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Caveman Recruiting | Social Media World


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What if you were the first person in the history of the world to "recruit?" What would you do?

Caveman Recruiting provides insight in to mastering the art of the basics, encouraging recruiters to be "extraordinary" in their efforts to recruit top talent.

Special thanks to Krista Bradford (; Harry Joiner (; Scott Ginsberg (, whose material has provided much of the expertise and motivation for this presentation.

Check out this url:, to hear Harry Joiner's podcast that goes with slide 20

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Caveman Recruiting | Social Media World

  1. ****<br />DennisSmith<br />CEO,<br />CavemanRecruiter<br />
  2. …so easy, even a caveman recruiter can do it<br />
  3. This conference is about…<br />SocialMediaTools!<br />
  4. … but what would the caveman do?<br />
  5. …but, what if…<br />…you were the first person in the history of the world to dancerecruit?<br />What skills would you need to master?<br />
  6. The Secret to Life…(for recruiters)<br />Communicate in a way that is compelling and intriguing<br />
  7. CavemanConnectionTool<br />…master the art of the telephone<br />…socialmedia will only magnify your poor communication skills<br />
  8. Voicemail…anyone, anyone?<br />
  9. Curse of the Common<br />
  10. OrdinaryVoicemail<br /><ul><li>Mr/Mrs. ___ This is (your name) calling.
  11. I’m a recruiter with (your company).
  12. We specialize in (fill in the blank).
  13. I’d like to talk and see if you have an interest.
  14. I’d be glad to meet at your earliest convenience.
  15. You can reach me at…</li></li></ul><li>We compete for the jobseekers attention:<br />The average consumer gets 3-4k marketing messages each day…<br />…how do you compete for their attention?<br />
  16. VoiceMailTactics:<br />Why they respond: Why they don’t:<br /><ul><li>Bad Day
  17. Flattery
  18. Personal Referral
  19. Respected Co.
  20. Intriguing Call
  21. Professonial Call
  22. Unprofessional Call
  23. Too Many Calls
  24. Bad Timing
  25. Not worth investment of time
  26. Job/Company Bad
  27. Just Because</li></li></ul><li>CavemanColdCall: (basics)<br /><ul><li>Only Call the Best
  28. Short Intro
  29. Confidential Nature
  30. Be compelling
  31. Get what you need
  32. Make decisions
  33. Network </li></ul>“Would you be open to explore a new career opportunity if it was clearly superior to what you’re doing today?”<br />
  34. CavemanJive#1: <br />Hello/Dear Firstname:<br />I apologize for popping into your inbox/voice-mail unannounced. I’d much prefer a proper introduction, as I have a client (a Fortune 500 company that’s xxxxx) that would like engage in extended – and confidential discussions – with you. (Or, my company would like to …… )<br />In short, they’d like to find out what kind of opportunity (if any) would motivate you to join their team.<br /> If you’re open to learning more, simply detail a window or two of availability for a brief phone conference and forward an updated resume (all confidential of course). To assure complete discretion and confidentiality, we recommend corresponding via your preferred personal email. I look forward to getting better acquainted.<br />Sincerely,<br />Dennis Smith<br /><br />
  35. CavemanConversation: <br />WHEN LEAVING V-MAIL:<br />-lower the register of your voice. <br /><ul><li> match the pace and feel of the outgoing message.
  36. don’t sound canned</li></ul>- smile and use your hands. <br />Search To-Do’s:<br /><ul><li>call every candidate to launch the search.
  37. call again if you don’t hear back.
  38. try all numbers; leave no question that they are loved.</li></ul>- refer to your email.<br />
  39. CavemanMantra: <br />Never…Ever…Ever…Give Up!<br /><ul><li>Convert No to Yes
  40. “No” doesn’t always mean “not interested”
  41. It may mean:
  42. “I’m busy” or “I can’t talk here”
  43. “I was up all night with a sick kid.” </li></ul>- “No” is just the beginning of a beautiful relationship.<br />
  44. You are likely the only recruiter to make this many calls on a prospect<br /><br />Marketing<br />
  45. CavemanJive#2: <br />(“no call back”)<br />“Hello/Dear Firstname:<br />I thought I’d give it one last shot. I recently contacted you <br />about an opportunity to (lead a marketing team for xxxx). I realize <br />you must be quite busy and that we get far too much email these days. <br />But I’d hate to have you miss out on an opportunity that may very well <br />be better than what you’re currently enjoying . . .<br />Do you have a moment to discuss?<br />Best,<br />Dennis<br />
  46. CavemanTalk: <br />(“make ‘em want ya”)<br />RELAXED<br />ENGAGING<br />CONTENT: clear, specific, and benefit driven<br />DELIVERY: not even close to perfect (and that’s ok)<br />BOTTOM LINE:  <br />In life, perfect people make everyone else uncomfortable.  If your voice mails sound too perfect, too contrived, and too slick -- then your listeners are more likely to simply delete them.<br />
  47. Nine Ways to Become More <br />Call-back-able: <br />Start with Yourself<br />Punch people in the face with your PURPOSE<br />Pamper their Ego<br /><br />
  48. Nine Ways to Become More <br />Call-back-able: <br />4. Appeal to their inherent helpful nature<br />5. Help people maintain a sense of control<br />6. Deliver (and dangle) value<br /><br />
  49. Nine Ways to Become More <br />Call-back-able: <br />7. Mix the medium<br />8. Three words: “You were right.”<br />9. Ask Google<br />Character trumps technique<br /><br />
  50. CavemanCalling: <br />(not just another job)<br />Call w/Confidence: You aren’t “just a recruiter”<br />You’re a life transformer and maker of dreams come true<br />Think about it…<br />You offer wealth creation -- money that can pay for a child’s education, a better home, a secure financial future. . .a chance for a better life.<br />
  51. dennis@wirelessjobs.com925.405.JOBS - mobile<br />Connect with me on<br />