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Your Christmas Response


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Your Christmas Response

  1. 2. Mary’s Response: I am willing to accept whatever God wants
  2. 3. “ O Lord, may everything you’ve said… … come true
  3. 4. “ My soul doth magnify the Lord”
  4. 5. “ He that is mighty has done great things.”
  5. 6. Never give up, when you can give in…. … to the will of God
  6. 7. Elizabeth’s response: “The child in me will prepare the path for our Lord”
  7. 8. “ Mary, Mary, blessed art thou! Blest the fruit of your womb”
  8. 9. “ The babe in me … … jumped with joy”
  9. 10. The Spirit of giving started when God first gave….
  10. 11. “ For God so Loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever may believe should not perish but have everlasting life”. The Spirit of giving started when God first gave….
  11. 12. Joseph’s response: “ He did as the angel commanded him… … and took Mary to be his wife”.
  12. 13. Joseph did not necessarily have an easy life of wealth and riches, just because the Messiah was to be born in his family.
  13. 14. Serving God does not… … necessarily mean worldly success and riches.
  14. 15. Yet, that was God come to be born in a simple, humble, poor man’s home
  15. 16. “ It meant looking desperately for a place to lay the baby Messiah”
  16. 17. “ It meant being rejected…
  17. 18. It meant spending the night in a stable
  18. 19. … it meant having to run for safety in the middle of the night
  19. 20. Amazing Love … That Thou My Lord shouldst come seeking …
  20. 21. Shepherd’s response: Made haste to see the Messiah
  21. 22. It meant having to leave the sheep in the field to the perils of the night.
  22. 23. Their reward: Marvel at the Mighty Messiah in a Motely Manger
  23. 24. And when they had seen this, they made known the statement which had been told them about this Child.
  24. 25. Christ was born so that you may be born-again
  25. 26. The response of the Wise Men: They traveled from far.
  26. 27. … they worshipped Him and only Him.
  27. 28. They brought gifts that was fit for the one who was born King
  28. 29. Herod’s response: He was troubled …
  29. 30. … troubled, as was whole of Jerusalem… … at the birth of Jesus
  30. 31. He even sought to seek out the Messiah and have Him killed
  31. 32. Is your attitude, overflowing with gratitude?
  32. 33. … and the star stood over the house where the Child lay.
  33. 35. Isn’t it time to open the gifts that God has given you?
  34. 36. Jesus is the only person who was born King, the others are made king.