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Public speaking dennis_yeomans

  1. 1. And our speaker today is … When it’s you that’s got tosay a few wordssome thoughts to help you with your public speaking
  2. 2. Public speaking is a skill worth developing My past experience of public speaking does not qualify me to be calledan expert. However, Ive certainly had my share of triumphs anddisasters when it comes to public speaking and it is on that basis that thispresentation has been put together. It is what has worked and notworked for me. Like all skills, to get better you must practice and also increase yourknowledge. There are public speaking groups you can join where you cangain both experience and knowledge. There are lots of excellent booksand articles and if you are free or cheap enough, there are social groupswho will volunteer to listen to your words. This presentation is about what I have learnt about public speaking.You may not agree with all my points and you will certainly gain differentand possibly more experience. Whatever the case, we should certainlyagree on one point: public speaking is a skill worth developing
  3. 3. but beforeyou startpublic speaking
  4. 4. Get usedto thesound ofyourvoiceinpublicFor example: when you go to ameeting, stand up and ask aquestion
  5. 5. Practice your Elevator PitchYou don’t have to be in an elevator tomake an Elevator Pitch. You aresupposed to imagine that you havestepped into a lift and have comeface-to-face with a sales prospect,potential employer, very-important-person, or just someone that you’d liketo get to know a lot better. You have alimited time in that very enclosed space,before one of you has to exit, to say whoyou are, what you do and, mostimportant of all, why your listener woulddo well to meet you again.Of course, this scenario is pure fantasyas talking to complete strangers in liftscould cause you some problems. TheElevator Pitch is a complicated way ofteaching yourself to say, in a confidentand unflustered way, who you are andwhat you do in under 30 seconds—theamount of time your are in the lift (Isaid it was complicated)It’s a confidence builder, essential fornetworking meetings, and will makeyour public speaking debut far lessstressful You don’t have to be in an elevator to make an Elevator Pitch (best not to point, though)
  6. 6. It takes courage to stand up at a meeting and ask a question or make an Elevator Pitch at a networking meeting. If you’ve managed either or both,congratulate yourself: you are on your way to becoming a more confident and a better public speaker
  7. 7. But what if you really hate public speaking?If you really hate the idea of public speaking, then try and avoid it.But if its just a few nerves and you really want or need to be able to speak in public, then stick with it. You wont regret it
  8. 8. a fewthoughts on publicspeaking
  9. 9. Believe that you need better public speaking skillsYou will gain much morethan just being a betterspeakerYou will feel moreconfident about yourcommunication skillsMeetings, interviews andpresentations will becomeeasier for you
  10. 10. How to give a good speech:only your audience mattersYour speech, even aserious one, has still gotto be interesting.But public speaking isalso entertainment.Humour is OK, but dontbe too funny.Always remember whereyou are and who you aretalking to
  11. 11. Public speaking still makes you nervous? First write a good speech Secondbe well rehearsed with timing, emphasis & pauses just right Dont worry about a bit of nerves - they give you the edge Your audience wants your speech to be a success dont let them down
  12. 12. How to make your speech Part 1• A 10 minute speech will be about 500 to 600 words• Speak at a normal pace or youll run out of words before your time is up• Enough rehearsal will make sure you dont speak too fast• Reading from notes is fine - shows you dont want to forget anything• Dont write your speech out in full and read from it - it never sounds right• Know your speech well enough just to have keywords as notes
  13. 13. How to make your speech Part 2Give your speech a title thatwill attract attention“Astrology and how planetaryaspects may affect the dailylives, decisions and actions ofindividuals”, will have themyawning before you startTry: “Astrology - whats in thefuture for you?”. “You” in atitle attracts attention
  14. 14. Whatis thepurposeof your speech?Part OneIf you are Use facts to Present threelooking for back up your strong pointssupport, your case and that yourspeech must don’t be too audience willmotivate emotive remember
  15. 15. What is the purpose of your speech? Part TwoIf you want people to act onwhat you are saying, thensay soSay what they have to do -dont assume they will knowUnless its a social speech,have something to giveaway, such as informationpacksMake use of your (captive)audience, but dont overdo it
  16. 16. Would you say a few words …..? When you have to make an impromptu speechNever decline an invitation tospeak - you never know whomay be in your audienceThe event may not be thatinteresting, but your speechcould make it memorableHave a small bank ofinteresting stories you cantack on to thehello/goodbye/congratulationsyou are speaking about
  17. 17. Speak about what you know - or your audience doesntIf youre speaking atan event, speak aboutwhat you knowEveryone loves anentertaining expert,so make sure you areDont falsely claimknowledge you donthave - someone will Although the rest of the audience said the speakerbe waiting to catch didn’t know his subject and wasn’t worth listening to, Billy couldnt wait for Questions and Answers soyou out he could point out the 137 errors he had noticed in the speech
  18. 18. “.... and I am very pleased to welcome our speaker today, who is here to entertain and inform us with an interesting talk on ....”I felt panic when I was introduced like this - couldI live up to it?But this can also be a good opportunity to use somegentle, self-deprecating humour before you startyour speechAnd in your speech, subtle humour is fineBut dont try to be too funny - someone in theaudience is always funnierAnd never ask “can you hear me at the back?”.There is always the risk of someone saying thatthey can hear you but will gladly swap with Don’t try to be too funny—someone in thesomeone who can’t. (It never fails to get a laugh) audience is always funnier
  19. 19. Practising your public speaking will improve your skills - and so will watching someone elseWatch other public speakers and copy their best skillsMPs are generally good speakers and can come across better in personthan they do on televisionMany local politicians and community activists are used to speaking togroups of people and build a good rapport with their audienceBut it’s also worth sitting through a really bad speaker as well—you learnso much about what not to do
  20. 20. Your speech may not beremembered, but make sure you areUnless your speech was absolutelyawful, you may be rememberedmore than your speechYou cant help how you look butmake sure you look right for theoccasionBe “bigger than you are” byprojecting yourselfBe aware of your body languageand the pitch of your voice
  21. 21. Public speaking - keeping your audience engaged (& awake)No matter how hard you try, not everyonewill like your speech - get over itBut what if everyone looks a bit bored andone or two are dozing off?If your speech is not engaging youraudience, act immediatelyYou cant rewrite your speech while youare standing there, but you should knowyour subject well enough to be able toamend what you are sayingSometimes asking a question helps or achange in your speaking styleYou may be too formal or informalDo something No matter how hard you try, not everyone willDoing nothing is not an option like your speech
  22. 22. Not-so-inspirational quotes on public speakingThe quote:“Make sure you have finished speaking before youraudience has finished listening” (Dorothy Sarnoff)What do I think?Good advice on not speaking too long. But betteradvice is to be interesting for the entire time youare to speakThe quote:There are only two types of speakers in the world:1. The nervous and 2. Liars (Mark Twain)What do I think?Never admit to being nervous or a liarThe quote:All the great speakers were bad speakers at first. (Ralph Waldo Emerson)What do I think?Dont agree. No one need be a bad speaker, even at their first attempt. Have good copy towork from and keep rehearsing until you think you’re good enoughRemember the advice given to the tourist asking how he could get to the Royal Opera House:“Sir, youve got to practice really hard”
  23. 23. ConclusionPublic speaking is more than auseful communication skill; it’sessentialIf you think you dont have theskills, go and get themRemember - we are all a bit shy.But shyness holds you back, so ifits that bad go and get some helpYou wont believe how good it feelshearing applause when you have This is someone who was applauded after they had finished their speechfinished your speech
  24. 24. Small print stuff (but made a bit largerso you can read it)Whilst I’m sure that no one is in any doubt, I haveto make it quite clear that the content of thispresentation consists of my opinions and is forinformation and entertainment only.Whilst every effort has been made, there are noassurances, guarantees or warranties that theinformation contained therein is current, accurateor correct, and no responsibility is accepted for anyerrors, omissions, damages arising thereof or anyother consequences.You are encouraged to confirm information withother sources and seek qualified advice beforecommencing any actions that carry personal ororganisational liabilities.Nothing in this publication constitutes advice or arecommendation
  25. 25. This presentation started off as …….This presentation started off as an ebook on publicspeaking. But as it was too long and boring, I abandonedmost of it as unreadable, keeping only the points based onmy own experiences.On learning about Slideshare ( Nicky Kriel (, I thought Iwould have a try at turning these points into an onlinepresentation and compare the results with my infrequentblogging posts. I have found blogging a surprising medium;in my case, I started off enthusiastically and published quitea few posts. It seriously tailed off as I became busier withother things, but instead of going into decline, readershiplevels have been maintained. Like old magazines in awaiting room, there is always someone new to read yourdated work.Although for me it’s too early for analysis, I am thinkingthat Slideshare and online presentations may be good forpromoting your business. If you are also interested, feelfree to contact me at dennisyeomans@hotmail.comDennis Yeomans