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A Presentation to help companies understand branding, create a brand and use the internet to promote and publicize it.

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Branding Business

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  6. 6. Absolut Vodka When the Absolut ad campaign began in 1981, the company was selling 20,000 cases annually in the U.S. In 1995, sales topped 3 million cases, an increase of 14,
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  8. 8. Top 8Worldwide Brandsand TheirEstimated
  9. 9. Top 9-16Worldwide Brandsand TheirEstimated
  10. 10. Branding
  11. 11. Coca Cola Fan
  12. 12. Brand value depends on consumer perception The power of the brand in the mind of the consumerAnd is linked to the companys ability to translate that sentiment into profit Strong brands generate superior returns and protect businesses from
  13. 13. Benefits of Branding Positions your focused message in the hearts and minds of your target customers Confers “top of mind” status Increases authority and credibility Increases your perceived value and what you can charge Places you in a leadership role Enhances prestige Attracts the right people and opportunities Generates good recognition Increases earning potential It sets you apart from your competitors It publicizes your core values, personality, talent and skill set It increases your credibility Increase the total worth of the business (over 50% of the value of some major global corporations) Drives revenue growth Promotes employee
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  22. 22. "invisible web", the term "deep web" refers to a vast repository of underlyingcontent, such as documents in online databases that general-purpose webcrawlers cannot reach. The deep web content isestimated at 500 times thatof the surface web, yet has remained mostly untapped due to the limitations of traditional search
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  24. 24. Who are you? What do you do? What don’t you do? Who is your audience?How can you promote and manage your brand and build word of mouth marketing Perception is the
  25. 25. What is the word, phrase or emotion you want people to think or feel when they think about you or your business ? If you don’t decide and create it then others will decide it for
  26. 26. Define your ideal customer Make a list of your qualities that would be important to this audience What is it I want to be known for within my Target Audience? What would your customers and associates say you are known for now? Find ways to be known as the expert in your field Who are the centers of influence in your field and how can they help you? Build and use your track record Pick the top three to five qualities and expertises What is the most compelling benefit? Create a tagline around it A positioning statement or Elevator pitch Now you need to promote it with enthusiasm Put a strategy in place and stick to it Get people talking How can you get this message in front of people eight times Pay attention to what is being said and address it, polish, polish,
  27. 27. Specialize within your industry Try to Lead your industry Use your Personality Be Distinctive Find and share your Passion Passion is easy to share Find way to be highly Visibility Consistency is very important Be Persistent The more recognizable the better Find ways to generate
  28. 28. Become an expert in your subject matter Use automation to monitor your subject intensely Write articles for multi purpose Promote your brand everywhere Personalize your email Personalize your website and blog addressesUse Texter to take every opportunity to promote your brand Create a Personal
  29. 29. $10.00 will give you a personalized web site address and email address including the forwarding
  30. 30. Click Social &
  31. 31. We are all judged by first impressions We are all salespeople It’s important to set yourself apart Name 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses that you have. How have people labeled me in the past? What am I passionate about my current job/career path?
  32. 32. What’s your primary goal as you move toward branding yourself online? What are the best words and images to help your target audience make the connection between your name and your brand and what you stand
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  34. 34. Find keywords by referring
  35. 35. Google Insights for Search
  36. 36. Google Trends By
  37. 37. Reserve your name on social networks Use the following sites to check availability
  38. 38. Consistency is
  39. 39. The
  40. 40. Social networking or marketing is very different in that the goal is to build relationships with people, have them become customers and spread the word to their friends and networks like the news of a great
  41. 41. Of the 400 million people on Facebook more than 100 million of them log in at least once a day and spend 90 minutes Facebook is used in over 170 countries with that number growing monthly The average Facebook user has 100 friends Over 700 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every
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  48. 48. Grab Their Attention With Great Information Give Them A Reason To Become A Fan Engage Them To Join The Conversations Keep Them Coming Back To Get Great Information, Promotions And To Engage Other
  49. 49. Choose a Great Picture Secure Your Username Choose Your Landing Page Fill In Your Bio and Other Information
  50. 50. Use Notes To Post Everything Set The Page To Show All Posts Including Fan Posts Encourage Interaction By Asking Questions Respond To Your Fans Promote, Promote, Promote Email Signature,
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  54. 54. Automatic Updating Sites
  55. 55. Use an online business card to promote your
  56. 56. ROI Return on investment of time ROI Return on influence Brand and Reputation Management Google is the ultimate brand and reputation management
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  58. 58.
  59. 59. Google Webmaster
  60. 60. Google Business and Profile
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  62. 62. Use Digg, StumbleUpon, and Google Reader to drive traffic and
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  64. 64. The Top Blog
  65. 65. Creating Content Learn from the best Design for scanners, not readers Create your elevator pitches and practice them often 15 Second - Emails and Twitter 30 Second - Introductions 90 Second - Resume’s and Profile Sites Create a tagline Incorporate Images Use VideoStart with the best stuff Keep it Short Monitor your feeds Create Top 10 Lists Multi-Purpose Everything
  66. 66. Create new content regularly Schedule the time to write 5 entries for publishing in the future The more others can use your content the more it will be shared Write brief pieces with lots of whitespace and images Images get peoples attention and help you to quickly make your points Use one to two images per post Mix up the kinds of pieces you publish Interviews, how-to’s, lists, new information, comments on current
  67. 67. Use Images, logos and Icons
  68. 68. Find great content with the help of
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  72. 72. Branding is about the totality of a customers experience Commenting on other people’s blogs builds awareness fast What direct experience have you had in your area? What would you need to learn to feel comfortable saying you are an expert in your field? Really Watch Your Keywords Use Webcams and E-Books You have to know a lot about something of significant value to all of your potential
  73. 73. Be consistent. Use the same language, colors, themes, voice everywhere you appear, web,print, business cards “Choose a favorite phrase that says what you’re all about and use it in a sentence at least 3 times a day Create a social media resume And a Video
  74. 74. Focusing more on solving others problems and less on promoting yourself.While doing this, always make it easy for people to connect back to you Branding is about recognition. Utilize every opportunity to include such things as your logo and tagline.Put them in your email signatures, your business cards, invoices,
  75. 75. Reputation
  76. 76. Free Link
  77. 77. Set up Google Alerts for relevant keywords. Choose the comprehensivesearch, and set the delivery option to feed. Click create alert, and then on thefollowing screen, click view in Google Reader. You should now be subscribed to your Google Alert in your Google Reader. Repeat as necessary.
  78. 78. Use Google Reader as a Sophisticated Brand Monitoring
  79. 79. Search for keywords and people with RSS
  80. 80. Click on the RSS
  81. 81. Go to Social Mention and select Facebook or Blogs or any Site by clicking on the select social media sources option underneath the search box. Run your search and subscribe by clicking on the RSS feed
  82. 82. Boardreader tracks all chat boards and provides RSS
  83. 83. When implementing any strategy or plan be specific about the activities and time it will take to get there and exactly what results you are looking
  84. 84.
  85. 85. Create It Promote It Monitor It Respond and Update
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  88. 88. Skill Sets You Will Be Implementing
  89. 89.