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  1. 1. Conjoint Congress 2007 16-19 November 2007 Continuing Education Course in Orthodontics Professor Bjorn Zachrisson 19 November 2007 Lecture course, HKAM Lecture Theatre, 9:00am – 5:00pm High-quality dentistry—seamless cooperation between orthodontists and dentists 1. Integrating aesthetic dentistry and space closure in patients with missing maxillary lateral incisors One challenge of treating missing maxillary lateral incisors and any coexisting malocclusion is knowing when to close or open the spaces, while achieving the best aesthetic and functional results. Space closure has some major advantages, but it is difficult to achieve an optimal, natural-looking result with this approach—particularly in cases of unilateral agenesis. This lecture will describe how clinical concerns associated with space closure can be overcome by combining certain techniques from aesthetic dentistry and carefully detailed orthodontic treatment. When used in combination, these methods can provide the needed improvements to approach the appearance of natural intact dentition, and can thus make orthodontic space closure a more attractive alternative than ever before for patients with missing lateral incisors. 2. Orthodontic treatment for elderly adults––is there an age limit? This lecture will describe experiences associated with routine orthodontic treatment in a study involving a large pool of elderly adults. The lecture will discuss the treatment plans and teeth selected for extraction, reactions from both the patient's and the orthodontist's points of view, and treatment outcomes. Recommendations will be made on when to perform compromise treatments for senior patients, as well as dealing with unexpected reactions in patients with psychological imbalance, overcoming special problems with bonding and debonding in adults with large fillings and many artificial teeth, and retaining the achieved results. Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. 3. Aesthetic dentistry for the future—cooperation between specialists This lecture will cover and demonstrate in detail the clinical results achieved by interdisciplinary cooperation between contemporary orthodontics and excellent prosthetic dentistry. It will be shown that the outcome is dependent on both specialties, and that the final result achievable by the two types of specialists together will be better than that achievable by each alone. 4. Orthodontics, periodontics, and implants—clinical implications of recent research advances During the past 15 years, advances in basic sciences related to periodontal biology, the increasing use of single implants, and clinical trials on different aspects of periodontal disease have changed many treatment concepts. This lecture will summarise the most pertinent information from recent studies for application in orthodontic practice, especially for orthodontists treating more and more complex adult cases. Treatment planning, clinical management, and retention regimens will be covered. Special attention will be given to specific factors related to tooth movement, extrusion/intrusion of single teeth, use of miniscrews and implants for stable anchorage, and techniques to improve the aesthetic outcome of treatment. —For more information on this course and the Conjoint Congress, please e-mail the Congress Secretariat: Bjorn U Zachrisson DDS, MSD, PhD Prof Bjorn Zachrisson is Professor of the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Oslo, Norway, and maintains a private orthodontic practice in Oslo. He has published more than 225 scientific and clinical articles in textbooks and international journals on topics in orthodontics, periodontics, and general dentistry. His international honours and distinctions include the 2007 Jarabak and Ketcham Awards. Prof Zachrisson is currently Associate Editor of the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics and Editor and author of “Ask an Expert” in the World Journal of Orthodontics. Conjoint Congress 2007 Second International Conference on Evidence-based Advanced Dentistry & Silver Jubilee Celebrations, HKU Faculty of Dentistry, & 14th Anniversary of the College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong 16-19 November 2007 ♦ Hong Kong, China URL: Page 2 of 2