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Sbwire 531166

  1. 1. Website Design Fresno Company Cloud1Marketing Reacts to Matt Cutts' Comments About Link Selling and Buying Sites' Penalisations Posted on Friday, July 18, 2014 about-link-selling-and-buying-sites-penalisations-531166.htm Fresno, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- Specialist search marketing agency SEO Consult has reacted to Google’s head o web spam outlining his employer’s policy on the penalisation of websites that sell and buy links. In a video as part of his weekly video blog collection, Matt Cutts answered a question from a webmaster who wanted to know how his site would be affected if it had a link pointing to it from a site that had been found to be selling links. As Google no longer trusts these types of sites and issues severe ranking penalties, the webmaster addressing the question to Cutts was worried whether genuine, organic sites that have links from these black hat SEO sites will suffer similar punishments. However, Cutts responded by explaining that any link from a link buying site will no longer have any value as is it is coming from a site that Google does not hold in any authority. Any website that has a link pointing to it from one of these sites won’t be penalized, but any links like these that it has will no longer have any impact on ranking performance. As a Google AdWords certified company, monitors industry developments like this very closely. This news will also reassure the agency over any of its clients’ websites that may have links to them from these lin buying sites. “The issue of penalties due to bought and sold links is one that has been discussed a lot in industry circles in recent times,†said Liane Grimshaw, Managing Director of “This news will be welcomed by any of ou clients whose sites may have links to them from these particular link buying sites.― This technique is fully supported in modern browsers, such as IE8+, Safari, Chrome and Opera, as well as mobile devices that use these same browsers (iPad, iPhone, etc.). Older browsers and Firefox degrade nicely and still resize as one would expect of a responsive image, except that both resolutions are downloaded together, so the end benefit of saving space with this technique is void. About Web Design Fresno Web Design and SEO Fresno is the search arm of Cloud1 Marketing and is California's #1 SEO & PPC Company. Web Design and SEO Fresno specializes in ensuring that small and medium businesses get prominently displayed in search results of leading search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing and more, to help small & medium enterprises connect with customers searching for what they offer on their website.Cloud1Marketing For more information about their Web Design Fresno SEO & PPC services, please visit or call Paul Singh
  2. 2. Media Relations Contact Paul Singh CEO Website Design Frersno 559-940-4181