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Companies as parts of the solution

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  • Reflecting of our image and overall opportunites.Start with buzz groups. What does this mean to them – opportunities, risks, expectations
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    1. 1. Akt 3 har börjat vem är med, vem tittar på och vem stretar mot 二十一世纪新前线21st Century Frontiers Dennis Pamlin, Founder and CEO, 21st Century Frontiers Stockholm 2011, 10 November 2011
    2. 2. 1Planets available 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    3. 3. 9 000 000 000Number of people 2050 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    4. 4. ∞Number of opportunities available 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    5. 5. 0Time left before we need action 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    6. 6. 1. Var är vi?2. Hjältar i ett nytt århundrande3. Att ta ledningen, inte stå och titta på (hantera de som stretar mot)4. Möjliga steg framåt 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    7. 7. Adbusters 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    8. 8. Where are we? At the end of the roadhttp://www.maweb.org/en/index.aspx 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    9. 9. Where are we? Past the end of the road for the planet 1. There are planetary boundaries. And many of them have been crossed. 2. The ecosystems have started to collapse and conflicts are increasing. 3. Political and scientific agreement that we need to reduce our impact by a factor five/80% as soon as possible (incremental improvements are not enough).The Stockholm Resilience Centre 二十一世纪新前线Global Footprint NetworkIPCCC 21st Century Frontiers
    10. 10. Where are we? At a time when transformative solutions are needed Transformative solutionsTransformative Solution Leadership 二十一世纪新前线http://transformative-solutions.net/2.0/files/material/LCL_Transformative_Solutions.pdf 21st Century Frontiers
    11. 11. Where are we? In the middle of the next industrial/cultural revolution 1771- Two different phases of each technological revolution The industrial revolution INSTALLATION DEPLOYMENT 1829- Steam, coal, iron & railways Turning 1875- point Steel & heavy engineering 1908- Automobile, oil, mass production More efficiently Applying paradigm to solving old problems innovate across society 1971- - winners among old – new winners players Time IT & 20-30 years telecommunicationBased on Ericsson material quoting Professor Carlota Perez, 二十一世纪新前线Universities of Cambridge, Tallinn and Sussex 21st Century Frontiers
    12. 12. Where are we in this country? Sweden in a dangerous space of boringness SWEDENhttp://www.global-ict-leadership.net/ 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    13. 13. Heroes inthe 21 st century
    14. 14. Being a ICT company in the 21st century ACT 1 The Crime The scientific discussion 1900-1962 => 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    15. 15. 二十一世纪新前线21st Century Frontiers
    16. 16. ACT 2 The VillainThe pollution debate 1972-2008 (5 May) => 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    17. 17. 二十一世纪新前线21st Century Frontiers
    18. 18. Hunting the villain What is called “green” today is often either mainly moving the problem or is not enough (not always bad, but not enough and often actually bad) Fluxes of Emissions Embodied in Trade (Mt CO2 y-1) From dominant net exporting countries (blue) to dominant net importing countries (red).http://www.globalcarbonproject.org/carbonbudget/ 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    19. 19. ACT 3 The Hero Remember, remember the2009/11 => 2011 The solution era 5th of Decemberhttp://www.transformative-step.net/ 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    20. 20. 二十一世纪新前线21st Century Frontiers
    21. 21. Few understand how much money that must change direction New ways to provide the solutions we need must be acknowledged and new business successes welcomed. $350 trillion to be invested in construction and use of urban infrastructures over the next 30 years to provide basic services such as mobility, heat, lighting, etc. 7 times current annual GDPBooz and Co. 2010 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    22. 22. BIG PROBLEMS Too many good solutions, that are too good in too many areashttp://www.pamlin.net/new/?p=463 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    23. 23. Taking the lead
    24. 24. Approach Direct emissions/ local Embedded emissions/ low carbon Solutions/ global development reductions trade Reduce/move Address the Develop direct problems Full Life-Cycle Global SolutionsTransformative Solution Leadership 二十一世纪新前线http://transformative-solutions.net/2.0/files/material/LCL_Transformative_Solutions.pdf 21st Century Frontiers
    25. 25. Being a company in the 21st century: Problems Company’s/Sectors own emissions FOCUS ON ZERO 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    26. 26. Being a company in the 21st century: Solutions Company’s/Sectors own emissions (e.g. ICT sector) FOCUS ON DRIVERS FOR INNOVATION The emissions the solution company/sector can help reduce (The ICT sector 15 to >30% by 2030) FOCUS ON EXPONENTIAL GROWTH 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    27. 27. Embrace transformative transparency> Give us future directions, lobbying, story chains, etc 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    28. 28. Identify and lobby for transformative thresholdsRelevance/how easydifferent solutions are to The opportunity hookimplement Threshold levels for transformative changeRelevance for old ways Threshold levelof providing a serviceRelevance fortransformative ways ofproviding a serviceDifficulty to implementsolution 0-25 25-75 75-90 90-100 % Change needed compared with baseline
    29. 29. Possible steps forward 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    30. 30. Fun!! 1. Think about what you already do Enjoy being a leader, but get the numbers in place (magnitudes) 2. Participate Transformative step of the day, track out of the box on Twitter, etc 3. Use the nine billion filter Help drive innovation and export of smart services 4. Legacy Create/join a transformative teams to be proud of: • Digital Alexandria • 21st Century Office • Plus Buildings • 24/7 Health 5. Set planet positive targets Help the planet get what it needs, reduce the footprint in the rest of the world and make sure that the money spent goes to those reinvesting it for the 21st century… 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    31. 31. 谢谢!Sustainable development
    32. 32. “Det finns saker manmåste göra, även omdet är farligt. Annars ärman ingen människa,utan bara en liten lort.”
    33. 33. Being a company in the 21st century: new clustersThe 21st century infrastructure: The internet of things(>50 billions 2020) 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    34. 34. Being a company in the 21st century: 0 to 9 bil 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    35. 35. Push for a move from problems to new solutions Incremental improvements Technology Transformative in existing systems leaps solutions 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    36. 36. Long-term GDP trends Goldman Sachs 50000 China US 40000 Japan 30000 $USbn Germany 20000 UK France 10000 Italy 0 India 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 2040 2045 2050 EU-4Goldman Sachs: The Long-Term Outlook for the BRICs 二十一世纪新前线 21st Century Frontiers
    37. 37. 二十一世纪新前线21st Century Frontiers