Digital marketing e-camp 30 mins


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Digital marketing e-camp 30 mins

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Strategies A Presentation By Denny Santoso
  2. 2. Denny Santoso Profile 1 14 years experience in fitness industry 2 Large offline and online commerce network 3 Owner of PT. Jaya Sportindo - sole distributor of Ultimate Nutrition Indonesia 4 Owner of - one of the biggest health and fitness portal in Indonesia 5 Founder of, and BRTC Indonesia
  3. 3. Body in Shape
  4. 4. Enjoy Entrepreneur Life
  5. 5. OUR WORKS
  6. 6. Digital Marketing Strategy
  7. 7. Internet is growing fast
  8. 8. Indonesia Internet User Growth (in Million) 80 80 63 60 55 40 42 30 20 25 0 2008 2009 *Source: 2010 2011 2012 2013 Source: Internet World Stat
  9. 9. Internet is packed with people
  10. 10. How to start?
  11. 11. Start with your customer and work backward
  12. 12. On the web, people vote with their fingers
  13. 13. My Product Research, Polls, Questionaire, Focus Groups, Sales, Marketing Interviews, Trials
  14. 14. My Product Google Keyword Research Tool, Google Trends, Google Media Planner
  15. 15. Your website is not your web presence Voice (Your Website) Footprint (ads, Blogs, Forums, Other activities) Shadow (what everyone else says about you)
  16. 16. 4Q 1.Who are you trying to reach? 2.What are you trying to say? 3.What do you want them to do? 4.How will you know it has worked?
  17. 17. Convergence Convergence of social, search and mobile is dominating the current web landscape, and is driving the realtime people and brand behaviour Social Search Mobile
  18. 18. The Age of The Social Enterprise “To any CEO who is sceptical today about social enterprise, you have to be totally connected with everyone who touches your brand. If you don’t do that, I don’t know what your business model is in five years time.”! Burberry CEO, Angela Ahrendts
  19. 19. Google warns 6 in 10 will leave your mobile unfriendly site. 36% of respondents said they felt like they’ve wasted their time by visiting those sites, and 52% of users said that bad mobile experience make them less likely to engage with a company.!
  20. 20. Channel Evolution Traditional Marketing Tradigital Marketing Broadcast! Print! Radio! Outdoor Brand as ‘outsider’ Banners! Microsites! Email! Search Real-time marketing Networks! Communities! Blog! Microblogs Brand as ‘insider’
  21. 21. Deliver solution that involve consumers and add value to their everyday lives.
  22. 22. Start with your business objectives. Outline your marketing strategy then plan your digital strategy.
  23. 23. 1. REACH Build awareness on other sites and in offline medias and drive to web presences KPI - Unique Visitors, fans, share, revenue or goal per visits 4. ENGAGE 2. ACT Build customer and fan relationships through time to achieve retention goals Encourage audience to interact with brand on website or other online presence The Race Digital Strategy Framework KPI - % active hurdle rates, fan engagement, repeat conversion KPI - Bounce rate, page per visits, conversion 3. CONVERT Achieve conversion to marketing goals such as fans, leads or sales online and offline KPI - conversion, leads and sales, revenue and margin
  24. 24. Your media choice reflects your content strategy, which reflects your objectives Owned media Paid Media Channel a brand controls Brand pays to leverage a channel Website, Blog, Mobile apps, Social Presence Paid Search, Display ads, Affiliate Marketing, Digital signage Earned media Media earned for a brand in a social environment Word of mouth, Social Networks, Influencer outreach
  25. 25. Channel Activity 1. Website - Dashboard 2. Facebook - Multiway social interaction 3. Mobile apps - Inform and build anticipation on location 4. Youtube - Deliver engaging content 5. Twitter - Inform and trigger desire to participate 6. Digital advertising - Awareness and trigger to participate 7. Mobile SMS - Trigger individual by location 8. Email - Exclusive offers and news updates
  26. 26. What is strategy? Strategy is science or art of directing a way of action to achieve of the main goal efficiently.
  27. 27. Act ion s ns Actio Actions Ac tio ns ns io ct A Actions Actions ns io ct A A Ac tio ns B
  28. 28. With Strategy and Coherent Action Actions Actions A Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions B
  29. 29. With Strategy and Coherent Action Design Website A Banners Content Social Media Usability PPC, SEO Mobile Interface B
  30. 30. More about Internet Marketing Strategies
  31. 31. Understanding Scalability
  32. 32. Think your niche market
  33. 33. Know Your Competitors
  34. 34. Use and customize competitor strategy
  35. 35. Increase your credibility
  36. 36. REACH
  37. 37. Traffic & Web Presences
  38. 38. Good product without audience = fail
  39. 39. Traffic Sources FREE TRAFFIC PAID TRAFFIC Google Organic, SEO, Web Linking, Social Media, Great Content Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Banner Ads, Affiliate Marketing YOUR WEBSITE
  40. 40. Two kind of traffic or
  41. 41. Google organic SEO Website Linking
  42. 42. YouTube Twitter & Facebook
  43. 43. Top 5 Social Network in Indonesia (in Million) 90 80.2 67.5 45 26.4 22.5 5.9 0 4.9 Yahoo! Profile *Source: 10.5 LinkedIN Twitter Facebook Source: Comscore
  44. 44. Google Adwords Facebook Ads Banner Ads
  45. 45. ACT
  46. 46. Consumer Interaction
  47. 47. CONVERT
  48. 48. Knowing your Conversion
  49. 49. Conversion define the success of your campaign
  50. 50. ENGAGE
  51. 51. Email Marketing
  53. 53. Forum
  54. 54. Mobile Engagement
  55. 55. Develop your whole business
  56. 56. Thank You A Presentation by: @DennySantoso