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Dental implants dentistinmuskegon


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Restore your beautiful smile with an Accomplished Dental Implants Dentist in Muskegon MI, Dr. Mike Cerminaro. DDS Norton Shores Dental Suites 755 Seminole Road, Suite 102 Muskegon, Michigan 49441 (231) 780-1100

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Dental implants dentistinmuskegon

  1. 1. Bring Back the Smile To Your Face withDENTAL IMPLANTS
  2. 2. Teeth can be knocked out throughtraumatic situations, unwise eating habits,incorrect cleaning procedures, and neglectcan cause decay.
  3. 3. Gum diseases can also be a reason why we lose them.
  4. 4. Replacing missing teethmay not be a problem because there are manyways to do it.
  5. 5. which sometimes give a “false” look and feel,After considering dentures and dental crowns,dental implants offerthe best option.
  6. 6. It imitates the real tooth by going through thegums, and screwed right in to the bone. This stay theremeans it is topermanently.
  7. 7. Implants are structurally thesame as the natural one, and just as strong anddurable.
  8. 8. chew foodIt makes onemore efficiently.
  9. 9. avoid It will also help you adverse bond conditions andmisaligned bites.
  10. 10. And the most rewarding part of havingimplants is to be able to flash thatradiant smile again.
  11. 11. 755 Seminole Road, Suite 102 Muskegon, Michigan 49441 Telephone:(231) 780-1100