireless and have student and Health sciences, further developments are planned interaction zones throughout for quiet study and for Orange campus including: group work between classes.  an extension to the library to create a learning commons: a vibrant new learning space to encourage collaboration and support new methods of teaching and learning Page
  4. 4. DeNtistRy cOURses Bachelor of Oral Health (Therapy/Hygiene) csU’s Bachelor of Dental science and Bachelor of csU’s Bachelor of Oral Health (therapy/Hygiene) is a Oral Health (therapy/Hygiene) were developed in close three-year degree that prepares graduates for a career cooperation with the australian Dental association as a dental therapist or dental hygienist. (aDa), local dentists, oral health practitioners and there will be a strong focus on core biomedical and oral senior consultants. Graduates from the two courses sciences in the first two years of the course. Foundation are expected to provide a much needed injection of theoretical materials will be presented in lecture style but dentists, dental therapists and dental hygienists into the small group seminars and case based interactions will region to enhance access to this under-resourced area feature throughout the curriculum. of healthcare. in years two and three, the focus is on understanding the Bachelor of Dental Science medical, dental, social and community context of dental CSU’s Bachelor of Dental Science is a five-year degree hygiene or dental therapy clinical practice. that prepares graduates for a career as a dental practitioner. for more information about the Bachelor of Oral Health (therapy/Hygiene) visit: During years one and two there will be a strong focus on core biomedical and dental sciences. foundation theoretical materials will be presented in lecture style but Clinical experience small group seminars and case based interactions will in year one of both courses, students will commence feature throughout the curriculum. their clinical experience and hand skills development using state-of-the art simulation equipment in brand new, In years three to five, the focus is on understanding the purpose-built facilities. clinical experience of increasing medical, dental, social and community context of dental complexity is combined with further development of clinical practice. hand skills through years one and two and provides a the process of gaining australian Dental council strong foundation for extended clinical practice in accreditation has commenced. Graduates will be year three and the remaining two years of the Bachelor eligible for licensure as a dentist in any australian state or of Dental science. territory. there are no additional exams or requirements, students will undertake intense clinical practice sessions although some states have continuing professional in generalist and all specialist disciplines. development requirements. there will be the opportunity to engage in clinical for more information about the Bachelor of practice at a variety of sites (University and community, Dental science visit: rural and metropolitan) to gain optimal professional experience. dental_science “Our new Dentistry and Oral Health Therapy program is the latest addition to a suite of specialist health science courses offered by the Faculty of Science. Over the past two decades CSU has produced what are now recognised internationally as some of the most exciting and innovative health programs available at any university.” Professor nicholas Klomp, Dean, Faculty of Science Page
  5. 5. caReeRs iN DeNtistRy aND ORal HealtH tHeRaPy testiMONial Dentistry and oral health therapy provide rewarding “i play a vital role as a dental practitioner in and diverse career paths and are health professions Wagga Wagga, as the demand for dental treatment concerned with caring for people of all ages. in the region far outweighs the supply of practitioners. Government analysts predict that dentists, dental i learnt early in my career that the skill set needed as a therapists and dental hygienists will be in high demand general practitioner in a regional and rural community is in australia. Once you become registered, your job wide and varied. prospects are excellent. Most dentistry, dental hygiene “Regional cities like Wagga Wagga and Orange provide and dental therapy students will know if they have a an ideal learning platform for dentistry students. By graduate position by December of their final year. combining teaching and learning with clinical practise, Graduates could work in any of the following: charles sturt University’s dentistry courses will provide oral health services across the five regional communities in  general dentistry practice which the University’s campuses are situated, exposing  specialty dentistry practice students to a wide range of dental experience and  public sector dental health encouraging them to think outside the square.  australian defence forces (army, Navy or air force) “there has been a well documented need for greater  hospital dental clinics access to dental services for all members of our  international healthcare community, and i commend csU for developing quality  education education facilities based in the regions as a way of  research addressing this issue.  industry “as an active member of the southern NsW branch after registration, you may specialise within a particular of the australian Dental association, i support csU’s area of dentistry that interests you. for example, new school of Dentistry and Health sciences, and see after achieving your Bachelor of Dental science, you this new development as an opportunity for both my may study further to become qualified in a specialist profession and rural and regional communities to benefit.” area of dentistry, such as orthodontics, paediatric Dr Kathleen matthews dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, implantology or Dental Practitioner, Wagga Wagga prosthodontics programs at Master level, or biomedical or dental science research at Doctoral level. “ADA NSW sees the CSU Dentistry development as a significant step forward in enhancing the recruitment and retention of dentists and oral health professionals in NSW. It is also likely that graduates from CSU will be able to address issues of shortages of dentists in country areas and impact positively on dental services in those communities.” Dr Tony Burges, President of ADA nSW Page 3
  6. 6. ReseaRcH the school of Dentistry and Health sciences has been created to draw together a number of cognate areas of the health professions that will promote new multidisciplinary approaches to clinical practice, education and health science research. the school of Dentistry and Health sciences’ long established Health science disciplines have already been pursuing significant research agendas, particularly in the fields of diagnostic imaging, radiation physics, inter-professional education and healthcare delivery. the school intends building on this base with a major push in the areas of dentistry and oral health therapy, concentrating on the molecular aspects of oral and systemic disease, clinical aspects of auto-immune diseases, biomaterials science and healthcare access and delivery of services in rural, remote and indigenous communities. the school will also focus on the development of research interests around the combination of disciplines of the school such as dental imaging, links between nutrition and oral and systemic health, and team approaches to disease prevention. Page 4
  7. 7. staff PROfiles Photo: Central Western Daily HeaD Of tHe scHOOl Of DeNtistRy aND HealtH assOciate PROfessOR BaRBaRa aNNe taylOR scieNces, PROfessOR WaRD Massey a periodontist, teacher and clinical scientist, associate Professor Massey brings to CSU a significant international Professor taylor was Head of the Department of reputation and in-depth understanding of dental clinical Periodontics at the Sydney Dental Hospital from 1996 until education. her departure for csU this year. Based in Wagga Wagga, He has gained extensive experience in academia Dr taylor is charged with the task of developing and in australia with appointments at the Universities of coordinating csU’s oral health therapy program. adelaide, sydney and Western australia, while his clinical in her academic career, Dr taylor has been clinical experience was grounded in Westmead Hospital clinical coordinator for specialist training in Periodontics at the school, with the armed forces and as clinical Director at University of sydney and an associate Professor at the the colgate australian clinical Dental Research centre University of Newcastle. in adelaide. a recipient of the australian Dental association service Professor Massey received his Bachelor of Dental surgery Medallion, Dr taylor is a fellow of the Royal australasian from the University of adelaide prior to commencing college of Dental surgeons and international college of practice at the Broken Hill Mines Dental clinic and Dentists. subsequently in the south australian Dental Hospital. Dr taylor’s research interests are in the association Professor Massey’s research interests are focused on the between oral health and general health, particularly fields of clinical dentistry and oral health. In 1988, he was in the relationship between inflammation, periodontal the recipient of a National Health and Medical Research disease, and cardiovascular risk. she established council of australia (NRMHc) four year postgraduate and leads a multidisciplinary research group that has scholarship. conducted two clinical trials to date, one of which was Moving to the United states in 00 to further his funded by the National Health and Medical Research academic career, Professor Massey joined the University council of australia, which form the basis for her doctoral of Maryland’s school of Dentistry and subsequently took studies at the University of Oslo in Norway. up an appointment as assistant Professor in Restorative seNiOR lectUReR DR saBRiNa MaNickaM Dentistry and Biomaterials at Harvard University school of Dr Manickam was the 00 recipient of the University Dental Medicine. of sydney faculty of Dentistry alumni Jubilee Medal in November 005 he returned to the University of for Outstanding contributions to the Profession and Maryland as Professor in endodontics, Prosthodontics clinical Dentistry. and Operative Dentistry and was associate Dean for she has recently held the position of area clinical academic affairs. Director for Oral Health in Greater Western area Health Professor Massey has undertaken clinical research service, with a conjoint appointment as sub-Dean, activities in the Gene transfer and therapeutics Branch Rural Dental Programs with the University of sydney of the National institute of Dental and craniofacial Dr Manickam has held significant roles with the NSW Research in Bethesda, Maryland, investigating the aDa Branch and is currently a councillor, active on the relationship between the presence of specific executive, Professional indemnity committee, Dental micro-organisms, auto-immune disease and dry mouth Practice committee and Western Division of the Branch. conditions. He is presently involved in a number of Dr Manickam has also been a central figure within dental clinical trials, including being a co-investigator in a areas of NsW Health with roles on the state Oral Health study sponsored by Johns Hopkins University applied executive, state clinical advisory Group, Rural advisory Physics laboratories. committee and groups engaging with isOH. she was a Ministerial appointment to the Dental care assessment committee of the NsW Dental Board from 003-007. Her research interests are in the area of oral malignancy. Page 5
  8. 8. fast facts Courses number of places available each year  five year full-time Bachelor of  40 places for the Bachelor of Dental science Dental science (Orange campus)  0 places for the Bachelor of Oral Health  three year full-time Bachelor of (therapy/Hygiene) Oral Health (therapy/Hygiene) Clinical placements (Wagga Wagga campus) approximately 60% of both courses will be Admission requirements spent on clinical placement in regional and to enrol in the Bachelor of Dental science or metropolitan centres. Bachelor of Oral Health (therapy/Hygiene), Course costs applicants must: Places in both courses will be offered as  obtain a competitive Uai commonwealth supported Places.  have a current Senior First Aid Certificate Accreditation  undergo a criminal record check the Bachelor of Dental science and Bachelor  undergo vaccination against infectious of Oral Health (therapy/Hygiene) will be diseases prior to placement within the NsW accredited by the australian Dental council. Health system. the process of accreditation has commenced. Bachelor of Dental science applicants must also: Bachelor of Dental science and Bachelor of  submit a written application/questionnaire Oral Health (therapy/Hygiene) graduates and attend a compulsory face-to-face will be able to apply for registration with the interview relevant state or territory’s licensing authorities.  have access to a personal laptop  have good vision, depth perception, excellent hand-eye coordination and manual (hand) skills  be highly proficient in the English language. for more information about courses available and how to apply, please contact info.csu: telephone: +6 6338 6077 facsimile: +6 6338 600 email: Web inquiry: The Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) Provider Number for Charles Sturt University is 00005F (NSW) and 01947G (VIC). © charles sturt University, 008 . Printed on 50% recycled and 50% oxygen bleached paper. Printed by csU Print 0 6338 45 Page 6