Easy Payment Plan For Credit Card Holders


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Restructuring your Credit Card Debts

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Easy Payment Plan For Credit Card Holders

  1. 1. Credit Card Debts Restructuring with Easy Payment PlanSmart Agent47C Jalan SS15/4Subang JayaContact: 016 2067763 Nie Oscar Lai 016 2067763 Nie 016 672 8068 o_scarlai@yahoo.com For more Info, Contact : 016 2067763 Nie
  2. 2. Credit cards are easy to own,convenient to use and help us in emergency time.
  3. 3. However, repaying the debts can be difficult especiallywhen it snowballs with interests charges and other late penalties
  4. 4.  At Smart Agent, we are introducing an Easy Payment Plan for restructuring your credit card debts. This plan will CONVERT your OUTSTANDING credit card debts into TERM LOANS. This is a legal service and is acceptable at all major banks in Malaysia. Easy Payment Plan
  5. 5. Normal Payment With EPP High Interest Rate  Lower Interest Rate Minimum repayment is  Minimum repayment is higher at 1.5% of RM50 or 5% (whichever higher)of the fixed principal sum repayment amount On projected estimation,  On projected estimation, based on a RM10k based on a RM10k outstanding limit, you will outstanding limit, you will take 89 months to settle take 36 months to settle your debts your debtsThe benefits of Easy Payment Plan
  6. 6. Normal Payment With EPP If you pay lesser than your  You can afford to pay the minimal amount, the bank officer significantly reduced will keep calling you monthly repayment, lowest at RM50 and the bank officer will not call you You will have no more cash flow  Extra cash flow, can reduce left as all will be use to pay your debts and also use for credit card debts other things Ccris record with Bank Negara due  No more outstanding to credit card debts will make your credit, better record at applications for other important loans e.g home loans difficult. Ccris.The benefits of Easy Payment Plan
  7. 7. DIFFERENCES(for illustration purpose only, amount Normal Payment Easy-Payment Instalmentmay be different)(based on 10K Outstanding)Full Payment RM10,000 RM347.22 billed monthly (36 mth installment) RM347.22 x 5% = RM17.36Minimum Payment RM10,000 x 5% = RM500 ( Min RM50 or 5% ) If you pay RM50, If you pay RM50 or RM499, No more disturbing calls from bank Bank officer will keep calling officer RM10,000 – RM500 RM347.22 – RM50Interest Charges after minimum = 9500 x 1.5% = RM 297.22 x 1.5%payment = RM 142.50 = RM 4.46Late Charges ? RM347.22 x 1% RM 10,000 x 1% = RM100 = RM 3.47 (RM10) Statement record, Outstanding Statement record, Outstanding Balance = 0 if RM347.22 monthlyStatement Balance Balance = RM10,000 bill is paid promptly
  8. 8. FAQ OF EPP This is not balance transfer or personal loans This is what you call Balance Transfer Installment or Easy Payment Plan (Bank A to Bank A ) Example : You have a Maybank credit card outstanding balance , you do not need a credit card from another bank to make program Balance Transfer Installment ( BTI ) , you only have to pay the outstanding credit card at the same bank , but the rate of interest / finance charge is lower 100% GUARANTEED You do not have to worry if your name is listed in CCRIS , just make sure the existing credit card is still active and can be use. NO processing fees If you apply for personal loans from the Bank to settle the arrears on your credit card , you will be charged a processing fees. EPP do not have processing fees. Do NOT need a guarantor and collateral The banking agencies will not ask you to submit a bank guarantor or collateral as banks do NO need for any documents The bank agency will not ask you to submit any proof of your income ( eg salary slip) as banks do
  9. 9. FAQ OF EPP Only 30 minutes to process your application Bank requires at least a week to process your Balance Transfer request There is no outstanding balance up to 48 months So, you can apply a new credit limit for your card or you can apply a new credit card Reduce the burden on the minimum monthly payment Bank : 18 % @ 1.5% p.a p.m Example : Your credit card arrears of RM10 , 000 X 5 % ( minimum ) = 500.00/ month ( The minimum amount payable monthly to the bank) BTI Program : 6 % @ 0.5 % p.a p.m Example : If arrears Your credit card is RM10 , 000/36 months = RM277.80 minimum payment of our company: RM277.80 X 5 % = RM13.89 per month or RM50 ( Any higher) Renew your records with the bank ( so you can make new loans )
  10. 10. Conditions of Joining The credit card must still be ACTIVE ( can be use) Credit cards must not expire from the date given You ( the major credit card holder ) must appear in person for verification purpose with the agent Every Monday - Saturday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Documents required : ( IMPORTANT : Please bring along when coming to our office ) - Original Identity Card - Original Credit Cards - Your credit card statement, Original and the Latest.
  11. 11. Take action now to reduce your credit card debts! 100 % guaranteed approval Easy and fast processing ( 30 minutes ) Fixed interest between 5-6 % per annum 36-60 MONTHS REPAYMENT Monthly repayment BACK TO YOUR OWN ISSUING BANK No Processing Fees Save up to 54 % at interests charges Reduce monthly repayment up to 48 % Allow min payment as low as RM50.00
  12. 12. A Maybank Card holder 3 monthsstatements that reflect the changes once on the Easy Payment Plan Have a look at the differences!Manage your debts now and reduce your stress with more cash flow! Instant Relief with EPP
  13. 13. FURTHER FAQ ABOUT SMART AGENTS We are a service provider with more than a thousand agents in restructuring credit card debts working for a commission from the banks. This is a valid service within the governing laws of Malaysia. It is known as the EPP or the Easy Payment Plan. This plan is more popular when you buy electrical goods in the shop of electric / electronic products , where you use your credit card to make repayments. It is called the 0 % payment scheme , Easy payment plans, etc. Just that now your debts is the ‘goods’ There is no money involve with us as we are paid directly from the bank IF MY CARD IS “FULL LIMIT” AM I ELIGIBLE ? NO. However, there are several ways where you can get this service SO WHAT MY CARD CREDIT BALANCE AFTER RESTRUCTURING ? Your credit card credit balance will be RM0 . CCRIS records will be clean. How do I get this service now ? Contact us immediately Make sure you take your last credit card payment statements and your credit card Call me today : 016 2067763 Nie