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Mary help of christians parish


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Mary help of christians parish

  1. 1. Anna Felina Armeña217A BFA ADV & DES Better Living Subd. Barangay Don Bosco, Parañaque City Parish Priest: Fr. Gio Santos Reference: c/parish.html
  2. 2. It is a genuine Christian community, united in Love and Faith, giving life based on Gospel values, and celebrating a life service, sharing time, talent, and treasure, especially with the needy, in a more responsive concern to all members, particularly the youth.
  3. 3. Our parish, with full partnership of the clergy and thelaity, foster the building a community brethren. To beunited in charity in order to listen to God’s Wordthrough the celebration of the Lord’s Supper toproclaim the message of salvation.This is being done in close partnership with theBarangay Don Bosco. One of our goals is to be able tobind all the homeowner Associations into one singlefederation. A family-spirit type of partnershipbetween pastor and the laity enhances the growth of aclosely-nit neighborhood in each of the differenthomeowner-communities.
  4. 4. To deepen the communion among persons around theEucharist and Christian faith, activities are organizedto achieve the objectives of evangelization, gospelvalues, formation, liturgical functions, fellowship orsocial services. All mandated organizations and otherparish organization play vital roles in our parishcommunity building with their respective goals.
  5. 5.  Learning Gospel values. Loving Christ in others. Serving the family and the community. Promoting a total youth development program in the spirit of Don Bosco.
  6. 6. With steadfast confidence, Don Bosco undertook thework beginning with the impossible sum of 40centavos. The Basilica of Mary Help of Christian inTurin, Italy was inaugurated and consecrated in1868. Indeed, out of this sanctuary the glory of Mary hasshone forth, for it become the mother church of over150 shrines dedicated to Mart Help of Christians allover the world, including the Philippines.
  7. 7. Expelled from China, Salesian Society of St. JohnBosco who first came to Mandaluyong in1953 weresurprised to see the statue of Mary Help of Christiansin the chapel. She was there… all in the act of waitingand welcoming. For decades earlier, ArchbishopWilliam Pani, Salesian Apostolic Delegate to thePhilippines had spread this devotion and evensucceeded in making the Mary Help of Christians thesecondary patroness of the Philippines.
  8. 8. Search for a suitable piece of land led these fathers todespair almost, when the Serrano and Dolor families cameto the limelight and out of their generous hearts, donatedthe land at the Better Living of the Church of Mary Help ofChristians to be constructed. On May 24, 1972, thecornerstone of the temple was laid by Archbishop CarmineRocco in the presence of the Serrano family, a big numberof Salesians, Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, SalesianCooperators and friends.
  9. 9. From the date, construction began, as generous peoplehere and abroad poured in their generous donationsand thank you notes and petitions. Brick bybrick, difficulties not wanting the temple rose. Sundaymasses, baptisms and even weddings began to be heldin the growing temples.The day came, on July 24, 1975 the new Parish of MaryHelp of Christians was established and it’s firstpastor, Fr. Pierangelo Quaranta, installed by hisexcellency Archbishop Jaime Sin.