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Bard OS50 Continuous Infusion Pump Criticare POET TE End Tital CO


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Bard OS50 Continuous Infusion Pump Criticare POET TE End Tital CO

  1. 1. Bard OS50 Continuous Infusion Pump This device continuously infuses sedative medications into the IV line during the sedation session. The effect is that the patient remains evenly and comfortably sedated throughout extended procedures. Unlike basic IV sedation techniques that require the dentist to manually inject sedative drugs multiple times during long procedures, the infusion pump produces a more accurate titration. It works by automatically delivering the sedative medications based on the patient’s weight. Dr. Gagne is the only dentist in Ventura County who uses this technology. CONTINUOUS INFUSION PUMP Criticare POET TE End Tital CO Capnograph 2 This monitor samples CO2 from the nose. The gas flow displays as waves on an LCD screen. The waves indicate the quality and rate of the patient’s ventilatory response. As the most sophisticated monitor of breathing available, it indicates potential problems within twenty seconds. Basic pulse oximetry can take up to a minute or more! Dr. Gagne has used CAPONOGRAPH this technology since 1993. He is the only IV Sedation practitioner in Ventura County that uses this advanced monitoring technique.