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Yahoo! TAO Case Study Excerpt


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This is an excerpt of the "Tier-1 BI in the World of Big Data" by Thomas Kejser, Denny Lee, and Kenneth Lieu specific to the Yahoo! TAO Case Study published at:

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Yahoo! TAO Case Study Excerpt

  1. 1. Yahoo! TAO Case StudyExcerpt of “Tier-1 BI in the World of Big Data” presentationat PASS 2011 Conferenceby Thomas Kejser, Denny Lee, and Kenneth Lieu
  2. 2. Yahoo! TAO Business Challenge Yahoo! manages a powerful scalable advertising exchange that includes publishers and advertisers
  3. 3. Yahoo! TAO Business Challenge Advertisers want to get the best bang for their buck by reaching their targeted audiences effectively and efficiently
  4. 4. Yahoo! TAO Business Challenge Yahoo! needs visibility into how consumers are responding to ads along many dimensions: web sites, creatives, time of day, gender, age, location to make the exchange work as efficiently and effectively as possible
  5. 5. Yahoo! TAO Technical RequirementsVisitors to Yahoo! Branded sites: 680,000,000 Ad Impressions: 3,500,000,000 (per day) Rows Loaded: 464,000,000,000 (per qtr) Refresh Frequency: Hourly Average Query Time: <10 seconds
  6. 6. Yahoo! TAO Platform Architecture How did we load so much so quickly? Data Aggregation & ETL Data Archive & Staging BI Server Oracle 11G RAC SQL Server Analysis Hadoop Services 2008 R2 2PBcluster File 1 Partition 1 Partition 1 File 2 Partition 2 Partition 2 File N Partition Partition N N 1.2TB 135GB/day /day compressed 24TB Cube /qtr
  7. 7. Yahoo! TAO Platform Architecture Queries at the “speed of thought”Adhoc Query/Visualization 24TB Tableau Desktop 6 Cube /qtr Avg Query Time: 6 secs 464B rows of event level data /qtr BI Query Servers SQL Server Analysis Services 2008 R2 Optimization Application Dimensions: 24 Custom J2EE App • • Attributes: 247 Avg Query Time: • Measures: 207 2 secs
  8. 8. Yahoo! TAO Return on Investment For campaigns optimized using TAO, eCPMs (revenue) has increased! For campaigns optimized using TAO, advertisers spent more with Yahoo! than before
  9. 9. Yahoo! TAO Return on InvestmentYahoo! TAO exposed customer segmentperformance to campaign managers and advertisers for the first time! No longer “flying audience blind”