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English company profile

  1. 1. www.jinkosolar.com sales@jinkosolar.com EN-MKT-CP_v2.0_rev201203 JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. Tel: +86 21 6061 1799 Fax: +86 21 6876 1115 sales@jinkosolar.com Global Sales & Marketing Center Tel: +86 793 858 8188 Fax: +86 793 846 1152 Jiangxi Manufacture Base Tel: +86 573 8798 5678 Fax: +86 573 8787 1070 Zhejiang Manufacture Base Headquarters Europe Logistics Warehouses in Europe & US Tel: +1 415 402 0502 Fax: +1 415 402 0703 us@jinkosolar.com JinkoSolar ( U.S. ) Inc. Tel: +1 905 604 2527 Fax: +1 905 604 2687 canada@jinkosolar.com Jinko Solar Canada Co., Ltd. North America Tel: +86 10 5830 1948 Fax: +86 10 5834 1487 Tel: +81 03 6895 7509 Fax: +81 03 6895 7353 Jinko Solar China Tel: +61 (0) 7 5549 3149 Fax: +61 (0) 7 5549 0248 Jinko Solar Australia Holdings Co., Ltd. Asia & Pacific Tel:+33 4 3488 3458 Fax:+33 (0) 972 14 95 59 france@jinkosolar.com JinkoSolar S.A.S. in Montpellier, France Tel: +39 051 298 8511 Fax: +39 051 571 274 italy@jinkosolar.com Jinko Solar subsidiary in Bologna, Italy Tel: +49 (0) 891433246-0 Fax: +49 (0) 891433246-26 germany@jinkosolar.com Jinko Solar GmbH in Munich, Germany Tel: +41 41 748 0010 Fax: +41 41 748 0019 switzerland@jinkosolar.com JinkoSolar (Switzerland) A.G. Jinko Solar Japan
  2. 2. The success of Jinko Solar’ formula stems from our simple approach to sustainability and growth. Adhering to our 3T+3S+3P system of solar excellence, we specialize in delivering quality products through a tightly integrated value chain. This 3T+3S+3P philosophy ensures you receive optimal energy output at minimal cost for decades to come. Solar on every rooftop is our vision of the future.With a winning business model that leverages unparalleled expertise and a range of innovative products, we deliver solar solutions that work. Jinko Solar Philosophy s 1
  3. 3. Global Sales & Marketing Center (Shanghai) Jiangxi Manufacture Base Zhejiang Manufacture Base JinkoSolar S.A.S. (Montpellier) Jinko Solar subsidiary (Bologna) Jinko Solar GmbH (Munich) JinkoSolar ( U.S. ) Inc.(San Francisco) Jinko Solar China (Beijing) Jinko Solar Japan Jinko Solar Australia Holdings Co., Ltd. JinkoSolar (Switzerland) A.G. Jinko Solar Canada Co., Ltd. About US Founded in 2006, JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (NYSE Stock Code: JKS) is one of the select few PV manufacturers that have a vertically integrated model, producing high quality crystalline ingots, wafers, cells, and mono- and multi-crystalline PV panels. Our full control over the production chain allows us to guarantee the highest quality for our products and a much more efficient cost structure. With these competitive advantages, we are able to pass benefits on to our customers around the world. We employ more than 10,000 professionals with factories in Shangrao (Jiangxi) and Haining (Zhejiang) covering more than 165 acres. Our global commercial office is located in Pudong, Shanghai. We started expanding our international presence by establishing European representative subsidiaries in Munich, Zug, Bologna and Montpellier, two North America subsidiaries in San Francisco, USA and Toronto, Canada, Japanese subsidiary in Tokyo, and an Australian subsidiary in Queensland. 32 3
  4. 4. Total Quality Control Rigid quality supervision through 64 in-line processes 12 years 90%/25 years 80% power output warranty & High cell efficiency ≥ 18% Top Competitive Cost Structure Vertically-integrated manufacturing: Ingots, Wafers, Cells and Modules Trustworthy Customer Service Localized Presence: Munich, Switzerland, Bologna, Montpellier, San Francisco Growing service coverage and quick response system Strong Financial Platform NYSE-listed “JKS”, well-capitalized: over 600 million USD Bankable with international banks both in Europe and USA Steady Capacity Growth Gigawatt scale product activity Continuous optimization of value chain and yield improvement Stable Product Delivery Global distribution network and local warehouses: Rotterdam Reliability in contract execution People,Planet & Profit. How Vertical Integration Benefits You 3T+3S+3P Let’s explore a simple breakdown of Jinko Solar’s 3T+3S+3P philosophy: 4
  5. 5. 6 Production Our company started in 2006, and gained rapid recognition in upstream by becoming a leader in ingots and wafers. We established our cell and module production facilities in 2009. They are equipped with the latest technologies, and represent the latest innovative solutions and efficient designs from leading international equipment manufacturers such as GT Solar, NTC-Komatsu, Roth & Rau, Jonas & Redmann, Tempress, Despatch, Baccini, Berger, and fully automatic NPC module lines. Both of our mono- and multi-crystalline modules have been awarded with certifications from recognized institutes including UL, CSA, CEC, TÜV, VDE, MCS and CE. Apart from recognitions from ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001:2004, our factories have also been tested and certified by Achilles for environment, health & safety and quality. Our collective aim is to maximise our customers’ profits. 7 Fully automated PV production & total quality control Recognized, accredited, and certified by UL, CSA, CEC, TÜV, etc. First-rate Quality Vertically integrated manufacturing Unrivaled economies of scale Competitive Cost Wide output power range Ability to withstand extreme conditions & loading tests Diverse Product Portfolio Exclusive patents & advanced intellectual property Partnerships with leading universities & research labs Proprietary Technologies
  6. 6. Quality 98 Our collective aim is to maximise our customers’ profits. 8
  7. 7. Best-in-Class Testing Lab Our collective aim is to maximise our customers’ profits. 10 11 Research & Development Approach conversion rates of 19.8% - well above industry average Use nanotech-based silicon ink and advanced processing platforms Combine mono- and multi-crystalline technology to improve cost-efficiency ratios With the state-of-the-art testing labs recog- nized by UL’ Witness Testing Data Program, Jinko Solar’ commitment to quality is absolute. Our strict adherence to rigorous testing means your PV components will continue generating clean and reliable solar energy for the next 25 years – guaranteed! s s 11
  8. 8. Customer Service As the world’s leading supplier of crystalline silicon solar panels, we remain committed to expanding our global brand and business infrastructure to service customers in every corner of the world. Since 2010, Jinko Solar has strategically invested in improving global service to open new markets and diversify sales. In addition to regional offices in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, the UK, Spain, the US, Australia, and India, we also have logistics centers in Antwerp (Belgium), La Spezia (Italy), and Hayward and Cranbury (US). In each of these locations, Jinko Solar has built expert teams with decades of solar industry experience to provide knowledgeable and responsive customer service in local languages and time zones. 12 Our collective aim is to maximise our customers’ profits.
  9. 9. 2006 Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. is established 2007 Launches ingot manufacturing 2009 Acquires Sun Valley (a module & cell manufacturer) Sep 2010 Operates the 1st fully automated PV module NPC production line in China May 2010 Successful IPO and listed on the NYSE Sep 2010 Launches US subsidiary in San Francisco Feb 2012 Sponsorship of Valencia C. F. Launches Australian subsidiary in Queensland and Canadian subsidiary in Toronto Nov 2012 Rank No. 4 in the PV Sustainable Growth index published by PwC Mar 2011 Reaches 1 GW module production May 2011 Offering of US$ 125 mil of Convertible Senior Notes Aug 2011 Launches French subsidiary in Montpellier and Swiss subsidiary in Zug Sep 2011 Exclusive Solar Sponsor for San Francisco 49ers Oct 2011 Advertising Partner of German National Football Team's International Games Jan 2011 Launches Italian subsidiary in Bologna Nov 2010 Follow-on Public Offering of 3.5 mil ADSs on the NYSE Apr 2010 Launches Jinko Solar GmbH in Munich, Germany 2008 Launching wafer manufacturing and obtaining leading venture capital investment of $60 million 14 History 15
  10. 10. 16 17 Ravenna, Italy 62.5 MW Ground-mounted December 2011 Comune di Galatina, Italy 2.4 MW Ground-mounted May 2011 Suvereto, Italy 6.0 MW Ground-mounted April 2011
  11. 11. 18 19 Aachen, Germany (Photon) 2.8 MW Rooftop July 2011 Grevesmühlen, Germany 1.7 MW Ground-mounted June 2011
  12. 12. 20 21 Solar Tunnel, Belgium 3.3 MW Rooftop June 2011 Mertert, Luxembourg 484 kW Rooftop December 2011
  13. 13. 22 23 Robeson County, USA 6.4 MW Ground-mounted August 2012Los Angeles, USA 1.2 MW Rooftop November 2011
  14. 14. 24 Dunhuang, China (CGN-SEDC) 18 MW Ground-mounted December 2011Gansu Zhangye, China 50 MW Ground-mounted December 2012 Bund Shanghai Bund Community Center, China 30 kW Rooftop December 2012